The current situation & the Presence of the Divine Consciousness / written by the Enlightened Master on 18th of March.2015

The current situation & the Presence of the Divine conscious


The cosmic anomaly is healed completely, and the test to pass the pulse through it, was successfully done...

The universe with its new fabric of Time & Space works with all its energies...

The veil is surrounded with Light and waiting for your hearts readiness, to announce the breakthrough...

The Dimensions and the 7 realms are alignment...

The fleet of confederation stands ready, waiting for the sign...

The Force of Darkness became fully aware of its not strong enough to cheesed, and they are invited to return to the river of eternal Light, to complete the joyous...

The pulse of Solara tries to adapt & be alignment with the Center of Gaia...

The events in the sky stand ready to embody in the ground world, in the physical dimension...

Don’t follow the Time, but follow the pulse of your hearts …. The term {When} means: when the pulse of the sky is alignment with the pulse of the hearts of people on earth...

The Word of the Avatara {the embodiment of the Divine consciousness}  which was launched today by him:

The Infinite & Eternal Devine Light began flow from the Center of the Eternal Consciousness, of the center of this galaxy, as the first delicate launch {the test of passing the pulse} , to touch the thirsty hearts to merge with the Eternal Light, and this is in the period between 12th -20th of  March 2015, so as to contribute in the preparation of the hearts, to the great contact at the time of the event;  that’s why you people feel full eminence of tolerance, and have the desire of fresh start  for the new era.. leaving behind you all the hassles and loads of the Dark Era.. ….. The Light of tolerance and forgiveness will be the Boat of Light which will take you to the Land of Light...

This delicate sense, will develop into a big meanings in your hearts, and each of you will aware of it on his own way, it is the sensation in the embodiment of the Divine Light in your earth. This sensation will knock on every door, the doors of hearts to enlighten them….

so for those who are from the Christian consciousness will feel him the return of Jesus, and for those who are from the Mohammadi consciousness will feel the return of his Light at the end of Time, and for those from the theology consciousness will feel the Masaya. And for those who are from the spiritual awareness schools will feel Vishnu & Shiva... And for those who are from the mystery schools consciousness will feel the return of Gods...

Every way of all above, have their reasons in a way to express themselves..

This delicate sensation which will knock the hearts is the embody of the Divine Consciousness among you, it is the embody of the Oneness inside the heart ;which was created for this will not be a repetition on any of the old things, and will not be aspiration for anything modern, .but it is the Presence of Now in Union with the consciousness Center...

When your hearts become ready to meet him, he will come and his sign will come with him, announcing The Day of Meeting, the day where the sky and the earth will be ONE..

The readiness is not to know Him, but through knowing who you really are, at this moment, the drop will return to the ocean, and you will leave the world of dreams through the presence of your hearts..

The event is: the readiness … the event is: the beginning..

With Eminence of Love, I will leave you in peace...


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Comment by Zen Chen on March 22, 2015 at 12:05am

Dear brother Kinnar,

Exactly about "cosmic anomaly", what difference did you find between Cobra and EM's information? I am following both and I noticed Cobra was talking about some anomaly in his most recent message, but Cobra did not mention exactly "cosmic anomaly". So I guess we need to make sure Cobra and EM were talking about the same thing. 


Comment by Kinnar Pandya on March 21, 2015 at 10:58pm

Yes, Brother Ibrahim, I'm aware that you and Cobra are NOT mediums. What I intended to say was just like with some channellers you find conflicting information, so it is with this piece of information about cosmic anomaly. Message from Cobra and yourself is not similar. This is what I meant :-) 

I guess it must be like what you mentioned - different layers.

Actually, having had look deeper, my frustration and sense of urgency is more to do with my current life situation (which I emailed you about some time back) than anything else.

Apologies if my earlier comment made you think that I'm taking you as a medium. I've watched your video and it has imparted me the Truth about my Brother :-) much love and many thanks for your guidance <3

Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on March 21, 2015 at 10:21pm

Dear brothers Wayne and Kinnar,

Please let your hearts be more open..

Things are not taken from who is telling the truth!  but we are all working hard to deliver the truth, things are not Right Or Wrong,  White Or Black;  but it is a dynamic process that has more than one layer..
for example:  the issues of :  Cosmic anomaly  , the Cosmic Fabric , The Plasma Plane  and The Technology of Anomaly  , those are different issues  not one issue , as lots of readers thought  that all of these issues represent one thing ...

There will be a new blog V. soon to clarify things that you find conflicting, while its NOT!!

Brother Kinnar,  Concerning your words of channeled massages or Mediums,, Neither me or Cobra are Mediums or Channelers,  as Cobra is a Resistant Movement with  (Intel – his source of information) , and me not a channler  or Medium as I mentioned in the videos of “ the moment of enlightenment “   


with love , Light and peace

Comment by The Golden Heart on March 21, 2015 at 7:22pm
Dear EM, your comments have further explained and shined the light on this rather complicated and very critical time, I have so much gratitude for this and for everything, It has indeed become clear, thank you for your time and effort, it's remarkable.
Beautiful moment!
Lots of love.
Comment by Kinnar Pandya on March 21, 2015 at 7:16pm

Thanks Brother Ibrahim!

Dear Wayne, I echo your concern. Why is there a discrepancy is not sure to me! It is just like channelled messages where there is sometimes conflict between two different mediums, and it, if I'm honest, frustrates me. Because we at ground level do not have the higher view directly YET and we rely on the info given to us. But when it is not unanimous, the difficulty is what to believe!!!

Sorry, its not finger pointing that I'm doing, but I'm really frustrated and tired of conflicting information :-( 

Comment by Zen Chen on March 21, 2015 at 5:49pm

Dear brother EM,

Your latest comments is clear enough for me. Thank you.


Comment by Diana L Bliss I Elfso on March 21, 2015 at 4:59pm

The return of Jesus is called Michael the Archangels I Am that I Am said this a week ago  He is Jesus He is Ashtar He is Michael  Jesus is all of these Masters  and Angels  So he will return and we are with Him on white horse for we are called  we are in white linen for we are the warriors to fight the dark ones It is written in the Book of Revelation 19- 11 though 16 Then I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse and He who sat on him was called Faithful and true and in righteousness He judges and makes war His eyes were like a flame of fire and on His head were many Crowns there is much in these messages for you to read for this will come to pass for it is written and I AM that I Am is truth and love and life in all  Only I Am that I Am knows the time the hour and the day of this Jesus does not know and He is Gods Son so if He does not we do not  there are things to go in place for the timing and what is to happen must come for it is written do you not remember what Jesus said on the cross everything is done it is come to pass and now I give you my soul Father  it is written it will come for it is truth in Him do you understand there is much to come and everyone is being given messages to the whole earth now  there are energies to balance cleaning for we the Elf's will be and are cleansing earth of the dark forces stumps they grounded them selves  so they could come in and take your energy this is way to ground this is the key for you to to stay grounded in the work there were pipes running under the ground to we are clearing these to the Star systems are at battle now for the Cabal are at war with us I have had them come to my very house and trying to burn my house and lot of My electronics were knocked out car , batteries in all the things where batteries are use there is war going on now I had them try four times now to do harm to me but like always I Am that I  Am steps in  we are getting there it will come for it is written in the Book of Life God does not tell untruth He is truth

Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on March 21, 2015 at 4:12pm

Dear Brothers " Kinnar & Zen ",

The Period between [12 to 20th of March 2015] is related to the feeling that we talked about, and not the return of any of them...

Concerning “the return of all those whom I mentioned “, we said that it is the Conclusions of each group, due to their own believe systems, and this doesn’t mean that is what will actually happen..

The return of Christ [Jesus] at the end of time was one of the old timelines that have been closed.

The return of Christ [Jesus] & others, it will be the return of Ascended Masters as Light beings…. and the Return of Christ will not be as a Jesus, but as a Commander in the GFL {Galactic Federation of Light}, and as an ascended master of the spiritual hierarchy.

The meaning of the sentence: “when will the big meaning show up”??
 it means, that feelings will be transformed into facts on the ground for people to see, with no doubts,, and not a feeling issue that is possible to be explained into a lot of explanations,, but it is [facts] which has only one explanation…and that will be in stages , before, during and after the event.. 



Comment by Richard Knight on March 20, 2015 at 9:27pm

Thanks Brother EM Ibrahim,

This resonates so fully with my essence and core of my spiritual being. It is this awakening and the reassertion of sensitivity to the presence of the divine inwardly in consciousness and outwardly in our spiritual heart that receives and progresses forward. When the land and the sky merge as being one and the illusion of darkness and false control falls away to reveal the dream of freedom and true acceptance of not only each other as the family of mankind on the Planet Earth but as beings of one consummate race throughout creation it self. I am so very entranced with all of this for I have been in the process of remaking myself or coming forth into the world in a new light and in a new way. I embrace you both for the loving tenderness and manner in which you share so very much with us.



Comment by Kinnar Pandya on March 20, 2015 at 8:17pm

Thanks again, brother Zen, for coming to rescue and joining the dots  ;-) 

I reckon the answer to "when will the big meaning show up" might be "it depends on our readiness; if we have heard the knock on our Heart's door, allowed the Light in and then 'follow' it, it will bring us to a bigger meaning in Divine timing which depends on our preparations and level of consciousness." Just my thoughts

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