The Conditions & the policy of this site


The Conditions  & the policy of this site

◾Desire for spiritual and conscious matters

◾Constant search for everything new

◾Open mindedness

◾Intellectual objectivity

◾Desire to be acquainted with different thinking patterns

◾Abandoning the ego

◾Acceptance others' intellects

◾Abandoning destructive criticism

◾Search for the true, not literal, meanings

◾No religious intolerance

◾No racism

◾Intense desire for knowledge and truth

◾Determination to improve yourself and change for the better

◾Desire to learn about the unknown

◾Perusal of love, peace and brotherhood with fellow humans from around the globe

◾Emphasis on lending a helping hand for everyone

◾Perusal of open heartedness to accept the truth

◾Please; do not use the comment area for posting blogs..


It is not permitted to share the content of any materials from this website {videos, blogs, forums}  that related to the creator (& the admin) of this site in his site ) , and do not paste or manipulated in any content or the title of these materials , and do not  analyze the meaning of the materials on behalf of his name)..But you can share the site materials “without manipulated” that related to the creator and his admin in other sites with saving the copyright...

The meaning of the following expressions: Approve any content for any member of the world of truth: means to respect the consciousness, thinking and the freedom of this member to express himself.. and this does not mean necessarily that we are responsible or agree with his subject content..

Not approve any content for any member of the world of truth: this means his/her breach to any of the conditions of membership listed above, and we didn’t accept any extremism in thinking that may affect the awareness of the members of this site,, but this does not prevent his/her freedom of expressing his extreme thinking anywhere else outside this site..

 The management of the world of truth has the right to delete any blog [Copy from another websites / and Paste it on our website,,, whereas people can follow those blogs on their own website, in order for this website not become an assemble to all what is in the internet, specially that this site has a guidance and has his own vision.. In some cases, we accept some blogs if it is for the benefit of the members of this site...

No religious zeal or search for any religious or political parties within the site; for the world of truth is not partisan and is not associated with any religious or political party of any kind (with respect to everyone). We take the road of knowledgeable pursuit for spiritually conscious research in order to attain a higher awareness of the truth behind ourselves and our existence.

Note: If any of the above conditions are not met, the member in question will be warned once and if the warning was not heeded the member will be immediately expelled from the site and will lose his\her membership.

The Creator of EM. Ibrahim Hassan

Administrator of  The Blue Flare " Solara "


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