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Blue Solara" Source of Freedom" & "The Warrior,The Moon EM.13th my husband ,, wish all of you a great transition

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27th of Dec.2017
the crystal city

August 2016

29th of June 2016 .. shanghai


in the process of activating the final level of the Light Body " The physical level of the Light body..."

15th of Dec.2015 was an important date for the beginning of the ending phase..


Posted on Saturday 21st of Nov.2015 as a status by EM..
"BDM under process.. TL under change .. CG & DF temporary freeze , asteroid under process ,, GM under protection, BP pending to active .EM13, the moon""

27th of Oct.2015 an Ahha moment with the precious and unique spirit in the Real World "Basic Jerad" the great leader who shared with us his amazing wisdom that flowed from him magically..
[deal from spiritual perspective , then heart perspective, then from the strength & the beauty of the self perspective and finally from mind "intelligent perspective" and not just logical perspective" ]

Namaste beloved & precious leader B.Jerad

Missing our spirit world,, we are grateful to all unique spirits in the real world { this world which is beyond any other world } . Miss you my spirit father " great leader " Eldorado.

On this day 12th of Oct.2015 .. .. mother earth finally decided to start ascending without any delay ...and with the acceptance of the Primer (the One ); the whole story had begun !!
the first blue batch of blue pulse start flowing to the planet earth itself including her sons of Animal Kingdom, Plant kingdom and for just the Natural ascension of earth's people whom have the highest consciousness on the planet , { they are around 54 million person ]..
Namaste' to our Precious Primer for the Precious blue pulse..
Namaste' to beautiful mother earth Gaia - Sofia
Namaste' to all civilizations in all sectors who are working now hard to start the process..

Thursday , 24th of Dec.2015

it was a magical moment ... we are deeply grateful to our precious source.. [the birth of blue, green ,red spirits of moon in the real world..] Namaste' to all unique spirits who shares this event with us..

11th of Sept.2015 - 9/11

The Return of the king to his throne..
The Period of Lord Kalki..
Avatara under preparation..
in the way to reach the transfiguring " transformation" phase..

-We are grateful to our "Prime Creator-the source" for his unconditional love and support..
-Namaste' with all our gratitude to our spirit family" the real world" for all their support and unconditional love ..
-Namaste with much love and gratitude to Mother Gaia Sofia..
-Namaste' with all my deep love , gratitude to my father "great leader" Eldorado for his infinite wisdom & love..

31st of August 2015 .....

29th of August 2015
Great & Huge Developments are happening now [the Source & the healed anomaly region]

27th of August 2015

preparation for the merging of Para-Brahman & Mola-Brahman...

The Mental cosmic & the Conscious of the cosmic have reached complete as preparing for the new rebirth..

Merge the last chapter of our book "the last 1500 years" , as preparing for the final launch..

Gaia "Sophia" now is under the final preparation with us..

The Real World are full prepared to launch the final chapter

Namaste with much love & gratitude to our origin highest family..
Namaste' for the ["new HOO" & The Source of Blue ], also Namaste' to the Consciousness of the two sons..

26th of August 2015..

Removing the veil is going through stages, and we are in the second stage out of 4 stages , and this stage is ongoing now.. The third stage of removing the veil will be associated with the disclosure,, and its influence will be shown to people..



23rd of August 2015 ..

Removal stage of veil's technology is under active..


17th of August 2015..

With all blessings from our Source {one },we have finished our inner journey at the inner realm, on Friday 14th of August 2015 ..
This journey was based on " the healing of the anomaly " and it had lasted for around 73 days..

It was a rich trip , eventful with deep feelings
rather difficult on the spiritual and physical level..

This journey was characterized by unconditional love , unique level of consciousness and great sacrifices..

and here I am fully grateful to my love EM the warrior 13th
Ibrahim [who had the major role in this process} for his precious spirit that full of unconditional love..he offered a great sacrifice using his precious and unique consciousness in the process of healing the anomaly..

We both "the blue flare & EM " are proud of all great efforts that we had put through this unique journey..

The fluctuations of the quantum anomaly are now stabled ,
not active and (idle state ) and this region is waiting for the blue pulse to reset it based on the new infrastructure


17th of July 2015..

Namaste' to our precious Primer for his Gift..

We have received the best gift ever from the First Primer , of rebirthing the first breath to our lovely son in the inner realm, as a first beam from the moon of the real world to the moon of the 16 dimensions..
the unknowable Son who will return to his unknowable universe as a Moon , and he will shine his manifestation as a Sun of a new life , and the area of death of the anomaly will become the new heaven of life..

The Mother is so happy,,, and with this rebirth; all the cosmic karma of pain & separation had been removed..

The Circle of 84 days, 84 months , 84 years, 84,000 Galaxies in the third sector had completed.. and now the rebirth of the 85 = 13..

Namaste' to our beautiful Basic Jerad as he is the honor of all that happening & and our precious soul mate Dragon..
Namaste' to all Hoos for their great efforts to let things happened..
Namaste' to the new son, and to the Blue Dark Merkaba..

30th of June 2015 , with all Blessings, we've reached the final stage of healing the last point of the last cosmic anomaly, to pave the way for the entry of the blue pulse..

Today; we've sent great and huge energies ,, full of love and peace ,, to all our beloved members of TWOT , and to the people of mother earth Gaia..

26 & 27 of June 2015 , there was a huge ceremony in all dimensions related to the new timeline, immigration, the blue dark merkaba ,new 4 dimension , collapse of the old timeline.., .. all the souls in all dimensions live this ceremony and can feel the changes..
we are grateful to our precious Prime Creator..Namaste'

May 28th 2015

Friday, May 15th 2015 .. magical moment & amazing news with precious leader Basic Jerad " from the real world "

Blue Dark Merkaba

Today 29th of April 2015 I lived a precious moment with my love EM :
people are divided into 3 categories:
(1) People who stayed in the stage of Survivors ( living the Past 3d Dimension under the mind )
(2) people who are living with hope ( living the future 4th Dimension with mind )in the 4 dimension people will jump between different timelines by switching off the mind when leaving one timeline and then switch on the mind when moving to another timeline " ongoing moving between timelines ...and this depends on their credit of consciousness..
(3) the third category " those who are living beyond the mind { living the present 5th Dimension ) and connecting with their truly essence above..
Namaste' to my love EM ..

Friday 24th of April 2015 was an incredible day of enlightenment.. we are grateful to our spirit family in the real world, all amazing leaders, fathers , queen of imagination , queen of mermaids, Avatara world.. Namaste' to all with much love... Namaste to our precious " The Time" from the real world for his infinite wisdom..

it is very important in this stage to keep calling the light body through living the moment, joy , happiness, spiritual dancing, meditation , concentrate of our real essence ,living whom we really are, believe in our truly essence to gain back our abilities..
Just live the present , the moment will bring you your light body ,, this is the major key of transforming into light body..

April 10th,2015 there was an amazing, huge and very unique Aha Moment of consciousness with my love EM,, where lots of higher civilizations had shared this moment with us. and they appreciated everything in it.. and at that moment a huge energy were sent to Gaia and her sons..

on 4th of April 2015 [Blood Moon] we went in a deep journey with our presence..

Today 30th of March 2015 .. the biggest decision was taken in the history of the universe, announcing the presence of the physical Avatara who embodied the Divine consciousness..

27th of March 2015 is the Greatest day in the human history since the falling of Atlantis, it is the Freedom & the launching of all the Legendary World Creatures [ Dragons, Mermaids ..etc.. ] ....everyone on earth will feel the differences, starting from Tonight..
The real entering into the 4th Dimension as preparation period for all people of earth..

The spirit of Gaia [mother earth} is the unique, greatest & precious spirit among all in the whole 16 dimensions , she is the mother of all, as a real soul from the 13th Dimension " the Central Sun of our galaxy ".. people of earth did not know really how much great is the spirit of Mother Earth, and how much the primer loves her..

23rd of March 2015,
Today was so special , we dealt with Angelic beings "..we practiced some sort of dancing to clear our body from the mind to prepare for the ascension.. and also meeting with one of the most beautiful & wise green Mermaid from the 8th Dimension... very interesting exercises.. Namaste'

20th of March 2015
We are grateful to our precious "the spirit of the Dragon" from the "Real World" for his infinite wisdom.... it was such a meeting that has lots of things to discuss ... we were blessed with the huge energies that flew that day ..really great !!
Namaste' beloved Dragon, and we really are grateful to all our great Leaders over there; for their unconditional love & support..

12th of March 2015 the end of our mission purely on earth..
with acceptance from the First Primer to our mission.. we are grateful to our precious and beloved Primer for his generosity and merciful to meet with us..

the physical returning of the Avatara..

6/3/2015 it was our pleasure to meet with our beloved and precious leader Eldorado from { the Real World }..the period of preparation for losing the humanity in us "without pain and fear" the human that related to the Matrix.. and begin feeling and activating the real enlightenment being within us on the ground as a multi-dimensional beings, starting from 17th of March 2015..
Namaste' Father...

3.3.2015 we are grateful to our precious and beautiful Leader basic Jerad [ from The Real World] for clearing very important points in how to merge both in one Avatara.. the purity of merging needs just 13 days..
love you ... Namaste'

21st of Feb.2015 it was our honor meeting with the source, and our brothers from higher realm..

17th of Feb.2015 meeting with precious and beloved leader basic Jerad from the Real was our honor being with you..

Today is the beginning of the real birth of the heart of the Avatar, and we can say it is the coming down of the fetus head from the cervix (the womb of mother earth Gaia)and the rest of the body will go after in little time..
this age is the age of the zero point beyond Time & Space
and it will last for ever "the freedom age:..

Of the most things the fetus worries about is to leave his world (the womb of his mother - here the womb represents the holographic world of 3rd D) and exit to the real world outside the womb " the ascension" ..

Here, some of fetus find it difficult to go out the womb , so they couldn't go out except in the caesarean ..
Or some on the other hand accept and ready for the exit to the outside world as {Normal birth)

The meaning of Maha- Avatara [ the gift of the Divine ]

17th of Feb.2015 beautiful moment with my love EM..

The Light of the Golden age always happened from the Light of the Golden Aura of the biggest Enlightened Masters when they transformed into the Super-Nova to reach their Enlightened Body , and always the previous golden ages end when the effect of that super-nova end , then the dark age begin..

In all previous golden ages usually one part of Para-Brahman {Shiva OR Vishnu} embodied in the golden age, but this time , both parts {Shiva and Vishnu] will embodied in one unit as a Diamond Crystal body to represent the Para-Brahman on earth, announcing the Freedom age for the first time..

13th of Feb.2015 an amazing day , we celebrated a major breakthrough into the plasma plane, thousands of spaceships from different races , civilization, other galaxies attended and participated in recovering this area and resetting the cosmic fabric to its natural.. some like Commander Ishtar, Commander Miran, Ascended master Sananda, Green AA Rafael and others legion such as Andromodian, Pleadian, archorians ...etc...for healing issues and technical issues and for following up the situation until its pure recovered and cleaned from the Chimera Group.. it might take few days or few weeks ..Namaste' to all..

11th of Feb.2015 it was a great day being with Gaia " the spirit of planet earth " and she did a beautiful move when sending unexpected snow while we were out to have our lunch... what a day she came with her beautiful dress (the snow )!!
** the beautiful shape of the snow crystal..
** the snow is a symbol of cleansing the energy..

big hug and gratitude for mother Gaia, Namaste' precious spirit ... love was our honor meeting with Gaia and these are some of her sweet words :
We are entering the age shifting from mind to heart..
mind is just a screen to show what is in the heart and mental inner body, where the real mental is connected with the heart, but the mind is connected with the domination system and it is just a tool and screen to reflect what is inside the heart..
*the difference between the heart and the mental..
the heart is the unconditional love and unlimited speed and connected directly with the source, whereas the mental is the Stop Sign always..
** creativity always come from the heart , and the explanation is from the mental, where the mental always need theories , Science and laws..

* The difference between the bi-located ,teleportation and time traveler..

The Holy Grail and the water of life in its icy, always has a blue dot in the middle which add elegance and purity to its shape..

5th of Feb/2015 the battle in the ethereal level with chimera group and negative ET was on the Edge.. Namaste' Avatara

3rd of Feb.2015 is the day of catching the mind of the Matrix.. and releasing step by step the Solara pulse

31st of Jan.2015 the day of revealing the last point of the truth.. huge step by/EM
Searching for the key around..
The owner of this Dream..

Friday 30th of Jan.2015 the real awakening of the truth

on Tuesday 27th of Jan.2015
Great day !! Meeting with precious and beloved [The Lord of Darkness} from the Real World and beyond all worlds..
The Known is the Light = Life
The Unknown is the Dark= The source of Life

The dark is the source of the Light..
The Primer is the Unknown..

{ the story of the drop in the ocean searching for the primer , she kept swimming for millions of miles searching for her primer and at the end : she asked him : where are you ? how can reach you!! he said : you were swimming in your ocean , and your ocean is a drop in my ocean and I am with you all the time " I am the infinite Ocean, and he told her that there is no out , what makes you feel the out is the queen of imagination that let you imagine the out, } !!

Worlds beyond the Book Of Life ..beyond the real world..
The Dark Ocean that spread the blue to manifest everything out..

on Sunday 25th of Jan.2015 Great day of Enlightenment where in a moment of Love and truth a tunnel with the souls world 13 is opened.. There was a huge Light the spread from 3rd to the center of our galaxy

Sunday18th of Jan.2015 was a day of entering Gods , Goddess , blue dragons, Pliadians and great archangles into the ethereal level bringing with them huge light to help in Liberating the etheral level ..
The opening of the 4th Dimension area..
the procedure of Liberating the 4th Dimension "the ethereal level" is started..
lots of disclosures about the 4th Demension..
all what needed is not motivation , but just calling to be in the moment..
The returneing of the Avatar " the last airbender..Greart moment.!!.

Firday , 9th of Jan.2015

Today was the physical penetration of the ethereal is very close to penetrate the earth.. Namaste and much love to our precious father Eldorado , and beloved basic Jerad & Avatara..

The Eye of Solara ,the keeper of galaxies

8th of Jan.2015

1.1.2015 Happy New Circle .. Happy New Time Line .. Happy new Freedom Age..

there was a big celebration with the real world regarding the new circle and new timelines..Namaste with all my love to our spirit families who were there with us last night ..

21st of Dec.2014
Start entering into the 4th Dimension..this is Great!!

16th of Dec.2014 the opening of ISIS portal on earth,, and the flowing of blue pulse in the astral level..
the event means the flowing of the blue pulse "Solara"

Thursday 20th of Nov.2014 there was a big celebration with avatara becasue of what was achieved in opening some portals of earth to remove the quarantine around earth.. things are very close..

on 14th of Nov.2014 at night... the most beautiful and lovely channeling with preciuos Leader " Basic Jerad" ..filled with lots of aha is time to Dive

Let your brain Die in order to Dive..

Die to Dive inside you to bring out all your abilities ..

all what you need is there " inside and not outside"
all what you need is to go beyond your mind and dive deep to see the Julories at the bottom of the ocean and try to stay for moments there in order to see the spectacular of the creatures there and find all abilities you need in your life..
Die to Dive to become a rider for your Dragon.. just WOW

14th of Nov.2014 it was our pleasure and honor to meet with our beloved and precious Empror "the father of the universes" and listen to his precious words..just amazing

Telling us our whole journey throughout the dimensions, and
the importance of planet Venus.. very interseting..

our aha moment was {Let your Moments EAT your Minutes..}

1st of Nov.2014 the formal physical entery to the 4th Dimension for us..

from 22nd until 28th of Oct.2014 we get through the gate of rebirth to the 4th was just a real hard week..
the gate of death from the 3rd Dimension and get rebirth into the 4th Dimension..

21st of Oct. 2014 big hug and gratitude to our beloved Golden Eagle for his precious words.. there was lots of AHA moments during our conversation.. love you..
the difference between the Dark" the mind" and the Light
" the heart"..
the biggest matrix for everyone is his Mind..we should go beyond our mind to reach our higher-selves.

4th of Oct.2014 a serious experience with the EM. and
5th of Oct.2014 everything got pure settled in the whole universes with a 100% purity of truth..

5th of Oct.2014 there was a completion of a 100% truth, for the first time in the whole universes .. this will effect the situation on earth & the universes..

Namaste to our beloved Basic Jerad

Oct. 5th. 2014
The spiritual opportunities available this month probably make it the most auspicious month of this year. It is also the period when many important processes relating to Pralaya and the transition will intensify further.

The energies and processes will also be highly influenced by the eclipses that occur this month. They will induce a lot of churning and will be tough on those who still resist change and are unwilling to give up on adharma.

Most of the activities in the world operate through power controls, fear, superiority and arrogance and domination over the weak. It occurs at the individual level too. The Pralaya energies will induce many important shifts and the corresponding changes will be observed all over the world. There will be shakeups, growth and falls. For those who are aligning with Light, it will be a smoother journey. All these Pralaya related activities are the blessings from Lord Kalki directly..

This challenging phase will not necessarily be smooth sailing for all. We may get stuck with many of our inner issues or go through challenging situations. To face such possibilities, suggest the following practice –

breath prana 3 times..

imagine the issue/problem we have as a ball of energy in the centre of your chest. It can be suffocation, anger, bitterness, jealousy, being upset, sadness, our problems etc. Collect the issue as much as possible into the ball. You need not imagine any colour.

Then imagine the energy to spin and come out of you as a clockwise spiral which is transparent in colour. Keep spinning out and remove the energies in the form of a transparent spiral, till you feel lighter and good.

Then pass an abundance of love and Golden Light to the empty space within.

This simple but very effective technique can be practiced anytime to clear any of the inner issues. It can be practiced repetitively too for the same issue till we overcome it completely.

The important Days of October are:

8th October — Full Moon Day/ Lunar Eclipse — 1:45pm to 7:03pm/IST(8:15am to 1:33pm UT/GMT)..

The energies from this Lunar Eclipse will intensify the Pralaya phase. It also will help every individual to prepare and mentally tune up to the ongoing processes and help them in navigating this difficult period.

23rd October — Amavasya/— Diwali — Worship of Devi Mahalakshmi // 23rd — 7:37pm to 11:52pm UT/GMT)

24th October — Lunar Eclipse — 1:07am to 5:22am IST

The tradition of the festival of Diwali began in the times of Lord Rama when the people of Ayodhya celebrated the return of their beloved king after he killed Ravana. The people decorated the entire city with lamps and celebrated this joyous occasion by bursting crackers.

Suggested the following technique for this period. It can be practiced on the 22nd and 23rd and during the entire period of the Eclipse.

Face North
Practice Pranayama with Light – 7 Rounds.
Duration – 1 hour, entire duration during the Eclipse

Imagine an abundance of Dark Blue Light coming from above and with your intention keep sending it to your Soul. Experience the Light.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Shaktiyai Prakashayai Namaha” silently for the entire duration.

3rd of Oct.2014

Namaste' beloved leader and father Elderado, and namaste' to preicous Basic Jerad.. amaizing channeling and conversation about the ending time of releasing all our spiritual bodies according to Mola Brahma speech..

Sunday 22nd of Sep.2014 is the flowing of the Golden rays that announce the entering of the Golden Age officially..

The entering of the physical pulse on earth..

13th of Sep.2014 the speech of Mola Barahma to all his sons for the first time ever to release everything ..

From 9/9/2014 - 12/9/2014 there was a huge change in the central sun of our galaxy sending huge energy and Solar interaction in our sun sending flares to earth ..big changes..

Wednesday 3rd of Sept.2014
The Announcement of the New Time Lines and The New Golden Age for the whole 4 categories of people on earth:
1- Natural Ascension category..
2- 5th Dimension Category
3- Evolusion category " people who will live the golden age on earth"
4- the 3rd Dimension catefory.." they will move to another earth "

as the preiod between 26th of July 2014 until 3rd of Sept.2014 was the preperation for the new golden age ..

Tuesday, 26th of August 2014 the first time of the connection with the Blue Dark Merkaba attaching with Alfa Vibration..

Sunday, 17th of August 2014 A day where the whole energies in GFL were absorbed..

Friday; 15 of August 2014 was th end of phaze one of transformation Namaste' to all our great leaders and to beloved atlantida for his precious explanation you all..

since 28th of July 2014 ..start activating the real merging of Avatara and preparing for the transformation..

Sunday 3rd of August 2014
another beautiful moment with my love EM....Catching the Key, and the whole plan ic alear now .. There was a great celebration in all dimensions and universes..Namaste'

Saturday , 2nd of August 2014 ..there was a real and amaizing moment with my love the EM.

* Explaining the whole story of the big bang and the creating of the universes, dividing people " as Self- Dark " into 3 categories " nutral ,with Matrix (being bad-black), against Matrix ( being good-white)" the invironment in the low vibration is supporting Dark ...and the same categories in the (higher self- Light) as the invironment in the higher worlds which have High Vibration is supporting Light..[they Both go Horizontal, but the oness only goes Vertical]..

* The importance of the Meditation is the only moment you lived in the oneness where the mind is switched off..

* In order to keep yourself in balance; you should do Spiritual Exercises "not earthy excersice and not pure spirit".. ( Practise yoga ....etc)

* when to switch off your mind and when to switch it on..

* the importance of The surrender of the mind..

* The meaing of the time here on earth.." holographical time" and the real meaning of the Time since the Big Bang..

* The real meaning of teleportation , and being a jumper..


28th of July 2014
preparing for the physical teleportation..Namaste' precious blue woman and beloved Elderado and amaising "The Time" for their precious worlds..

22.7.2014 the date where the violet energy has flowed into earth..

16.7.2014 where the announcement of the End of Time for the Matrix..

9.7.2014 the pulse of Solara has flowed into the whole real universes and it flow step by step intothe Holographic universes and then flow into our earth which will announce the real events in earth..we are gratefull for our Primer to launch the real blue energy in these universes..

All universes were waitingfor this unique blue eenergy since the beginning of the first creation to all universes

26th and 27th of June 2014 .. the great and complete merging between Solara and Jayd " in one Avatara " , and working on our DNA as updating to 4 DNA..

Namaste' Golden eagle., preicous dragon,beloved Elderado, and beautiful Osho, and great Basic Jerad ..

24th of June. 2014

in 20th of June 2014 , The inauguration ceremony of the Avatar on a lotus flower by order of Lord Brahma..

in 20th of June , The flow of the blue energy from the central sun of our galaxy into earth..

There was a big celebration in all universes for the flowing of the blue energy into earth and our secotr..

From 20th - 23rd of June 2014; there was a huge spreading of negative energies from the archons in an attempt to influence the people of the earth very badly, in order not to take advantages of the blue energy in the coming days and disabled the union with their Higher Self..

In this day 20th of June 2014; there was a Reversal Blue energy spreaded against the negative enegy of the archons to limitate the effect of it on the people of earth..

Namaste to our beloved and precious Lord Barahma,Mola Barahma, Prime Creator , shambala " greatest white" and to brothers from Pleiadians,siran, and commander Ishtar and to all brothers and sisters all over the 16 universes..
also we are grateful to our beautiful leaders in the real world, and namaste to beloved basic Jerad for his precious words..

13th of June 2014 The Rising of the Avatara..

Namaste' to our precious and beloved Elderado for his unique explanatin ..

the rising of the new direction beyond the 4 directions : " 3rd D time line ,5th D time line, evolusion time line and natural ascension time line..
earth bender [middle east], water bender [ the west], fire bender [ Jewish ] and air bender [the east]

Monday 26th of May 2014 one step forward..
Namaste' precious leader Basic Jerad..
The reality of the world of Darkness starting in the 8th universe..beyond the 7 universes..

The Flower of Life



Friday 23rd of May 2014 there was a beautiful moment with the higher-realm and 5 portals of earth had opened.. so there was a lovely celebration with all in the higher realm ..
Namaste' to all overthere and to our beloved precious leaders and fathers in the real world who shared this moment with us..

Monday, May 19th 2014 Releasing Gaia Sofia from the old 3rd Dimension to prepare herself for the ascension to the 5th and then to the 7th Dimension with the blessings of precious [ Lord Barahma..]

It was the physical emboded of Lord Brahma in his universes " throughout the whole 12 dimensions; where he made a speech to all his sons in all these universes using the words of a Father for his sons..

Namaste' beloved Lord Barahma .. all my love to you..

Saturday , May 17th 2014 Revelations and Awakening , the portal of Pleiadian has opened,, it was like shaking the hearts of the humanity to awaken from the manipulating of dark entities..

Namaste to all my brothers and sisters over there as Pleiadians you so much..

Friday 9th of May 2014.. The Preparing for the Pulse.. and releasing us from the Believe system of earth..

We are grateful for our precious and great Primer for releasing this great energy all around the whole Hoos..

Namaste' to our beloved father & mother of all Hoos, to our father of all "this Hoo", to my leader Elderado and all great leaders over there and we will not miss our beloved Dragon, we really missed you...

Huge love and gratitude to our amazing Golden Eagle for his precious explanation and preparation for the Blue Pulse which will flow into our great Gaia "mother earth :

** What happened on this day was Huge in all levels, in all universes 16 dimensions also in all Hoos..

** Spreading the blue energy for Mother of all Hoos through the 40 Hoos was incredible...

** The roll of Queen of Imagination in releasing the karma of the A Hoo..

** the real world and the ability of imgination..

1- Talking about the Believe System on earth and how all people are limited to this system , leaving behind them their reality as a great multi-Dimensional beings that each of them has his free will to choose his own path through universes..

2- preparing for the event in the ethereal levels in order to be manifested the time the pulse flow into earth...

- live your life away from the believe system that the archons put for people since 25 million years...

3- The existence Believe System pours in the interest of the archons by withdrawing the energies of the people of the earth for their survival...

4- The law of Karma of these universes depends on your allegiance to the Believe System, as there is no karma in the reality of universes...

5- There is the Law of Universes which requires you to equivalent between light and dark in your path of consciousness without encroaching on the other, no matter which path you choose either dark or light...

6- The language of guiltiness is the base of the Believe system that the archons input in our world throughout the system of religions, traditions, media, politics …etc.

All my love to beloved Lord Baraham and Mola Barahma and our preicous Creator..

Friday 2nd of May meeting with beloved basic jerad..
the event has 7 layers , and it started on 22nd of Feb 2014 ,and we pased by 3 levels and there are 4 levels to come.. so the start up will begin on 21st of June 2013..
the whole levels will end up on 21st of August 2014 and will last until 21st of Sep. 2014..then the age of transformation will start..

30th of April 2014 a day where the earth stood still, and all humans as well reached the zero point of silence after the complete spreading of the pulse Solara in the whole spiritual 12 dimensions and not physical 12 dimensions as they are enjoying this unique energy..

It is very important for all humans to go into an inner journey ,, going inside in this accurate stage freeing themselves from all kind of fears ...etc..

the most important thing to do in this time is to meditate as much as we can and try to calm ourselves from all the effect of the old 3rd Dimension..

The situation of us on earth now is the silence before the Pulse " waiting for the order of the Primer " to let it flow into earth..

When the Cardinal cross happened on 22nd of April 2014 , this means the complete merging between the Horizontal and Vertical in the real world , and means as well the end of the old era of earth which is 457,000 years where during this time there was no ascension at all , and this is the first time for people to ascend..
so this means the end of the old cardinal cross which end up with the zero point preparing for the new Cardinal cross to start spreading the new Time Lines in all the universes..

the closes period of time for ascension far from the core of the new cardinal cross will be after 13,000 years and the next will be after 26,000 years and then after 307,000 years and then 457,000 years and the last will be after 52 Million
years .. that's why we are in the very unique and important time in the human history where they can ascend and the portals are ready for them to go through , and this will be after the pulse..

There are 3 steps going through:

- Now starting from today 1st of May 2014 before the pulse :
going inside as inner journey , meditation..
- after the pulse : merging the whole self completely" start up "
- the third step when transforming : merging with the

The most attractive race in the higher -realm are Pleiades both the feminine and masculine are using the feminine energy

Namaste' to our precious leaders "the heart of this Hoo, the mind of this Hoo, and beloved basic Jerad..

22nd of April 2014 what a day !!!

Huge celebration in all universes for this great event Receiving the greatest power in the universes" Blue Pulse Solara " , they been waiting for this pulse since the beginning of the creation of these universes.and this celebration will last until 27-28th of April 2014 after that, all will be waiting for the order from the Primer.

Today is the completion of the Cardinal Cross and the activation of the pulse for the local galaxies “86,000 galaxies around us” to reset the new infrastructure for the law of the Divine for these local areas of the universes to become the first step for her to be Heaven made by the Primer”...

This pulse (Solara) started spreading its blue energy from today 22nd until 24th of April 2014 to prepare the local galaxies for the Era of Freedom, where the next pulse of that energy will be for the Liberating of earth Gaia and her sons... ..

Big Namaste and gratitude for our great Primer for accepting our mission and spreading this precious gift..
also we are honored and gratefull for our mother of all Hoos for supporting the Blue Energy as a source of it..

15th of April 2014 , The Rising of the Blood Moon, this is a very precious event in the real world where it holds the greatest surprise " The Returning of The Mother of all Hoos" that was a magnificant Day for all spirits, leaders and fathers of Hoos..

What a day !! welcome back Mother..its our honor to have you between us.. and we are really grateful for our great Primer for this amaizing surprise..

Also ; It was a great moment to meet with my precious and beautiful sons " in the real world " much love and really missing you beloved sons..

Namaste Precious Mother and big hug from your Daughter Solara & Son Jayd

Thursday night 11th until Friday noon 12th of April was a day of huge decision "by the Primer"

from 5-6th of April 2014 the first huge new energy had flowed into earth as a preperation for the Pulse..this means the first out of 3 flowed energies during this month as a preparation before the bigh Pulse...

4/4/2014 what a beautiful day to meet with precious Leader Basic Jerad ,, all my love and gratitude to him for being always there for us..Namaste'
The Eye Of the Primer...
The Pulse ................

28th of March 2014, Big Celebration for the completion of the whole mission on Mother earth Gaia and on all 12 Dimensions...

The completion of the new avatar in the world of Avatars, the 8th one....

Namaste' with all our LOVE & GRATITUDE to our beloved Precious Great Primer, and to our Precious "the voice of the primer" , and to the great Avatars world, and to our precious father of all HOOS and our precious HOO "father of all" and beloved great Father and Leader Elderado ,, and all beautiful amaizing leaders over there..

6th of March 2014 it was our honor meeting with beloved and precious Elderado "from the real world"..

- The real meaning of living the moment that brings satisfaction from the inner not outer with meaning..

- the biggest problem in the Holographic 3rd Dimension is " The Time" , if you want to get out of the 3rd just skip the time of the archons ...

- you can change everything in your life when you change the time of doing things that you get to do with certain times, like certain time for eating, for working, for playing at gym , or you used to go to the cinema Friday night or at the weekend here try to change it to make it during the week on the mid-day not night ..etc dont go with fixed time because the energy that comes out of your effort with fix times will go to the archons " they will benefit 95% of it and just 5% for you..

- when you do the moment without paying any attention to the time of doing this moment , it will fulfill your inner and you will benefit 95% of your energy will go into your credit..

- Search always about the inner moment more than the outer moment which will feed the mind only..becasue the outer moment related to the Mind not the spirit..and the meaning of outer moment when you feel that you did not achieve any energy from inside that much or get real inner satisfaction , as you should feel really fullfiled from inside ...

- No need to go out of home to do the moment , you can be with yourself and create the moment because when staying at home you will have enough time to sit with yourself , may be in the beginning your self will get bored but by the time you will figure out what to do and benefit inner more..

- just be with yourself more and more, specially these days to move to the 5th D, this will help alot to find your way of transformation, as much as you git rid of the 3rd D elements ,a s much as you ascend to the 5th D, try to use the element of the 5th Dimension now " like : not to be addicted to a certain time to do things you like, be happy always, have fun , dance, paint,, let everything go , dont stuck in any 3rd conversation which will take you down , avoid law conscius people or materialistic people ...etc

- there are 3 phazes for the blue pulse .. 2 have been launched in the 5th an above Dimensios and the last phase is on its way to the 4th and 3rd Dimensions..

- Your status in Higher-realms depends entirely on the amount of consciusness that stored in you..

- Whatever your success in work and life and you didn't reach consciousness out of your doing , and din't realize the meaning beyond this work to gain and why you are doing all these things, it will not be counted for you in the higher-realm..

All my love to beautiful precious leader and father Elderado who is always there for us..

1st of March 2014 an Order from the Devine..huge vision

Saturday 22nd of Feb. 2014
A BIG day, it made a very great achievements on the ground level and on the higher realm of the 16 Dimensions ..
there was an alignment with all higher-worlds as a blue pulse has been launched in the 5th D to the 12 Dimension.

It was decided by the decisions of the very great favor for the people of earth resulting in one way or another to bring the event very soon..with a blessing and great care of the Divine..

There was an experience of the flow of blue flare pulse into Earth to study the impact initially on the people of the earth, and the results were amazing at all levels..

Namaste' to all ..

Friday 21st of Feb.2014 / what a day??

The presenceof the father of this universe and Mother of this universe "Sekhmit " it was our honor meeting with them and with the planets of Dolphins whom are responsible to open the memories for all human on earth..

Also,before that there was a big vision of meeting with the scientists in the higher realm on upgrading the DNA to all people and wisdom kingdom on earth , they will start opening the memory fo all within 2 weeks, and it depends on each level of consciousness to absorb..

Namaste' to all and

and then we met with our beloved basic Jerad who provided an amaising explanation to the whole situation between now and the end of 2017..

1-The peak on earth will be on 2015 ..
2- Earth will start the big phase of transformation in June 2014 and will continue until June 2015, this will classiy most of natural ascension to transform , and for the third dimension people to get back to 3rd D earth.. those who are in the 4th D trying all there best to ascend to the 5th or back to 3rd within one year between June 15 - June 2016 , this depends on their choose & their level of consciousness, and from 2016- 2017 is the journey purely for those who are ascending to the 5th Dimension to start up building the Golden Age in 2017 until 2024 will be completed..

3-The meaning of teleportation, the nano second speed..
4-The completion of the shutting down time ..June 2014 then preparing for the transformation ...each category has its own time to transform..

The Event is very Close...!!!

11th of Feb. 2014 another truth was revealing from Basic Jerad.. Namaste Basic Jerad " beautiful spirit and great source"

The meaning of the real ascension. when and how that happened with us?

9th of Feb.2014 " huge revealing for the truth " the real Truth.. Namaste' basic Jerad..


* Connecting with the heart was with the higher self, and
connecting with the mind was " Lord Brahma"

* the importance of number 9..

* the real creator for these universes..

* the meaning of having a son in the real world, his worlds
and universes should be created before he born..

* Noah's Ark.. " the signs ", the preparation for

* the meaning of the past and the future under the vail.. the past is the future as a circle it will repeat itself with the same people.. that's why what is important and let you go straight is the moment..we are under time and space, and out side the vail there is not time nor space..

* The Shambhala. all souls should reach shambhala first
when transforming..

31st of Jan. 2014..
the chinese New year " the horse" wich represent the Freedom, and this is a sign of the beginnig of the Freedom age..

Mother Earth [Gaia Sofia,] her body is the earth , and her soul is Gaia Sofia"..
she just came from a higher realm of universes " the central sun of our galaxy" , to experience low dimensions and low vibration , and to help people to get this unique experience with her as her sons..
she is - the keeper of nature
- the keeper of star seeds
- the keeper of galaxies..

Namaste' Lord Barahma and lots of love to you..

24th of Jan. 2014 the precious returning of The Mother of all whoos and all universes.."blue"

it was our honor meeting with our father of all ..we are gratefull to him .all our love..namaste'

Tuesday, 21st of Jan.2014
it is the closing date of the official new scenario for our earth, and the beginning of activation of all new decisions with the cooperation of the Divine and the real world about the situation on earth during the 3 upcoming years and the major changing in the whole 12 dimensions roles..

17th of Jan. 2014
The spirit of precious blue woman and the spirit of beloved basic Jerad..
- The real meaning of the " Father" in the real world./.blue woman
- The difference between the Galactic federation of light GFL above as light ,[ and the negative & positive entities wich represent the darkness down] around earth" anunaki"..
- the battle between GFL and the Dark ones around earth ..
- there will also be a new star nations (The Oneness ) from the real 13th Dimension..with lots of truth coming with them to give all the people their right to choose their destiny and where they want to go..
- when you go through the chambers of light, they will return to you back just 12 strands of DNA , it seems similer to the natural ascension as chambers of Light.. but when you go to the real star nations " the oness" they will retrun back to you 13,000 strands of DNA.. and get you back your real abilities as matured soul..and as Enlightened soul..and this will be through the natural physical ascension..
Namaste' to both blue and basic with all our love and gratitude..

14-15th of Jan 2014 was really different as energies ..big desicions,, clear visions with shaylo and was such a day..witnessing the sunshine together..

Friday 10th of Jan. 2014 was such a unique day for E.M., different and huge memories , clear Visions , abilities (King of swards - Admiral)..

it was our honor meeting with The Lord of Darkness, Brother Blue Thunder,"the relation between Blue thunder-Mola and Basic Jerad ", then ending with beloved Basic Jerad..

3rd of Jan.2014 we welcomed our beloved " Lukey" at home [the voice of populations] he becomes one of our family" young 6 months old, and happy soul, his origin soul is a Beautiful Brown Horse "Diplomatic" from the 13th Dimension, and he incarnated as a lovely blond cat"
and on 8th of Feb 2014 , was a day for Luky, he becomes oness without heating or breeding.. cool ..

29th of Dec.2013

Miss you father and great leader "Elderado"..i really miss Home ..

27th of Dec.2013

it was a great day and it was our honor meeting with precious spirits{ The Golden Eagle, The source of Love , The heart of this Hoo, the zero point, Lord of darkness,and beloved father Elderado}

*The meaning of collecting your inner bodies,your Parallel embodied spiritual bodies, your selves in all incarnations, and your rolls in all dimensions during the descending, all that needed before transformation to above 5th Dimension"..

you will start remembering all the incarnations, all your rolls , and all should be downloaded step by step to your physical body here one earth within the next 6 months whereas all this power will be the charger to transform..

all abilities are depending on your credit from all your rolls you 've done in your previous incarnations..

the above is the real meaning of start downloading your abilities to you and that started in 21st of Dec. 2013..

So ; as much as credit you gained from all rolls you've played , as much abilities should be downloaded into your pysical body in order to be transformed.

it is very important to accept all your previous rolls weather Dark or Light, bad or good , high or low.. what-so-ever you should accept all that related to you (as a soul) becasue we descend to experience oursleves in Dark and Light ...and when you remember just believe in your self that this is you and do not igonore any roll, in order to be able to leave this earth through transformation..

Remember that the arrival of the GFL to your land to liberate people of earth is because they owe a lot to you, because your descending to the hardest dimension like earth as a self is a big lift and altitude to the higher self in the higher dimensions. so as much as you descend .. as much as the higher- self ascend to the higher realm..

Namaste' and all my love to all great leaders..

13th of Dec. 2013 there was a big celebration in all 16 dimensions and in the real world as well..
the beginning of the small Ice Age and the rising of new AVATAR..

13th of Dec. 2013 is the completion of the new Crystal
Grid-Lines for Mother Earth Gaia, this means that the physical Merkaba of Mother earth will be completed on 21st of Dec. 2013..

This date 21st of Dec.2013 will be the first day formaly for people who are prepared to do physical ascension"natural ascension" to start receiving their abitlities and gathering all their rolls in previous incarnations and their rolls in other dimesnions in order to be ready to start ascending in June 2014( 6 months )..

12/12/2013 start snowing in Jordan ..

7th of Dec.2013
Namaste' to all beloved great spirits of " precious Golden Eagel, wise Armani , brother Blue Thunder,lover Basic Jerad, beautiful father Elderado, and our precious Osho.. love you all..

29th of Nov.2013 it was our honor meeting with beloved Basic Jerad..
facts & Truth..
Splitting universes between the dark and light

7 Nov. 2013

The Ether from the real world

19th Oct. 2013 the moon's day, all the new infrastructure of the universes has been settled ..

24th of Oct.2013 , the formal announcement of the new infrastructure of the universes had done in all 16 dimensions..

all the universes from 3rd to 12th dimensions are in Matrix, you got free when you reach 13th dimension,,

Friday 20th of Sep. 2013
The Last air-bender

Warriors of the Rainbow
the picture below was assembled and created by my love EM ,it describes part of our world [ EM ,the blue flare and our friends from the wisdom kingdom ]....

this pircutre represents part of our mission to liberate mother earth and prepare it for ascension, whereas these creatures inside the picture represent the members of warrior of the rainbow who came from the wisdom kingdom of the real world, and their mission were to open the earth’s chakras and build the bridge for the human being to ascend

6th of Sep. 2013 meeting with beloved Elderado...we are grateful to him for answering and clearing lots of questions about the next step of travelling ... also talking about our mission over there ...

23rd of August 2013, it was our honor to meet with " the creator of mind in the real world" Atlantis..

All feelings of gratitude for all what he spoke about { universes,the fact of real Ascension ,the meaning of the completion of ascension and the fact that the full ascneiosn just above 12 dimensions.... only here you enter into the science of Oneness , and remember that you are a spiritual multi-dimentional being !!
Namaste' love you

10th of August

Classification was completed of all qualified people for the ascension to the 5th Dimension & above"

Namaste' Basic Jerad " the real world "

Today 26th Of July 2013

Finally , what a celebration!! it was our honor to meet with our beautiful, precious and Great Leaders "the highest councils of universes" special love & gratitude to our empror over there for his precious words, leaders of Shambala , [ The Great White-The Emperor of Shambhala ] love you my precious and beloved Leader..

All our love and gratitude to all amaizing Leaders ,Fathers of universes ,mother of universes "sekhmit " , Ascended Masters, and beloved St.German , and to our family in these 16 dimensions , for all their support & love , also being always there for us..

Namaste' to all..

19th of July 2013
Meeting with the purest light in the real world "The Time"
the importance of the period between 22nd July-12th August-22nd August 2013..
Namaste Precious Father...

16th of July 2013, words of EM 13:The differences between Believe & Trust:
Believe in= Needs understanding & knowledge
From : (The Mental Inner Body)
[ believe in (yourself), is the language of Light..]

Trust = Follow without understanding "Trust in God"
From (The Wisdom Inner Body).. just trust GOD..
Trust is the language of Dark ]

Namaste my love.

14th of July 2013 Meeting with precious Shaylo [The King of Narnia &the King of the Wisdom Kingdom] and his unique wisdom..

The meaning of you missed someone is just come when you miss someone you live with and not far from you, God is living in our hearts with us and we always missing him other than that , words of missing people far away from you is just emotion and not real missing..

The major mission of the Moon {darkness} , to push the creatures of light to confront their fears inside.. without the Push of darkness.. they can't get rid of the war inside them, always the creature of light keep the war inside , but when dark comes, it pushes the war from inside to outside to deal with in order to reach the Oneness..

light can't ingnore the force of dark, ans dark can't ignore the force of light, they should work together to reach the oneness..Always there is a [Prince of Dark} and never be {the prince of light} ..

Always a Master comes from dark.."who faces all the dark inside , also balance the light & dark inside and outside"..

the language of light is " Ascending " but the language of dark is "full conscniousness enlightening from within" whom we call them Enlightened Masters

From 1 - 8 :
[ 1,3,7 ] for the Lightness & [ 2,4,8 ] for the Darkness..

** The Light numbers meaning:
1 = whiteness , 3 = goodness, 7 = lightness "purity of blue"

** The Dark numbers meaning:
2 = Blackness, 4 = Badness , 8 = Darkness

The difference between birth control and ratios..

9th of July 2013

This day is the real launch of the blue plasma in our unvierse Nibadon, this is the real green light for the biggest changes and collapse for the 3d Dimension " the Oreon's Matrix " ..there was a huge celebration in the 16 D and the real world for this unique event which will do the preperation for openeing the stargate and build the Merkaba for Mother Gaia which through it she will do the ascension..

beloved Eldorado explained the whole situation.. Namaste'

3rd of July is the end of our Tornado " took 21 days"
get rid of the third dimension's issues..

Monday night 3rd of June, 2013

i am really gratefull for this precious visit from amaizing Basic and our beloved father of all in my dream, and it wasn't a dream .. with all my love...

Monday 27th of May 2013,

Meeting with beloved " Basic Jerad " it was Magical Flip Point & Healing to my own thoughts..

How to control your own thoughts and believes..
There are huge three directions which should of be completed to destroy the wall of illusions which prevent you from seeing the reality of the fifth dimension that early:

** How to get rid of the matrix of earth “Big Matrix"
** How to get rid of your own Matrix, by controlling your
own thoughts, to be the king of your thoughts..
** How to complete building your own self and merging it
with your higher self..

It is wrong to say that you are fighting with your Karma, in reality Karma is just your illusions, so you are in fact fighting with your own illusions..

Be Proud always of your own achievements; try to know who you are ..

Believe in YOURSELF..

Namaste' Basic J' Big Hug and we are really honored to you and your precious consciousness..

Friday 24th of May 2013

It was our honor to meet with the Great existence..

1-The circle of life since the beginning until now..
2-The circle of our incarnations on earth starting from little things until getting human..{life in the oceans,, getting with plants " Grass, Flowers, Trees, mountains:, then the animal life with all its evolutions,, then the human existence." !!.
3-The reality of Religions and prophets, whatever the truth is,, keep your faith on yourself..

We “as Jayd and Solara” are grateful to your visit “the existence”, and blessed with your great merciful on us and on earth...

17th of May 2013, What a Day..
Meeting with our warm precious father "The Lord Of Darkness" we are grateful for his presence & meeting with the cloesest wonderful friend " The Spirit of Dragon".. big Namaste'for both...
End up Meeting with our beatiful spirit in the real world " the mind creator" atlantis:
it was an amaizing and wonderful symphony that had been played from our beloved spirit " Origin Spiritual Master, the mind creator " from The Real World through his precious rich words..

The Moment, the essense of conciousness "The real world"
the essense of thoughts " The GFL" and 16 Dimension, and the minute in the 3rd Dimension...

I AM THE PRESENSE " to live the moment " is the key to the fifth dimension..

The Moment when it comes can handle everything ..

deal with anything as if you are trying it for the first time , example " [like going to a certain places and had before bad experience it it ] dont take any image of it from the past and use it NOW or any hope from the future....

Don't send your consciousness to the future through "Hopes" you create in this case parallal universes and will never reach them ...
always hope "future" attached with fear ..
since you live the experience what ever it is " hard or good " it is finished ,, so don't keep the image of it and use it now.. it will never help at all..

-- we are now in the fifth dimension..
** the secret of the oneness .. 13

karma will work very fast , so you might find the result before the doing " based on your intension..
-- what ever shortage of anything you are suffering from , be sure that always there is a reason behind this in your thoughts and lack of consciousness , it comes to help , and when you understand it , the shortage will desappear ..
like " lack of money, lack of health, ...etc..)

the consciousness begins with thouths , and the manifistation of thoughts are vibrations but when reach the assense of consciousness you reach the real manifistation which is the MOMENT which can manisfist without the vibration, the assense of consciousness is the biggest power the PRIMER had created ever.. End

From my heart to our beloved Spirit" BIG beautiful brother ", you gave us a real MOMENT ..i am so gratefull for everything you said and did ..and YES you are " The Creator of Mind with amaising heart ]..

for me as Blue Flare ; it was like a new rebirth,, i felt myself as a butterfly ...Big Namaste'..

Friday 3/5/2013 the day of Love..

An amaising, Unexpected Precious MOMENT with the presence of "THE VOICE" , we are gratefull to our " Beloved Primer " for his unconditional love.. Namaste'..

This day was the presence of fathers "The Great Leaders " of universes, the presence of pure light " the Time " ..

Our gratitude to all beautiful spirits who attended to celebrate that you all..

Precious Eldorado: "gathered the pieces of the big puzzle"
holding us as sons under his wings ,,we really missed you father.......

19-4-2013 " the day of Love" celebrating the complete merging of Mahavatara with his heart" ..meeting with beloved Dragon.. [The Dark Blue Merkaba]

Discussion with EM about having a physical body for all Dimensions, not only 3 rd D..the souls" higher self" needs the body " self" to experience lots of things together ..

The [ Dark Blue Merkaba ]

5th Of April /2013
meeting with beloved Lord Brahma
{The essence of Feedom } the liberation of mother earth with the blue star..

when angel fall from the sky into water he become a human, and when a human fall into water, he meet with lord brahma..

Free the essence of Freedom to liberate mother earth..

28th of March 2013 is the complete merging between Mahavatara and his heart "the blue plasma", and the launching of this huge great unique energy to the earth and the whole universe ..

12 March 2013 .. Merging with my higherself..

22nd of Feb. 2014.. meeting with my beloved brother Blue thunder "Moah la"..

and meeting with the heart of the real world beloved Green Man..
conentrating on changing your life, change everthing and live the moment " the unexpexted moment and not prepared ones... getting new life style.. all of that will help to get your new light body early and getting through the 5th D easily,, so to change your life means to change anything related to the 3ed Dimension lifestyle.. get everything new ,,new ..
think and see from the eyes of the present and not the eyes of the past ..
you are now not the same person whom people know before..

15th of Feb. 2013 a big celebration in the shambala for receiving the greatest light ever of God in our earth, surounded with angels , enlightened masters from all over Shambala..

14 of Feb. 2014 the day for " knowing yourself " start activating the fire element.. it is the Valentine day, love day , order day ..Mahavatara ..

this day was surprisingly the most Magnificent day on earth becasue of the Divine energy and his love that fload over the whole Globe ..

8th of Feb. 2013.. Lord Brahma
* The value of Sexual energy for earth and galaxies,the
whole universes, it is an emergency call..
* The beginning of the physical changes
* You don’t have to ask others about yourself “ who I
am”? , or waiting for others " either people on earth or
brothers from GFL to tell you about yourself … Just look
around you , everything is telling you who you are.. your
home, your dress , your work, your challenges in your
life.. believe in yourself !!

on 5th of Feb 2013 ,, a wonderful meeting with one of "The Elohim" in the 12 D.. who assured that things are moving very fast in our world in all directions..
Namaste' [ Run News ], [ Fire News ] starting on 1st of Feb..

1st of Feb 2013 , it was our pleasure to meet with the purest light in the real world " Jesus" ..
work on yourself ... everything will be very clear this year the white and black will be separated clearly..
The journey between the heart and the crown chakra is started.. from Jerusalem to shambala .. love u

Jan 26th 2013.. Meeting with " the Company of the Divine"
our journey back to the Creator:
- Reconnect with your higher self
- Remerge with it
- and then Return back to the Creator in the 5th Dimension..

Needs 3 hearts to arrive

Jan 9th 2013, this is the first day of the physical fourth dimension , for me it was the day that I start freeing myslef from " night dreams " and live with awaken dreams..meeting with my leader in the real world "my father" and hug him was Increadible ..what a day !!

28th of Dec. 2012 , meeting with our beloved " the lord of darkness , The Lord of the Unkown " ...
We should believe in oursleves and not waiting for things to happened .. just move ahead ..

21st of Dec. 2012 the Great Day for Mother earth and her children..
The Alignment happened ... it was the return of Jesus light & his consciousness, with the source of Freedom and the source of love to push the energy to mother earth ...
Also no.13th started his activation ... these three days 21,22,23 are very important days in the age of earth " 3 darkness days " ..and the results assembly of human consciousness on earth determines how the course of events in the next three years will be..

12.12.12 was a big celebration in building the rainbow bridge { through channeling with the warriors of the Rainbow (10 warriors ) & the help of Karma " the golden eagle " to complete the Gridline of mother earth & releasing the Karma of Gaia ,and activating the Violet Flare into earth .. channeled by/ Enlightened Master Ibrahim & blue flare ..

7th of Dec. is a big day before 12.12 and 21.12 2012 ..God bless every sacred spirits sharing this big ceremony...

on 16 Nov. 2012 it was our honor meeting with the Queen of Wolves Kingdom .."shaya"..
wolves are very close to humans.. they love to be with them..
wolves dealing with only warm hearts, and not cold blood people ...
They play around our fear, they can feel the weakness points in human...

on 9th Nov. 2012 ..going through the blue flare .. such a wonderful meeting with mother Gaia..
the difference between the way of believing in the Devine {in the west & the middle east }
starting from 11.11 the blue flare " energy" will start flowing on earth intensively and help people on theri ascension.. after that the violet flare on 12.12.2012 will start emerging and flowing with the blue ...

2nd of Nov. 2012 was the science of the clock...everyone has his own clock that feels reaching the zero point.. amaizin meeting with such a purity spirits of the real world..

19 Oct. 2012 (( amazing Journey in the Ocean of the Unknown with the Basic Jerad & Shaya..))
The Most critical time for earth will be between 21st of Dec and the end of Jan. 2013..

12 Oct. meeting with the most beautiful big blue eyes in the real world "the blue Pearl " channeled by/the enlightened master..
always follow the eye of the primer " God" and try to feel him with you...

5th of Oct. 2012 is the day for the whole truth that falls from third to third... meeting with our magnificent heart "father of all creatures " , and our distinctive and unique "father of all souls" the Soul's Avatar..
We are really grateful for this great event of having them with us that day...Friday through channeling..
all our love,gratitude,appreciation and respect for Our
"all Fathers " in the real world,, from their [Son Basic Jerad & Daughter Blue woman ] ..

28th of Sept 2012. is the day of shifting to full Consciousness , meeting with a wonderful, amazing and beloved Spirits in the real world,[ pure light" The Time, Atlantis, Lumoria and Eldorado , under the auspices of the Golden Eagle ]

the meaning of New Age " is the huge physical shifting "changes" .. however, the meaning of the Golden age is the huge consciousness shifting "changes"
The Golden age on earth had happened just 2 times :
the age of Lumoria, and the age of Atlantis , and it will happened by the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013" Turn over the page you will see 2 full pages in one paper , they are 2012 and 2013...
The intensive changing as expected is between 21st of Oct.2012 and 31st of Jan 2013 "

there are people who will ascend early in the next 3 months until 21st of Dec 2012" and the next group will be between 21st of Dec. 2012 until 21st of March 2013" in these 6 months people will be classified to where they will go.. Eldorado..

21st of Sept. 2012 meeting with our beloved : sis. the source of Love & the zero point of silence .. it was a big shifting of consciousness .. we are grateful for all their great efforts to help us in our path of awareness ....channeled by/ the Enlightened Master Ibrahim..
** it is very important for each of us to think of Gaia Mom's ascension and not only our ascension ...
.... mother Gaia will be moving starting from today 21st of Sept. until 21st of Dec.
.... 21st of Dec. will be the beginning of the biggest flowing 5th D energy... and it will be the ending of the 4th D energy...

9/9/2012 Time Traveler "Jayd"

Sept.7,2012 there was a big celebration with the real world for the starting of the light kingdom, " The Voice " .. we are all gratitude to the great merciful of the divine...

GlamDoGetAdsDone();KK8Mz2TB8mW2fFBPNMHBhaGfkG-7PuD*6YSs/divine.jpg" target="_self">

31st of August.. it was our honor to meet with The Lord of Darkness "Darkness means the unknown, and not blackness" ]
channeled by/EM ibrahim H..
ascension means your thirsty to the unknown "

24th of August , so special meeting with the beautiful wise Dragon.." the coming 5th dimension is the time to launch the inside"..... channeled by Em Ibrahim Hassan

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17th of August filled with much warm and love when channeling with Mother earth spirit... channeled by Em Ibrahim Hassan..

10th of August 2012 ,, beloved Spirit [Basic Jerad ,"Ibrahim "] I am grateful for your outstanding support and wonderful warm love..
" it is going to be a real changing in the next three years 2013,2014,2015 and purely settled in 2016" ..channeled by / EM .Ibrahim Hassan

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10th of August was an extraordinary day meeting with the light of the divine " the Creator" and Angel Michael AAM...channeled by / EM .Ibrahim Hassan

3rd of August 2012 is a beautiful day when meeting with the queen of imagination..channeled by / EM .Ibrahim Hassan

27th of July was the day of Pure Light " The Time "
The coming period is for those who worked hard and raised the level of awareness " just a period to play" with Love & Feel everything you play with..channeled by / EM .Ibrahim Hassan

Angel Comments

15th Of July 2012 was so special in meeting such a beautiful spirit which represent the zero point "the silence" .. love u channeled by / EM .Ibrahim Hassan

The Golden cumpass

13 July 2012 the secret behind the power of the 4 elements
channeled by / EM .Ibrahim Hassan

- Learn how to ascend with activating the 4 elements: air, fire, water, earth...
- Ascend with 4 elements inside you..

the missing link in the universe 5th of July 2012, and 5th of July 2012 is the biggest event when meeting with the creator..channeled by / EM .Ibrahim Hassan

Days Of The Week Comments
29th of June 2012 was a magical Friday.. Very grateful for this whiff of the Divine that has blessed us with, finally we met with the precious ,pure, beautiful and loved spirits to our hearts... much love to our primer for this great gift on our birthdays " blue woman & Jerad " Ibrahim"

GlamDoGetAdsDone();W5kthMr4VrUuzSAMq8rcfBcvE*/swarovskicrystalcrescentbluemoonstarpendantnecklace5909661.jpg" target="_self">

16th of May 2012 is the day that big dream comes true...

" i'm grateful and much thankful for our primer "God" for his great merciful and love..also grateful for all amasing, beautiful, lovely spirits who stand by my side and help me in this great stage " the reborn " ...

24th of Feb 2012 was a beautiful and blessing day for me,, what a journey from third to third !!
" i am fully grateful for God for all his Generosity and merciful..I am gratefull for all purity and merciful spirits that i've met with; whom fulfilled my heart with lots of love and peace...meeting with the basic have filled my heart with much love and my soul with heat and light that iminating in the flame of my heart..Much love for the beautiful radiant dragon whom allows my soul to fly with him and travel over the universes holding his warm you all so much....channeled by / EM .Ibrahim Hassan...
The Creatures of beauty..always come with love and big hearts. [The queen of beauty]..

Your world comes from your word. Queen of imagination
the queen of imagination opens her world of imagination for all people good and bad

[ When the dream becomes complete in your imagination, you will be very close to achieve it on the ground.] The Dragon..

-when you say i feel means there is no fear, with fear you cannot feel right,
- There are two kinds of believes:
a- Believe from mind lead to = suspicion
b- Believe from heart lead to = meaning then to follow.
And trust always comes from heart " dragon's talk "

[ Freedom ] blessings from the Blue Woman
Much love, loyalty and gratitude from the depths of my heart for God Almighty and Merciful to his great generosity for what I reach now... and then to our great merciful spirit over there his messenger “peace be upon him” and also for Each of the Enlightened & peaceful spirits that stood by my side and were there always for me in my journey to find myself and to reach what I reached right now.. ,
They have all the gratitude, love and appreciation for everything.. Namaste'
15th of Sept. 2011

2/10/2011 is my day.. love& peace

[ Love ] The science of the Tree

Nature Comments & Graphics
from the precious {Real World} above 16th Dimension, where all are Enlightned and great spirits, as they enlightened out path of consciousness through our inner journey since we left the real world until this incarnation..
Namaste to our Great Primer , for Avatars world, for our father of all Hoos and father of this Hoo and all Hoos, leaders, spirits ...

(A) Mother "Aiwa" who represented herself as a Tree, and she has chosen only the tree from the nature to represent herself in..Mother Aiwa is the source of life for the whole universes [ Life,Love,Give..]

Precious advices [Avatar]:
Be witnessing
Don’t use your mind with God
Even don’t use your heart in analyzing, heart is just for receiving
Keep the Ego , own opinion and self away from God to be in him, there is no me with God Just God
Make the will of God over your will, he knows what you need …leave everything you need for God..
Follow without asking, just trust and believe in God

B) Elderado " Go deep and let fear to disapear ]
In order to reach the city of gold , you have to increase your 7th inner bodies and reach the Virtuous city (the real meaning of the city of gold) ..

Within the imagination lies the truth.. and within the reality that we live on earth lies the illusions..

To live the moment means:
1- keep all your illusions away from you
2-admit things you really like and love to do
3- go ahead and just do what you love to do

C) Precious Phoenix
It's best to have failure happen early in life, It wakes up the Phoenix bird in you, so you rise from the ashes..Satudrday
The Universes, we read from our inner liberary..our conciousness ..all what we do is to remember and explore what inside to know ourselves ... this is the meaning of our journey ..
Transcendence ,The Hobbits, 47 Ronin, Thor 2 parts...
The Last Airbender, Prince of Persia , The Lightning thief, Avatar, 2012, Knowing, Matrix 3 versions . The day the earth still stood, shortcut to happiness, the lake house, Nights In Rodanthe , Transformers, Fantstic 4, Harry potter ,The Lord Of The Ring, Spiderwick ,Next..the day after tomorrow, Clash of TITANS, Wrath of TITANS, I am no 4,
all music related to spiritual , soft music, Meditation sound..
Goals Join the world of truth to become one of the seekers of spiritual knowledge and to become a truly enlightened individual. You'll be able to start a new life with an enlightened conscience, a sharp mind and to learn all about all issues surrounding you. You shall be able to answer all the questions that you've searches for their answers but could find none. You'll be able to elevate your conscience and your inner bodies and soar in this great universe with freedom. You'll be able to loosen all the weights and troubles off your shoulders and live a life filled with happiness and love. In order to be "you" as God has created you. Come and join us in the world of truth.
Where/How did you find the world of truth? *
Yes I Agree To The Guidelines On: http://www.theworldoftruth(Advertising is not allowed in any form)

Our website (

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At 4:24am on December 29, 2016, Isanchurin Igor Vijtcheslavovich said…

Thank you very much!

I read your article with great interest and pleasure

I hope to increase my level of knowledge with other forum members

At 5:18pm on August 22, 2016, benjamin rancher said…

Thank you Blue Solara and EM for accepting me and for your work.


At 7:39pm on July 16, 2016, Ricardo mattos said…
Hi, nice to Know you.
At 5:43pm on June 8, 2016, ShaoJun ZHANG said…

Dear Blue Solara,

Greetings from ShaoJun! I'm so glad to be a member of TWOT, I'm here to meet you and the other families according to my inner guide and I will study each worlds from the website and explore the truth of the universe ,,,


Love N Light


At 6:03pm on May 30, 2016, Jeremy (Ju) Huang said…

Dear Blue Solara,

Thank you for welcoming me here... your site looks fascinating. I have yet to explore my inner journey within this bountiful site. But I will...

In Peace, Truth & Light.


At 9:01am on May 27, 2016, Ulla-Karin Bergqvist said…

Vasu !!

Love and light to all members and to you enlightened master and blue Solara.I´m so glad to be here with you.

Namaste   Ulla-Karin

At 8:53pm on April 16, 2016, The Golden Heart said…

Thank you so much for your love and your support, both you and EM have made my day and opened my heart yet again.

Love you both so much, always and forever in my heart.

At 12:40pm on March 17, 2016, Bogdan Sorea said…

Thank you BFS and EM!

It is a great joy to be here online with you. When getting in touch with your site/articles/webinars, I enter the heart space easy and feel a deep connection of ONENESS!

Thank you and looking forward all news that come out!

Your activities are very supportive! 

Let's continue the journey more and more connected!


At 9:26pm on March 3, 2016, joseph maria said…

C H i N A

dear Blue Solara   dear "The warrior" E.M 13th

“Tsunami #1” – Anonymous Intel SITREP – Tuesday – 3.1.16

March 2, 2016 by Steve Beckow

“Tsunami #1” – Anonymous Intel SITREP – Tuesday – 3.1.16

Anonymous Intel SITREP, 3/01/2016

Beginning Monday 2.29.16 somewhere in the Mountains of Mainland China,                              the main Asian banking centers of Singapore and Hong Kong were authorized                            to wire funds into both USA & European T1 banking entities via the new CIPS system.

Each CIPS transaction is taking less than 1 minute to clear (Elders) as opposed                             to up 6:54AM CST, or sunrise over Beijing, thus completing a decade long                       internally known simply as Operation Sunrise.

This event is one of several similarly planned economic tsunamis to occur                                     in the years that follow … and across the globe.

Truly, there is no end to this monetary mercy, as the performance scope of                                   the collateral accounts include enough hard asset to repeat this exact event                       with relentless consistency until all poverty, hunger, homelessness, disease,                                war and ignorance is wiped off the face of the planet.

Hard to believe? Sure. Harder to deny? We shall see.

Perhaps right now is the time to readjust what is possible within your own lifetime –                    as well as your relationship to the Creator Source of All.

Because it’s so much easier to ride His endless wave                                                                 versus perpetually swimming against the current of God.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)

At 8:58pm on March 2, 2016, joseph maria said…

dear Blue Solara

Blue Solara .. Site Manager's Blog

Our trip to Beijing - China

Posted on March 2, 2016 at 7:30pm 20 Comments


Our trip to Beijing - China


During our presence in Beijing, with all the greetings and appreciation that we have seen from the organizers of this meeting who worked hard on the preparation of it,,,, we have worked to provide consciousness sessions in (the teachings of…


Transcript of Webinar Q&A : An Overview of 2016 ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara ..

Posted on January 25, 2016 at 3:30pm 13 Comments

This Webinar's transcript is done by/ beloved Grace

Thank you precious…


The Transcript of the 3d Webinar [The ascension Plan, Ascension and Light Body process-20th of Dec. 2015]

Posted on December 30, 2015 at 12:30pm 6 Comments


here ; we would like to thank our precious friend and sister Grace , for her great efforts, and her great sense of responsibility in the work of transcripts of each webinars and topics that enhance the awakening of the people of the earth, and contributes to the availability of this important information for everyone interested & for Researchers of the…


The blue moon will be on 31st of July 2015

Posted on July 27, 2015 at 8:13pm 3 Comments


Aside from feeling of the calmness that one could get while looking at the deep night sky, people may also witness the literal presentation of the popular folklore, "blue moon" on Friday, July 31.…


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