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Election Fever

Lesser of two evils!

Is he a demon or devil?

Some chose and some didn't,…


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Today, a friend posted something about miracles on facebook that may she see miracles in everything. That prompted me to share the epiphany I had last year. I take this opportunity to share this with my fellow TWOT family. Hope it helps someone in some way. Ever since this epiphany/experience, I have stopped looking for miracles :)


So what's a miracle? Look in the mirror and what we see?

Question is what is NOT a…


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Blue Spectral Storm Year

The below article is in line with what Brother Ibrahim and Blue Flare's latest interview is saying re. Blue Pulse. I reckon the Blue Spectral Storm might be the same as Blue Pulse - same thing, different name, perhaps?…


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Celebrate the New Beginning

The End is near

New Beginning is closer

Do not have fear

And do not veer

From the path

cuz You're the steer…

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the Way of the Heart

As a Kid I was...asked to 'grow up'

I should've known..that it's all Fucked up

I had to join..the daily grind

My little Child..had to be left behind

"C'mon now...get in the rat race

Put a mask...on your face"

I said OK...and…


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Another Creative Burst. Ladies and Gentlemen, let the Rhythm flow:

Drop the pretence…

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Effing Shift

Sharing a bit of my Creative Self that showed up yesterday. Sing it like a hip-hop style with pauses where the dots are ;) Love, love x x

what i'm this f***ing SHIFT

it's NOT some... positive thinking SHIT

this is very EXPERIENTIAL hit

you CAN'T MISS...if you are IN it

the WAVES....when they come YOU'd KNOW

importantly...YOU'd feel the EBB & FLOW

so DON'T think...this as some…


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Hang In There, Big Shifts

Few nights back, I had a dream where I saw few female monks (of the spiritual organisation I was part of) sitting besides me and the words that were shared were 'The Dawn of New Age is here' and Varsha got a dream just before waking up the other morning where she saw a medium size picture of Abraham Lincoln along with other details. We know what he stands for - liberation from slavery!

So the signs are indeed coming. And I am feeling positive about some changes…


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beware of the low vibes!!

Posted this on my blog

Wisdom often comes through/in challenging circumstances. I am in the middle of such a seemingly ‘difficult’ situation in my Life right now. I say seemingly because something can only be as difficult as our perception makes us believe it to be.

And as always I sit within my inner sanctuary…


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Why the Phase Transition is Smoother than Most People Thought

This is a brilliant, higher-perspective, uplifting article which talks along the same lines to what Blue Flare  said in response to my concerns here:


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to dream or not to dream

Posted this on my blog on 13/08

In a meditation today, I was ‘told’ something about dreams and desires which I would like to share. My Heart completely gets it. The logical mind is struggling to put it in words. I hope what I write will make sense.

We all have dreams. We all have…


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a wave of perpetual motion…merlin in action

Jack, The Watcher’s back and this time with a friend, a compatriot as he likes to call,…


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The Unicorn Energy

The Unicorn energy was introduced into our realm on…


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What's in there? Oh, you, the lovely Darkness!

Dear All, I had a weird experience last night whilst meditating. I was made to access the Darkness within. And it was quite 'calming' as opposed to what I would've expected it to be!

It is difficult for me to put this experience in words. It shows how much 'limited' the human brain has become in 'getting it right' these kind of experiences. I cannot express what I felt, however, I will try to write what the experience meant to say. I may fall short because the 'description or story…


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I reclaim my Power

Dear All,

I'm sure you must be using declarations. However,  I just wanted to share the declarations that I've come up with that I use daily along with the three 'code words' that were given through Judy Satori. Personally I have found these words to be quite powerful and I can sense the energy moving. And combining them with the declarations is really quite beneficial, at least for me. See if it resonates with you and would like to use them.

The meaning and pronunciation of…


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jack, the watcher – deep eruptions from the heart of gaia

Posted this on my blog


Jack, The Watcher has sent out another update. As always, full of Wisdom and Higher…


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patriot, loyal and socially acceptable…not!

Posted this on my blog today.


So I sometimes shop at a local Sainsbury’s and at times when a Big Issue vendor is sitting outside, I get her a loaf of sourdough bread. For those who don’t know, Big Issue is a magazine that was started “to help the…


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Report on Cobra/Isis Breakthrough Conference held in Alfriston, Sussex, UK April 11 - 12, 2015

Part 1

[Disclaimer: This report is based on notes taken at the time, and although I have tried to be accurate, I may have mis-remembered or mis-interpreted. So please do not take the following words as ‘absolute truth’.…

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i know nothing

I wrote this post the other day on my blog and I'm getting a nudge from within to post it here too. Hope that's OK!


March 19, 2015

Energies are building up as Equinox is almost here. They say that Equinoxes and Solstices are major portals for deep transformation. And I can only agree with that. And with new energies come new perspectives, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things and new wisdom and realisations.

One such…


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