Creativity does not express itself only through drawing, cooking or the things that the mind can see and recognise to be creative. For example, I say affirmations - I can be creative in that. I am creatively expanding my consciousness through expanding my limited beliefs/ thought patterns in creative ways. Creativity is really a part of us in every moment but how much do we recognise it and expand it is what we need to address. We can go deeper into it to discover and unfold more beauty and wisdom, which reveals itself progressively in a never ending manner. WOW!!! Look at me! I wonder how its flowing through me :) cant believe it but now I do :) <3 I'm smiling as I write :) The mind being limited in its ways, goes into comparison and feeling inferior, and thus, cannot recognise the unlimited mind and consciousness that is simultaneously existing. This Universal mind is available for us to access and is not limited but totally abundant, boundless, unrestrained and limitless which the narrow mind cannot comprehend. :) <3 We are in such an amazing Divine universe! I am grateful for this insight!

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