The Record of the Webinar-The latest developments that lead to the event by EM & BF

 We had done this webinar online last Tuesday 22nd of Sept.2015, and this is the record of it.. we hope you enjoy it .. 


Enlightened Master & Blue Flare

Here are  spotlights  written by beloved friend Grace on 29th of Sept.2015  " the owner of .. 

We are grateful to our beloved Grace for her great efforts to make it  readable to many, and make it almost transcript in beautiful understandable  points ...Namaste' Grace

please click on this link to read those spotlight  (The Latest Developments that Lead to The Event) at her BlogSpot..


 you can read them here as stated in her blog:

The Latest Developments that  Lead to The Event ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Flare ~ 28 September 2015

What timing! I had just referenced this in my post  last night, and now here's the recording. Fabulous! I will need to go through it  again and definitely will add notes for reference purposes, so I'll be back  later.
2:40 hours of update and guidance. I've attended many webinars  throughout the years, and this is easily one of the best yet! If you like seeing  the bigger picture and understanding our situation from the Cosmic perspective,  then you would certainly enjoy this webinar.

As I mentioned in the  previous post, this webinar contains information about healing of the Cosmic  Anomaly (I'm still elated about this, after hearing it for more than a week!),  as well as confirmation from EM that Lucifer is now working for the Light, and  Satan is no longer in the picture. Lots of development in the unseen realms that  directly impact this physical one. More notes to follow.

Please head over to The World of Truth for the  video.

Here are the points covered, as provided: • Our inner  journey & Healing the anomaly • The reconnection between the Source (One) & the quarantine region..! • The current situation of the veil... •  Implants & Chimera Group • The Event… • The Power of the Metaphysic on  the Physic in evoking the Event !! • At this stage , what we should do  ?
Some notes:
  • Inner Journey of increasing consciousness, awareness, vibrations, connection  with Source
  • Private inner journey ~ connecting with Heart Chakra and Essence, other  dimensions and Higher Councils
  • We all originate from Inner Realm
  • Healing the Cosmic Anomaly over period of 3 months, intensively (June, July,  August) ~ anomaly charges and supports Plasma Plane, Chimera and implant  stations
  • This anomaly was a mystery (unknown); it was formed when script of Tree of  life for region went awry and got corrupted during the First Creation (similar  to what the El Ser Uno books reveal; also interesting to note that in  Silmarillion by Tolkien, the "anomaly" was created when one of the creators sang  disharmoniously when creating, thereby corrupting his creation; the anomaly also  called "virus" by other sources )
  • Millions of years ago, group of Light Beings including Arch Angels explored  the region in attempt to heal it while it was still in dormant state, this  resulted in fluctuations that corrupted their Spirit and Essence (and presumably  region was activated); Primer became disconnected from region when it became  active
  • One of them used technology to build up the region, this is the Plasma  Plane
  • Anomaly is like death door or "recycling" centre, where it will absorb Light  Beings who venture near it, even Beings from 12D
  • Stumbling block of anomaly is that healing could only be carried out by pure  consciousness; previous attempts failed when Light Beings were absorbed and  became corrupted themselves
  • Healing eventually successfully carried out by Avatara and Dark Blue  Merkaba, who are descended from the Divine Oneness/Primer
  • Anomaly returned to dormant state in July, read for seeds of new life
  • Pure consciousness cells were planted in anomaly, to contain corrupted  script of creation; these cells are from beyond this Universe, from before its  creation even
  • Blue Pulse was passed through anomaly successfully as a test 
  • Last stage of healing (Level 4)) will take place at time of The  Event
  • Anomaly contained billions of years of negativity, since time of First  Creation
  • Preparation for this recent plan of healing took 100,000s years
  • Level 4: region of this anomaly will be point of reset for entire Milky  Way
  • Plasma Plane and Chimera Group need to be removed and Inner Realm portals  opened before this happens..
  • Reason why the Avatara, assisted by many Light Beings and its Dark Blue  Merkaba, able to successfully and finally heal anomaly is because the Avatara  originated from beyond this Universe and therefore has experiences beyond those  here, and now is the embodiment of consciousness of Lord Brahma (Creator of  Universe) and Para Brahma (Supreme Brahma) from Central Sun, under patronage of  the Oneness (please see EM's posts here and here for more clarity and info)..

  •  Cosmic Anomaly situated in Nebadon; it is "dead", devoid of Spirit (that's  where we are, Nebadon, dark anti-matter Universe; On = Light Universe,  non-physical)

  • Originally, healing was planned to pause when anomaly reached dormant state,  but healing continued beyond this stage successfully ~ this enabled seeds of  Life to be planted in heart anomaly, and Source could connect with it for the first time since Creation on 31  August

  • Also for the first time, a Soul is being "birthed" in this region, like a  new moon

  • Source knew everything about this anomaly prior to this connection, but had  no "power" over it, until now (THIS IS HUGE!!) Now  able to edit/correct the script (!!!!)

  • Also for individuals, able to connect with Source through Heart Chakra!

34-minute mark

  • Next 4 stages: 1.Removal of dark entities  2.Removal of veil tech   3.Disclosure  4.Event....   We are now between stage 2 &  3
  • With Source reconnecting back to anomaly, processes now accelerated, the  dark now in fear of Source's influence
  • Veil cannot be removed 100% before The Event, Humanity would be at risk;  Disclosure must occur first
  • 37 - 61% removal at second stage, we have reached 58%, allowing for much  Intel to surface
  • How does Source's connection to  region affect Chimera and implant stations? Prior to this, they had  threatened to harm Humanity if Light Forces tried to get info from Source;  however, no Plasma Plane very weak (since no longer charged by anomaly), and  Light Forces now have intel they need, not much of dark's tech functioning
  • Not possible for bombs to be  deactivated or implant stations or other tech to be removed just like that  because doing so will impact Humanity, which at present is still at a lower  vibration and therefore would be chaotic for Souls to handle
  • We are supposed to ease into The Event smoothly, and therefore chaos should  be avoided
  • Currently 24% Souls awakened
  • Now everything will accelerate ~ including for Earth, Terra, Gaia,  Sophia
  • ALL levels of consciousness are involved in The Event ~ Star races, Council,  Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Dark Beings, Planets, Politicians, Military,  other dimensions etc. so this is an extremely complex situation.....Also  Humanity still not ready. So that's why The Event cannot happen now
  • Many humans still support this domination and control system, so even if all  negative beings are removed, this process will not be supported by these humans,  thereby adversely impacting The Event
  • We also need to start freeing ourselves from all the control systems; to  free our minds from 3D programming and mind-control
  • Therefore, our awakening as a Human  Race is a deciding factor also..

47-minute mark

  • Timeframe for The Event ~ planned to occur 2012-2017; every day is dynamic  so every day affects the timing; but remember that things have accelerated
  • By 2024, plan is to have everything Post-Event completed ~ total cleansing,  awakening, financial, technology etc..
  • Situation now very critical, reaching the final stage


  •  We need to balance between Electric/Magnetic, Feminine/Masculine; need  to increase our belief in The Event to increase magnetic (magnetic = emotions,  electric = thoughts) instead of focusing on physical or just waiting; increased  belief accelerates the manifestation, not concentrating on the physical
  • Need to connect with higher states of being to increase vibrations, need to  connect with Higher Self
  • Waiting for Event to occur means  waiting for "approval", meaning waiting for something external to give us a  better life without us doing anything about it first. So, step into the  Sovereignty of your own Free Will and become the co-Creator of your  reality
  • We come from the very Essence of Creator, we have rich "spiritual accounts"  that we can tap into, instead of operating from a lower reality and accessing  only a fraction of what we actually have
  • (That is, what we want from The Event, we already "have" (abundance, higher  capabilities etc. and we just need to connect to our higher "thinking" to  catalyse the trigger of The Event. Said differently, all physical manifestations  are created first in the non-physical realms before "descending" into the  physical, so strengthening our believe in The Event and even visualising that we  "are" already what we "want", as Cobra has suggested, would make a huge  difference....and I hope I'm helping instead of hindering understanding!)
  • Present physical state = electric and masculine, disconnects us from Higher  Self and higher dimensions
  • Magnetic descends to Feminine Divine descends to Woman descends to Female;  Masculine descends to Man descends to Male; we are therefore at the lowest level  i.e. Female/Male i.e. 2-strand DNA
  • We need to reach stage of Oneness ~ Feminine and Masculine merging and in  balance ~ then we end the Hologram and manifest miracles


1:02-hour mark

  • Archons big intelligent plan to enslave Humanity ~ disconnect us from  Feminine and Magnetic, install practices to worship them, create quarantine  etc
  • So.....we need our own big intelligent plan to free ourselves!
  • EM beseeches us to empower ourselves, don't just wait! Analogy of our  "Throne" ~ if we sit in our own throne (i.e. own our Sovereignty) then Archons  cannot sit in it! Archons work very very hard to control us, Light Beings work  very very hard to resolve this situation, but we ourselves need to do our  part
  • Archons know Laws of Karma, Laws of Universe, and how to corrupt us because  they worked hard to know them
  • As long as we make the effort to help ourselves, no matter how small the  gesture, we will make a huge difference..

Interval at 1:06  hour 

  • Financial almost 90% completed, Disclosure files ready to launch but need to  remove Veil, plasma plane and dark entities first; Mass awakening of Humanity is  still major factor 
  • Plasma plane is essence of corruption, they themselves don't know how to  remove it; it needs to be re-scripted, which is occurring

Situation is in our  hands

  • This reset will affect EVERYTHING, going back to the creation of this  Universe
  • Connecting with our Higher Self is key to operating from higher  perspective
  • Act, not re-act; experience everything as if it's the first time guided by  Higher Self (higher perspective), not based on what external forces (society,  religion...all mind-controls) dictate
  • Goals and purpose related to mind, forces us to look at long-term (where our  energy will leak to) and therefore robs us of "Now" moment so we don't get to  utilise all the creation energies that's available for us at the present  time
  • Meaning related to Heart; live Life in a way that's meaningful
  • Meditation is not technique, it is presence and meaning, connection with our  Higher Self; also doesn't depend on how long 
  • We need to "activate what we know in physical reality" i.e. Master within  and Master without (I think, "walk our talk")
  • Disconnecting from belief systems of Matrix will help us to recover our  memories and strengthen connection to higher realms
  • Law of Karma (created by Archons) is NOT Law of Universe; disconnecting from  Karma and reconnecting with Law of Universe will remove us from  Karma

Q&A at 1:29 hour  mark
  • When we become fully conscious Beings after Ascension and Light Body process,  we will be able to access our full capabilities
  • 40% of Beings incarnated here on Earth come from the multi-dimensional  realms
  • Difference between Karma and Law of Cause & Effect ~ Karma based on  punishment/reward, it's a "trick" to control us; Law of Cause & Effect is  based on consequences, results and experiences...
  • Cosmic anomaly located in the Orion system of Nebadon (our anti-matter dark  Universe) 
  • No specific event or mass ascension in September, but there will be a lot of  accelerated development, this may lead to The Event shortly
  • The 28 September Blood Moon "meme" is based on old timeline, we are now on  the new timeline
  • How to be free of mind-control system? Accessing our subconscious and asking  if our beliefs come from the system, or is it truly our own? We cannot be  influenced by Archon deception if we have our own belief system; each time we  raise our vibrations, we re-examine and re-edit our beliefs to align with our  new consciousness levels, eg. beliefs when we are in 5D will go through  re-editing when we go to 8D etc
  • "We need the Master to be in the dark areas in order to enlighten it" ~  analogy: we don't need to switch on light when it's daytime and bright, but when  it gets dark then we need the light. Masters of old used to retire to solitary  places to raise their vibrations without being impacted by humans around them,  but this time, we have to do it while in the midst of Humanity so that we can  assist in spreading the Light; this will contribute towards Collective  Consciousness
  • Question about finance (at 1:49 hour mark, better that you listen to EM  directly if you wish to fully understand what he's saying) ~ he has lost  interest in working and living on borrowed money. Answer: learning to deal with  financial system without falling into domination system traps and controls. We  need to insert ourselves into situation(to resolve our problems) and then  refuse/delete all traps of domination system while we are dealing with the  system when creating a resolution. Analogy ~ if we don't wish to fall into dark  ocean, we need to swim. This requires higher consciousness thinking.  Unfortunately, we are not in "heaven" yet, so at this current interim period, we  still need to deal with the darkness but to be careful, community support from  fellow LWs important (my opinion, we cannot say we don't want to go into the  dark ocean.....yet...), so we need to deal with domination system, not be under  it
  • In order to help others around us health-wise and psychologically, we need  to purify our inner bodies and not be emotional, having gained emotional wisdom  from our experiences; therefore, using Heart-centred intelligence, acting not  re-acting and mentally removed from domination system; sometimes just our  presence and wisdom is needed, but be cautious of people who seek to corrupt in  the guise of requiring "assistance"
  • M Keshe's prediction of major earthquake on west coast of USA, based on old  timeline; many channelers and others still not connected to new timeline, which  began in May; no major disasters, however we are now in midst of MPR (magnetic  pole reversal) that would result in much less disastrous Earth changes, about  13% globally over few years (now currently at 9.7%); some predictions are  actually from tapping into Atlantean memories (subconscious memory)
  • Lucifer now aligned with Light in 2012, returned to Arch Angel status after  his "cleansing" from 2010; Satan taken back to Central Sun as he had gone beyond  his "mission" and had turned black and his Essences had to be re-set
  • Almost all Archons also sent to Central Sun.. continue reading the whole highlights ,  please click on the following link:
(The Latest Developments that Lead to The Event)...


by Grace


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Comment by Varsha Pandya on October 31, 2015 at 1:47pm
Thank you BF :) Much love x x x
Comment by Blue Solara .. Site Manager on October 27, 2015 at 11:36am

Dear Varsha,

I added your questions to the list of Q, and we will answer them in the next webinar..

Namaste with love..

Comment by Varsha Pandya on October 19, 2015 at 11:20pm

Dear EM 

There are many assumptions about the meaning of being awakened and levels of consciousness.

I would really appreciate if you can give more clarity about:

  1. What is Awakening and levels of consciousness?
  2.  '24% souls are awakened' - what does it mean?
  3. Who are a part of this 24%?

 Many thanks and lots of love xxx

Comment by Diana L Bliss I Elfso on October 9, 2015 at 8:39pm

Dear Master there are some videos to listen to hope these help Simon Parker on ethuic implants and shields against mind control these are going into the things you are talking about shots keeping you from getting sick of these shots are placed DNA and other things in them and they are to  control  and programing and  to programed and other ways

Comment by Diana L Bliss I Elfso on October 9, 2015 at 3:57pm

Be careful all the dark one want you to think this for this is the way to put them down I was of this you are lead to think but all is in hand for they are to think they get away with things ones was put here they came and went so when the channeling happened it was right but the times when they were not here the right ones it was a play at played itself out do you understand? for it was  Play to play itself out they are put away these one it was almost two years  they played the game it was to be this way so they be gone  50% are gone there are others so be careful ones for this is the big test of I Am that I AM  I am recovering from this  I have to heal to so there is so much work that will need done this is how i try to keep going ask and you will have the way  be light this is how I have made it for this was a big test for me to warriors of light keep going thank you for all the messages Lady Elfso

Comment by Varsha Pandya on October 9, 2015 at 2:30pm

Deeply appreciate your efforts Grace.

Much love, fulfilment, blessings and more always xxx

Comment by Zen Chen on October 9, 2015 at 7:43am
Comment by Camilo A on October 4, 2015 at 1:24am

Thank you very much!!!

Comment by Feather on October 3, 2015 at 10:09pm

Dearest Grace thank you so much for this very valuable transcript of the webinar and for this great effort.T


Comment by Feather on October 3, 2015 at 9:58pm

Thank you EM Ibrahim and Blue Flare - Solara for doing the most extraordinary things  ...and yet making time to guide us , illuminate and quench our thirst.Of course our words of gratitude are only the tip of the ice burg of our love to you both.


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