The Cintamani stone: interact with the stone & take advantage of its features to the extreme, written by EM

The Cintamani stone: interact with the stone & take advantage of its features to the extreme

At the request of many of you who asked for The Cintamani Stone, I explained this before through the comment area on April 16, 2015, here


And I answered via email for one of our member on how to activate The Cintamani Stone on June 12, 2015 ,, and here I share this with you now for the benefit of everyone...


My answer Via comment area about the Cintamani Stone  on April 16, 2015

Regarding your question about the Chintamani Stone, what I can NOW disclose about this stone is the following:

The stone is a symbol; which represents a mission that agreed upon by both Sirian & Pleiades… it represents the Union of the feminine & masculine [the Sun & The Moon]   and this matter was between the highest conscious beings (two great beings):  the first is the Keeper of the Galaxies’ {the mother Goddess of Star seeds} which represents the Goddess energy & the second one is the Great Leader “Warrior “who represents the Gods Energy..

Both stones were merged and formed the Holy Grail [the history of the Holy Grail returns to long time before the date of the birth of the Christ]...

The Grail is Crystal (Vertical energy) , and pieces of the stone that represents the mother stone are placed on the sides of the Grail (Horizontal energy)   and this Grail was charged with huge energy by both two great beings

The Origin of this task is the energies of those two great beings, and Not the Stone although the Stone energy has big effects...

At a certain stage of the mission, in Venus,[ which called the Shambala Mission], and after gathering the 144,000 Masters for this mission, This Holy Grail has been linked to those Masters to help them in their mission..

This Grail works on awakening the Masters now, especially after the merging of the Stone with the Grail, and the Masters will continue the task of liberation and after the Liberation...

They (the Masters) are collaborators with the Star seeds in this task...

Those Masters are connected with both two great beings, and the Holy Grail is the symbol of this merging, and they will use it in the right time..



The Moldavite is: the stone of Pleiades and represents the Holy Grail.

The Cintamani is : the stone of Sirius and represents the pieces of the stone that placed on the sides of the Grail


My Answer Via Email on June 12, 2015 on how to activate The Cintamani Stone


As for the stone:

This Cintamani stone is related to the Sirius system, therefore to the Light Network,, and this network has provided much to maintain the purity & the union of the universe , under the will of “One”,, and this stone symbolizes to the removal of all obstacles that prevent the union of the creators who are working for the benefit of the union of this universe under the Light Network, and the network indicates the assembly on one intention & one goal..

As for how to interact with the stone & take advantage of its features to the extreme, here I say:

The stone supports with all its energies when [what is in your inner consciousness is similar to the meanings that the stone contains and symbolizes]...

The stone interact more with frequencies, so try to work more on raising the level of your frequencies through Transcendence your thoughts “this happened through working on your higher purpose and see from a higher perspective “...

Stone interacts with acts more that speech...

To connect with the stone; please do the following steps:

1-Place the stone on your chest {on the heart chakra) while you are lying down., try to feel and merge with the stone’s energy, and see the vision that you want to achieve as achieved to the fullest ,without following your thoughts that tells you how to achieve this success..

2-Place the stone on the palm of your hand, and direct it towards the moon light for 5 minutes at night, and imagine and live Love with the Pleiades community...

3-In the daylight, place the stone on your Ajna chakra “third eye” for 5 minutes, and feel and live Light and peace with the Sirian community...

4-Talk with the stone always as if it is a spirit of the ancestors,,  and imagine  that it is the foundation stone to build the Light Age,, and your mission is to take care of it as a plant, and irrigate it with your unconditional love..

The structure consists of a lot of stones, and the network consists of a lot of connections, so raise your connection with those who have a creative thoughts to form an interaction network to build a civilization,, and with this you will embodied the meaning that the stone contains..

The stone will work on you to be a beacon for others at the time of the event,, and it will be the receiver for the blue pulse… And before the event; this stone will works on cleansing your thoughts & your energies, for you to be prepared at the moment of the event...


Namaste' to all

EM & The blue Solara


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Comment by Kinnar Pandya on February 8, 2016 at 8:29pm

Thank you dear Grace and Siggy :)

Siggy, wow, what an experience! Glad you got it. Love this mysterious ways of how consciousness 'plays' with us :) Of course, the stone has Intelligent Consciousness flowing and it KNOWS what's best for it's Keeper. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing brother!

Comment by Sigbjørn Ørjansen on February 7, 2016 at 11:22am

The mind freaks out. Because the mind likes to know everything, every single details. Whereas the Heart is OK with mystery and the Unknown. In fact, the Heart loves that kind of sh*t ;)

Well said Kinnar! Totally agree with your assessment.

Being a very sensitive person I was very excited to get one myself. It brought up many feelings I thought I had resolved a long time ago. A real thorough cleanser on the deepest level, is what I have experiences.

To a point it "hide" itself from me for a week or so. Guess the stone gave me a break from tough inner work, and probably said something like " I see you need some time off, but will come back soon and then you will feel more pain" Mohahaha.

I am very glad I got one - it enable me to clearer  see good in "bad"


Comment by Mete Sepken on January 24, 2016 at 2:10pm

I m listening you very closely .Enjoying your videos more then words can describe ,Once again Thank you for all what you giving us ..Namaste

Comment by jeffrey cheng on January 23, 2016 at 10:08pm

Thank you very much for this more actionable info including a new information about the cintamani origin , EM and blue solara.

Just one question though, in your statement above:

At a certain stage of the mission, in Venus,[ which called the Shambala Mission], and after gathering the 144,000 Masters for this mission, This Holy Grail has been linked to those Masters to help them in their mission..

This Grail works on awakening the Masters now, especially after the merging of the Stone with the Grail, and the Masters will continue the task of liberation and after the Liberation...

Is it correct to say those who are have a cintamani stone now because they are urged to get one belongs to the 144,000 masters?


Im not sensitive to energies so I never felt anything when I first bought 2 pcs of faceted moldavite stone despite saying that faceted are far more powerful than unfaceted ones by several sources or even the cintamani. 

But I can at least confirm that when you sleep with a moldavite on your forehead/3rd eye (I taped it or use eye mask) you would had vivid dreams and have strong recollection of it even after waking up.

It was method advised by Robert simmons and naisha ahsiam from the book of stone.  however the effect lasted only for 3 consecutive nights for me and for some reason it became irregular.  This advise by EM and blue solara about talking to it like an entity is the first time I ever heard from the spiritual community because its usually just meditate on it, invoke some affirmation and combine it with certain stones for amplifications. 

The only person who I know that talks to crystals/gems like a living being and actually responds back (telepathically) is Adam Garcia from the crystal grid maker in youtube and it would be interesting for him to interact with it and have him post.

I once ask a person to hold my moldavite gem and she instantly felt "lighter" as if some invisible weight that she wasn't even aware of were removed.  I was speculating that a  negative entity may have been kicked out since this stone was known to protect you spiritually (aura/etheric/astral) other than this several of the volunteers i field tested it with have the common "I felt some heat coming from the stone" responses to nothing at all.

As to the cintamani stone, there were two unusual response I heard when I field tested it,

one volunteer felt like the stone has trying to dig/drill its way out of his palm and the other suddenly felt a big thump in his heart ( the person said he had a heart condition) while the rest but not all as some did not feel anything were slight throbbing/pulsating feeling in the palm when grasped.

by the way, did anyone here tried Robert potters suggestion in his website about directing a laser beam to the cintamani ?(from those small portable laser pointer) I tried but I did not feel anything special but that's me because im not sensitive.

Comment by Kinnar Pandya on January 23, 2016 at 2:58pm

Last year I met up with a lady who follows Cobra. She had purchased the Cintamani stone. She gave it to me to see if I feel anything. The moment I hold it in my palms, I felt a sense of Joy and Calmness. And it was only for a couple of minutes. I would love to have one and work with one as soon as things get a bit tolerable financially ;)

This same lady, when she worked with the stone after she bought it, she was greeted with fearful energies. And I told her that perhaps the stone is bringing up all the unresolved and overlooked emotions, hurt, emotional/psychological/mental pain so that she can acknowledge, accept, be aware and make peace with it. But judging from her reaction, I reckon she was having none of it. She was too much of the opinion that "why would such a benevolent thing bring up fear in someone'.

As much as we want to have 'the stone', we need to understand it's not a magic pill. It is NOT going to put you in an elevated state straightaway. We need to go through our Inner Journey to Love and Accept and uncover both the Light and Dark in us. The Stone and Crystal and Mineral Kingdoms are Helpers just like our Inner Earth brothers and Galactic Friends. We might expect to be in a Happy and Joyous State as soon as we touch a stone. But that's not ALWAYS the case.

They will help us by bringing up all the past unresolved history so that we can transmute it and so that there's less chaos and more Harmony inside, less noise and more Silence within. They will help us by making us see and be aware and be honest about the things that we have hidden under the proverbial carpet. They will help us by opening  up the Unknown Unconscious cells.

However, with the way Humans have lived for so long, there's fear and anxiety attached to the word 'Unknown' and the world of Unknown. And so when a stone or a teacher brings up hidden unknown things from within us, we freak out.

The mind freaks out. Because the mind likes to know everything, every single details. Whereas the Heart is OK with mystery and the Unknown. In fact, the Heart loves that kind of sh*t ;)

So we need to get over the mind barrier with a courageous Heart if/when we want to work with such huge amplifiers like crystals and stones and whatnot.


Comment by joseph maria on January 22, 2016 at 11:11pm

wOnderful thAnk yOu sO much

Comment by Karen Kraemer on January 22, 2016 at 9:44pm

They are for sale at this website

They will go fast!

Love - Karen

Comment by Karen Kraemer on January 22, 2016 at 7:20pm

Thank for the article on how to work with the cintamani stone.  When Cobra posted information about the Cintamani stone I knew I needed to work with it.  I sent Cobra an email as they were out of the "free" stones.  I finally heard back from him last summer and he sent me one, it is a very powerful stone, I was so excited to work with it, I waited until evening as I can see energies and I wanted to "see" what the stone's energy looked like. I will say it was not what I expected, I placed it in right palm and an interesting swirl of dark blue and black energies with an interesting geometric pattern formed and started to rise from the stone. Theymoved up my arm towards my heart and I will admit I was a little surprised at the intensity of the energies and how they encompassed me, I really thought the colors would be more of a lighter color. I think my expectations caused me to feel a little uneasy about the energies as it was so different than working with Moldavite.  My Reiki teacher also bought one and she took a picture of it in the light and the whole picture was the same color I saw, dark blue, she was surprised and then took another picture and no energies showed up.  She remembered what I saw when I first received mine.  I was glad to get the confirmation of the color of the energies. 

The stone really does amplify your frequency, whatever that might be.  I have carried it with me until I got a mild cold, beware it does amplify energies and it sure makes you clear any blockages.  I can now handle the stone again after healing and removing the blocks I had. 

I am excited to try what EM suggested in his post on how to work with the stone.  It sure amplifies the Reiki energies when I invoke them with stone in hand.  The 3rd eye chakra work sounds like a fun way to work with the stone as I am visual. Since I can see the Reiki energies  I wonder if I use the stone when healing with Reiki what i might see.  My favorite thing to do at night is find different ways to assist humanity with healing energies, I enjoy sending high frequency energies to every divine being I will now add a boost with the stone.  I also work with galactic energies and they are indescribable beautiful, I channel it all to Gaia first and then share with all.

I would be interested to hear how others have worked with the stone and what they might have experienced.  We are all divine beings of light with different abilities and gifts, I am here to channel high frequency energies to assist humanity and Gaia in the ascension process.  The Cintamani stone is a powerful amplifier.  

Love to all,


Comment by Yukie Dong on January 22, 2016 at 6:19pm

Thank you! EM and Blue Solara! I have two moldavite and has been wearing one as necklace at heart chakra. The other I put on my bed when I sleep. Since I had them I started an amazing spiritual path. I'm very thankful to meet my teachers - the stones. The seller I bought moldavite from had been telling people exactly the same thing. (treat them as teachers, talk to them, heart chakra, third eye etc). He also said moldavites are from a planet called TaNuui (sound), which means wisdom and love. He lives in China and sell moldavite by helping people match with the stones that are compatible with each individual. I had always have special feelings about Pleiadians which I don't know why. Maybe it is from my past, maybe it's the stone, or both. In the last webiner, only when the Pleiadian started talking, I felt something very deep that makes me feel like crying. I'm very thankful to have so many detailed information about the stones from you. Thank you! Also, the two types of stones represent Pleiades and Sirian now makes totally sense to me, since they are the genetic mother and father of human-beings on earth (please correct me if i were wrong).

Comment by Cheryl H. on January 22, 2016 at 4:48pm

ps. thank you Blue Solara as well!

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