Some of the stages of my inner journey with My Master EM Ibrahim through poetic dialogue/ by Feather


I would like to share some   of the stages of my inner journey with my master EM Ibrahim—that are distilled in the wisdom of these words and   paintings.

In this journey I passed  through different stages. When I met physically EM Ibrahim— the wisdom of these stages was revealed.

It was the light that allowed me to know myself and to link all these stages and understand their   outcome.

The Chinese translation was   done by my very good friends— my brother and   sister Dr. Liu and his wife Li Ya.

In the translation Dr. Liu   did not only clothe my words with his tongue but his heart was intertwined   with my words.

I sometimes say,“I had technical problems with the computer— it is in fact the computer that had technical   problems with me.”— so Dr. Liu kindly helped me with the typing.

Dr. Liu and dearest Li Ya— thank you for all your help, love and friendship.

My deepest thanks and infinite   gratitude goes to EM Ibrahim and Lady Blue Flare“Solara”for the exceptional privilege of being in their   circle and in their hearts.


我想与我的导师 EM Ibrahim分享我的几段内心旅程,这些旅程在我诗和画中得以进行智慧提炼。  

在这个旅程中,我经历了几个不同的阶段。直到我遇到EM Ibrhim本人,我几段内心旅程的隐含的智慧才被揭示出来。


汉语译文是由我的好朋友— 我的兄弟姐妹刘博士和他的妻子李娅共同完成的。



我有时说:“我不太会用电脑—事实上电脑给我制造了很多障碍。”— 因此刘博士帮我做了打字的工作。 



我最需要表达忠心感谢和无限感激的人是EM Ibrahim 和 Blue Flare“Solara”女士,因为他们我才得以进入他们的圈子并进行心与心的交流。 


The Mother &The Moon

The Mother  and the Moon

Without memory she looked up to the sky searching for the Moon---waiting for the Moon to whisper its  secrets.

She waited and waited, but  she knew that the answers would only come from the lips of the Moon.

When she looked up in the sky and the Moon was full and bright---she was the saddest.

She knew when the Moon was  in its full shine, the Moon is preparing to go to the darkest corners of the Unknown, and will leave again.

But when the Moon was at a glimpse of its shine---a crescent---she knew that the magic came back in the  skies and that would bring back her smile.

The Moon in its silence, moves the waters creating an ebb and flow, like clockwork ,also regulating the cycles of the womb to make both land and woman fertile.

In the first chapter of the chosen son---the Moon shone its light on a play that symbolized the father,   the son and the Holy Ghost. 

Many, many years passed.

The story in the final  chapter also included a chosen son that would unite those of the dark and  light as One !.

But the Moon changed the  script from playing out the drama in human form, to creating the necessary  collective consciousness needed to create the outcome of Oneness.

What the first chapter had in common with the final chapter;  both mothers carried a beam from the Moon.

The Moon is a symbol of one that has so many names.

But The Moon is his earth name.

He is not from out, he is from in; from the in, he journeyed out till he reached the darkest point in the universe.

His main mission is to heal  what cannot be healed, cannot be touched---heal the entity that carried so much pain.

He succeeded because his consciousness  was deep to the extreme.

With this anomaly healed all the universe restored its harmony.

The Moon now will become  ready to wear his blue dark original robes and  journey to the beach of oneness we call Thirteen.

What of the mother who had  a story with the Moon? She aligned her beam with the light of the Moon.


Ma Hua


Translated from English to   Chinese by Jingtao Liu

心 无 杂 念,抬 头 仰 望 星 空 寻 觅 月 亮,期 待 月 亮 能 悄 悄 诉 说 她 的 秘 密。 

她 等 啊 等 啊,她 知 道 只 有 月 亮 才 能 道 出 答 案。 


看 星 空 之 上,一 轮 满 月,皓 皓 当 空,这 是 她 最 伤 心 的 时 候。

因 为 她 知 道,当 月 亮 极 尽 圆 满、明 亮 之 时,也 是 她 开 始 走 向 未 知 的 黑 暗,又 将 离 去 之 时。


但 是,当 月 亮 瞥 见 一 弯 新 月 的 光芒,她 意 识 到 “魔 法”又 要 显 现 在 天 空,带 回 她 的 笑 脸。 

月 亮 默 默 地 运 水 造 出潮 涨 潮 落,就 如时 钟 调 节 孕 育 周 期,让 大 地 繁 茂、女 人 生 养。 


在受 选 之 子故事之处 ---月亮将光投照在有父亲、儿子和圣灵象征的剧本之上。 


很 多 年 过 去 了。 

故 事 的 末 尾 也 有 一 个 受 选 之 子,他 要 将黑 暗 与 光 明 合 二 为 一。


但 是,月 亮 改 变 了 故 事 脚 本,不 再 扮 演 人 类,以 期 获 得 必 需 的“集 体 意 识”来 创造 合 一 之 境。 


第 一 部 分 和 最 后 一 部 分 共有的一个特征就是,两个母亲都有一束来自月亮的光。


月 亮 是 很 多 事 物 的 象 征,但 是 “月亮”是 他 的 本 名。

他 是 来 自 内 源 而 非 外源。自 内 而 外 行,他 达 到 了 宇 宙 最 黑 暗 之 端。


他 的 主 要 使 命 是 愈 所 不 能 治、不 可 触,疗所 有 饱 受 痛 苦 之 体。



由 病 而 治,整 个 宇 宙 将 回 归 和 谐。


月亮 现 在 准 备 穿 上 他 最初那件深蓝 袍子,奔 向 “ 唯 一 之 滩”----我 们 称 之 为 十三.


母 亲 与 月 亮 的 故 事 会 如 何, 她 将她的光与月亮之光并行。






The Cloud With a Silver Lining


The Cloud With a Silver Lining

Once upon a time there was a cloud with a silver   lining with a feather on her chest-riding on a yellow carpet rolled with all   that she owned.

She did not see her silver lining –she thought she   was only an ordinary cloud.


Her size was very small compared to the love she   carried in her heart to the one we now call the new”“Father of All”.


She had only her love as a compass and winds and   winds of courage to reach.

She knew the journey was very long and very deep   but she was determined to reach.

As in one of her lives, the one who would be   the new“Father of All” rained a drop of his love to all- on the heart of   this little cloud.

So a strange thing happened- the soul of this   cloud was lit with the love of the one who would be the new” Father of all”.

In the hierarchy of dimensions   and realm of Kingdoms   one would have thought that there would not be a place for this little cloud…

In her journey to connect, she passed an eagle that soared who said- you cannot   pass.! But the little cloud in a skip that was powered by the sparkle in his   eyes- passed.

As the journey continued – a breath of fire from a   dragon nearly touched her side-despite the fear in her heart- she stood tall   looking the dragon in the   eyes.

The nostrils of the dragon expanded as he swayed   his tail right and left- this is no place for you- we are the guardians of   the Lords. What is your business here? The cloud said: the Lord is in my   heart- with these words a rainbow appeared and bridged the passage of the   cloud.

With that a strange thing happened- the body of   the cloud disappeared-she was transformed to a shining white feather with a   silver lining- her yellow carpet transformed into a golden ray- that as an   arrow sent the white feather with a silver lining to the foot of an old Tree. The feather   fluttered and asked where am I? The Tree answered with a deep voice- the wind   blew you here- you are in the land of wisdom.



Your courage helped you overcome the obstacles of   the land- but to soar in the skies- your consciousness has to expand

Without consciousness you cannot pass these gates-   these are invisible gates that are opened only when you peel the leaves of   the unconscious cells to see the flower of your consciousness bloom.

The white feather with a silver lining sat by the   old Tree day after day drinking from the fountain of her wisdom.

The lessons took many turns and had many masks.

As the feather developed little by little a spine   – there was more of a match between the feather and the Tree- meaning she would   sometimes be able to throw the ball back.

On one occasion the Tree offered a gift to feather   which brought both a tear and a smile

The smile was because the gifts that were given by   the Tree were special and many- that they spilled out of the arms of the   feather. 

The tear was because the Tree did not see that the   feather did not live there any more- it was no longer a feather nor of the   feather kind.

Of course the Tree knew that but it waited for the   feather to have the   “knowing”.

To take a few steps back-something extraordinary   happened- the feather had always loved the Tree but now the Tree also loved   the feather.

To continue the story new faces were revealed as   other levels of consciousness were achieved.

The story continued till the one once called   feather with a silver lining – as a pond of purity stayed keeping company to   the Lords of the Throne.

In the realm of the Primer- it is not about the   outer it is about the in.

  Ma Hua


Translated from English to Chinese by Jingtao Liu


















紧接着,奇事又发生了。云朵的身体消失了,他变成了一支镶着银边闪闪发光的羽毛— 他的黄毡变成了一道金色的光束— 就像一支箭将镶着金边的羽毛射向了一棵古树脚下。羽毛来回摆动问道:“我在哪儿?”古树用低沉的声音回答到:“是风儿将你吹到这儿— 你已来到智慧之地。”



你的勇气帮你客服了陆地上的障碍— 但是要升上天空,你的意识必须要扩展开来。

没有意识你不可能通过这些门— 只有当你剥去无意识细胞的花瓣看到意识之花盛开之时,这些隐形门才会打开。









哭是因为古树没有注意到羽毛远不存在在那里了— 他不在是一支羽毛,甚至不属于羽毛一类了。


追溯以往— 令人惊奇的事情发生了— 羽毛本就爱着古树,现在古树也爱着羽毛。










  I supported my poetic dialogue with those paintings which I painted

First painting:  
" father of all"  {front}

 " father of all" {back}

Second Painting:

  " Solara-the keeper of Galaxies(front)

  " Solara-the keeper of Galaxies(back)


Third Painting:

" The birth of the new moon" (front)

"The birth of the new moon" (back)




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Comment by Feather on September 16, 2015 at 10:55pm

Thank you again. Thank you...

Comment by Deborah on September 16, 2015 at 2:26am


Consider me a very happy Fairy Godmother coming into your world to sprinkle delight and whimsy..pure joy and love that has no bounds! I even have real POINTED EARS!! :) I look forward to hearing more from you. (sprinkling has commenced!) Love and fairy light.. Deborah

Comment by Feather on September 16, 2015 at 1:40am

Deborah hi - the message that I sent earlier on was sent before I finished it. I meant to add ' Thank you Deborah thank you very much'

Comment by Feather on September 15, 2015 at 7:49pm
Dear Deborah,
Thank you for your gift of love - it made my day. I wanted to respond sooner but I was not able to. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me and I am happy that my words touched your heart - as your words mine.
You also gave me another gift - you used the word " sprinkle" which I associate with" pixie dust" and I so love "magic"
Comment by Deborah on September 14, 2015 at 3:01am


I was traveling when you posted this and wanted to share how deeply this touched my heart. I just wanted to sprinkle a little bit of love your way and thank you for these lovely posts. 

Namaste' Deborah

Comment by Feather on September 10, 2015 at 10:29pm

Master your words are not Chinese but they are very difficult to understand.

These are words that carry a very deep consciousness- so we will attempt to translate them for our own comprehension.

1. The sun - the light is victorious after the night- dark is no longer

2. The moon is supreme in the sky in the most difficult moments

3. The moon is a source of hope - a symbol of good omen after trying- difficult times.

4. The carriers of the beam of the moon - are the one's carrying the mission of the moon - his soldiers. These carriers of the beam benefit from the moon's enlightenment on condition that they out picture-activate the consciousness of the moon that is embodied in the beam that they carry and that they realize the very strong connection that the beam has to it's source( the moon) . 

In simple language when we see the day light and the clarity -it is the moon that has worked on solving the mysteries of the night(the problems)  - it is the moon who has healed  the darkness in our hearts.

For the instruments of the moon - his warriors- the carriers of his beam - they will benefit from his beam as long as they succeed in embodying the beam's consciousness. And understanding that the beam,s connection to the moon. So if the carrier of the beam does not align their beam to the light of the moon - the beam will return to it,s source.

We hope we have done justice to your words and to your beam with our still growing consciousness. 


Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on September 10, 2015 at 12:47pm

Sunlight prevails the daytime after the night is gone...

Moonlight mediates the sky in the darkest night...

Moonlight represents hope in the brightness of the light after dark... 

The Warriors under the moonlight are carrying the moon’s beam

The Moon always working on decoding the desolation of the night from their hearts, as long as they realize the consciousness of the beam, and the strength of its connection with the moon...

My love & peace to you feather


Comment by Feather on September 9, 2015 at 11:04pm

Thank you 'Golden heart' -we see that your spirit is truly golden...much love and blessings

Comment by Feather on September 9, 2015 at 10:10pm

Lady Blue Flare 'Solara' - Namaste to you...  we bow our head in utmost humility.You are our precious' Source of Freedom' our beloved 'Solara'. -What you have just sent brought a big smile and a continuous surge of deep feelings and a very strong connection that goes very deep in the heart. You gave me the face of reverence as well as the magic of the 'Tree and the cloud' - and in your sun we shine.

Please accept my deepest love to you - the one that brings tears to the eyes.


Comment by The Golden Heart on September 9, 2015 at 8:48pm

You took me on a beautiful journey, your words were so touching it was unbelievable!! I felt every word and each one has its energy and story and how you put it together was magnificent and magical really. the paintings are so beautiful and together they told a unique story. I love it !! What a beautiful moment..thank you Feather for sharing a part of your inner journey with the enlightened master.

Lots of Love.

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