Hi Everyone,

I am a light warrior, and this is my first blog post. Until now, I didn't know what a light warrior is exactly and what they are supposed to do, but then I realized I was channeling some very high spirits. I am 26 yrs old and love sports, so I found that I would be a source that spirits would use to channel especially when I was playing (football). Who were these spirits, and why were they shooting through me. Over the last 3 months I have witnessed some very deep stories unfold on the football pitch most of them revolving around the light beings we know as Mary and Jesus, and no all is not romantic between them as Yesho is/was/and always will be more sexually reserved than what Mary is. But yeah, there is some love left between them, and one cannot imagine the Event happening without that love growing into what can be called the blue pulse. I have had glimpses of the blue pulse on the ground but it isn't complete yet for Jesus told me he feels betrayed. I feel that I was chosen for this task because inspite of me being ferociously handsome at times, I am still a virgin, so that gives me a fantastic eye(third eye also) for goal and lately I realized that my 'ginity' as i like to call it, is worth more than any words can describe cause my 26 yrs here on earth, are a very sad story so far. My guru is Jesus Christ in Aquarius, and I myself play the role of Christ in Cancer most of the times. I think as a result of their astral divorce, Mary got the other signs, but they are not strong enough to sustain the blue pulse, especially Gemini. Tantra may not be the best way forward in our search for the event, at least thats what Aquarius tells me. The Event can be triggered by us all changing something within our own lives, together and alone.

Thank you.With Love and Light,


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