Timelines Convergence / written by EM on 25th of July 2016

Since 21st of July 2016 , the timelines' convergence is started..


What does that mean?

-  We have reached the ending of the last circle, and we began the new one...

-  The beginning of the end to all the obstacles resulting from the old circle

-  The ending of the Major Negative Side Effects for the new timeline

-  The convergence between the timelines of the inner planes..

-  The green light for the final phase (The applying & The Actin phase)..


What is the effect of this Convergence on us?

- Hard cleansing for the old pattern like:  (Anger, Ego, individuality, Negative emotion,

- The beginning of the awakening on the madness world in which we live, which cause
   nervous and anger to people..

- For those who have strong awakening, they will start sense an unconditional love
  moments, visions, some Bi-Located, little flashing memories,

- A desire to end this game and get out of it..

- Longing to return to the origin world..

-  Physical symptoms that were not there before like electricity light hits in some parts of
   the body and conflicts of dreams with reality..

- Strong calling from the higher self and the inner realm for the advanced spiritual


Please note: What we mentioned above already started happening few months ago for the advanced spiritual people,,  but now this will be wider on a large scale..

What do we have to do?

- Expedite to get rid of the negative emotion through using the higher perspective..

- Get rid of the Ego through spreading more love...

- Don’t deal with things logically, because logical thinking will show all the existing
  obstacles in your life...

- Use containment method (handling) rather than logic...

- Be align with your heart chakra through meditation...

- committed to patience and wisdom...


Finally; This is the time that you’ve been waiting for a long time ago.. Let this last phase go smooth and pass peacefully...

  • Try not to lose any credit from your spiritual account...
  • Don’t allow your personal image that you played in this incarnation to judge and decide your truth (whom you really are ) ..
  • Seek for the wisdom within you to find your truth...
  • Please don’t ask me  [ How , When ,, I cannot see ,, I don’t feel …etc.. ] because this situation is different from one person to another… in time , how ..etc ..!!
  • this is the final phase …it works on more than one level and more than one perspective..




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Comment by Dawn Parr-Bowen on October 2, 2016 at 3:58pm
Comment by suiyuanren(随缘人) on August 22, 2016 at 6:54pm

In July 23 day wolf stars and the sun and the earth into a straight line, we in China to pull the eye Wudalianchi are connected Sirius energy meditation ritual, in the morning the sun has just come out when, we for the first time held connection Sirius meditation experience from the Great Central Sun and Sirius through the emission of solar energy in the third eye showing a dazzling golden light, high frequency energy is physically violent tremor, each guide energy, third eye is bright golden light shines, I also happy bath in the baptism of the high frequency energy. It is in this new timeline that we have experienced the baptism of the energy of the universe.

Comment by Vedama Wright on July 28, 2016 at 2:17pm

In my dream last night, I had an instruction to go and buy some new equipment that I would need. I understood it was for my car (vehicle). Therefore, I drove in my little orange Kia Soul down to the industrial warehouse.
I had the name of the part in the dream (escapes me now). I showed it to the shop foreman and he went off to get it. When they brought out the part, it was being carried by four or five personnel (men and women) and it was enormous. It consisted of a long chunky part like a spinal column, a large square tank of some strong material set into the column, and 2 heavy wooden chocks at the end of the column for holding it in place. I paid for this, wondering how on earth I would get it in my Kia Soul when it was longer than the car. I also couldn’t envision at that time the purpose of this equipment. I just knew I had been told to go and get it. I couldn’t figure out why the car would need a part that was bigger than it. The dream skipped to where I had people carrying it into my new house (not my new house in waking life) but a lovely new space including a big space for artistic endeavour towards the back which was still being constructed. I had the part placed there, and thought I would ponder on it to find out what it was for. On a side note, my new house fronted right onto a lovely calm sea, and had 2 palm trees at the entrance, where you could sit and meditate on the view.

In that hypnogogic state just between dreaming and waking, I got the word “compassion” and that car was “vehicle”. The part was for my new strengthened and enhanced role of bringing compassion. The vehicle is me. It was a new backbone and a new tank (heart) for transmuting fear into heart expression. It was placed into my area of creativity so that I could co-create with it, and my home was right at the boundless sea of collective consciousness.

EM and BS, I believe this is the kind of higher soul communication and messaging you are talking about in your blog. People will "get it" when they are ready.

Comment by Ellen Claire Carman on July 28, 2016 at 2:08am

Thank you Blue Solara and EM

Comment by Jocelyn Loney on July 27, 2016 at 5:45pm
Receiving your communications, that should be. J
Comment by Jocelyn Loney on July 27, 2016 at 5:41pm
Dear EM and BS,
Thank you and much gratitude for this very encouraging update, I come back to
read it often for guidance and understanding.
I love the qualities in you both, of softness of heart, of transparency, love, dedicated work and practical guidance. It is very calming and uplifting and I always look forward to
reviving your communications. With love, Jocelyn
Comment by Dawn Parr-Bowen on July 27, 2016 at 2:02pm

Gratitude for your messages EM and BS! 

Comment by DR. LINDA CRISTALL on July 27, 2016 at 9:53am

Thank you so very much

Comment by Blue Solara .. Site Manager on July 26, 2016 at 1:47pm

Namaste to all beloved ones...

Comment by Shannon on July 26, 2016 at 12:09am

Thank you, EM and B.S. for this update and suggestions on how to ride the waves. This is very encouraging news! Thank you for your kind guidance!

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