Consciousness Levels / written by the Enlightened Master on August 24th, 2013


 Consciousness Levels

Levels of consciousness for human beings on this earth 


 First level:

- To any Dimension he belongs Third Dimension

- The level of activation of the Sub- conscious bodies “inner bodies”: 
ysical, etheric and astral .

- Category:  asleep, immature on the emotional & mental level.

- The level of consciousness: Ground

- His position of Light & Dark: Black and White 

Some of the characteristics of his consciousness:

  • Dreamer
  • Live Duality
  • Believes in  permitted & forbidden
  • Believes in religions, even if not complied with.
  • Sees from one angle
  • his provisions influenced by his emotions
  • Delights from sight, hearing, body and emotions “positively or negatively from all what we mentioned”..
  • He doesn’t use mental BUT brain.
  • The world “from his point of view is “ Black & White
  • Afraid of the unknown
  • Arguer , tend to aseptic argue
  • Judged on others
  • Most of his pains are “ physically & emotionally “
  • Loves himself more than others.
  • speaks more than listen
  • always at war with himself
  • tends to be aggressive, and sometimes be calm and isolated
  • loves so much “ Gray Area”
  • inflexible
  • Likes to stay in Box…


Second level:

- To any dimension he belongs:  Fourth Dimension

- The level of activation of the Sub- conscious bodies “inner bodies”:
  Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental

- Category:   Asleep in the way of awakening, mature on an emotional level Not mental

- The level of consciousness:  Planetary

- His position of Light & Dark:  Good & Bad

Some of the characteristics of his consciousness:

  • Loves reading
  • Loves conversation
  • Tries analysis and conclusion
  • Tends to be nervous
  • In control of his emotions
  • Delights from sight, hearing, his body, his emotions and his mind “positively or negatively from all what we mentioned”...
  • Sees from more than one angle
  • Responsible for himself and does not depend on others
  • Accompanied by Ego , wherever he goes
  • Uses guile in the criticism of others
  • Diplomat
  • Flexibility : according to his mood
  • He has an intellectual pattern
  • Constant search for answers to his questions
  • Likes to head the assemblies
  • His emotion “indoor” , he has fear to show emotion
  • A lot of research and exploration for information..
  • Likes to get out of the Box.


 Third Level:

- To any dimension he belongs:  5th & 6th Dimension

- The level of activation of the Sub- conscious bodies “inner bodies”:
   Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and Wisdom…

- CategoryConscious person, mature on an Emotional & Mental level

- The level of consciousness:  Star Nation

- His position of Light & DarkLight

- His Title: Spiritual Master..

Some of the characteristics of his consciousness:

  • Sees things from more than one angle
  • Flexible beyond the border
  • Loves himself and others around him
  • Has the solutions to most of his problems and to others around him
  • He is a reference for others.
  • He is your support in rough time
  • He is a light in the darkness
  • Sees no right , no wrong but experiences..
  • A lot of  research and exploration for knowledge
  • He has strong contact with the source of creation
  • He is a king on his inner kingdom
  • Very organized and precise
  • Very Brave and Bold
  • Derives the science from the consciousness
  • Feels the angelic realm around him
  • Sees a lot of real visions in his dream
  • Wise when advice
  • In control of his emotions and mind
  • Goes far beyond the borders of mind
  • Meditating a lot
  • His ability to contain others is great.
  • Contains a lot of rare science in many scientific fields
  • great in communication with his aura and chakras
  • He Exercises “astral travel” Astral projection..
  • Other worlds are sitting and listening to him without being aware of
  • He has a strong third eye
  • he is at the beginning of the multi-dimensional sciences
  • Sees the ends of things before they start
  • Has a very powerful insight
  • Knows about other worlds, but has no experience with them
  • Feel unconditional love sometimes
  • Has some experience on { LBP, Light body process }
  • Prepare himself for channeling
  • little remembering of (who I am? ” I am presence “ , as a spiritual multi-dimensional being }


 Fourth Level:

- To any dimension he belongs:  7th, 8th, 9th Dimension

- The level of activation of the Sub- conscious bodies “inner bodies”:
  Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Wisdom and the will inner body..

- Category:   conscious person, mature on an Emotional, Mental level and he has the wisdom...

- The level of consciousness:  Galactic

- His position of Light & Dark:  Light & Dark together

- His Title: Ascended Master

Some of the characteristics of his consciousness:

  • Dark and light are his paths to the source.
  • Summarizes wisdom in two lines OR small story
  • Sees from outside the Circle
  •  Behind his eye “ Dimensions”
  • Flexible to the max
  • Multi-Intellectual styles
  • Meeting with other worlds.
  • He is a real channel
  • A friend to the angelic realm
  • Companion with archangel
  • Helps earth in building New crystal Grid Lines
  • He completes his experiences on (LBP –Light Body Process)
  • Sees with all his being “ fourth eye”
  • Delights in consciousness
  • Sighting beyond material things
  • Helps many of those around him without knowing so { energetic }
  • Master in managing his aura and chakras and the method to use both
  • Not teach the people of this planet only , but also of other planets
  • He meets with many of the people of the other dimensions
  • Knows the wisdom of the reasons for the creation
  • Very outspoken...
  • Takes you to safe haven through the science of Light & Darkness together...
  •  His light body is completed, also the ascension, but delay his transformation to help his brothers.
  • In-depth in multi-dimensional sciences
  • Has high morals, and does not believe in judging others even if they deserve it
  • His emotion, mind, and wisdom do not limit him, because he rested in the cradle of consciousness.
  • Sees the past and the probabilities of the future
  • Experts in consciousness and dimensions
  • Dealings with unconditional love
  • Everyone around him is his friend...
  • Clearly remembering of (who I am? ” I am presence “ , as a spiritual multi-dimensional being }


 Fifth Level:

To any dimension he belongs:  10th, 11th, 12th Dimension

The level of activation of the Sub- conscious bodies “inner bodies”:
  Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Wisdom, will and enlightenment...

Category:  From the elite, mature on an Emotional, Mental level, he has the wisdom and full consciousness...

The level of consciousness:  cosmic

His position of Light & Dark:  oneness

His Title: Enlightened

Some of the characteristics of his consciousness:

  • Has all of the above features about “ the Ascended Master”
  • Featuring in oneness science
  • He is the drop which returned to the ocean of consciousness and unite with
  • His slogan is { one for all and all for one }
  • beyond his self and higher-self
  • Cosmic master of many dimensions
  • Mirror to all creation
  • Friend to archangels
  • Moves between dimensions through his consciousness
  • sends his consciousness inside anything
  • In harmony with every drop of God’s consciousness that placed in everything
  • Modest , does not reveal his secrets to anyone
  • loves the Creator only, and adores everything for him
  • his heart inhabited just by the Prime-Creator
  • completes his experiences on { CBP – crystal body process }
  • his crystal body is completed and waits for  the transformation
  • left his Will to the Will of the Prime Creator
  • his work more than his talk
  • More aware of Prime Creator...
  • Almost full remembering of (who I am? ” I am presence “ , as a spiritual multi-dimensional being }


There are more levels after that, not easy to address them….

I wrote this topic under the desire of many people who want to know the difference between the categories of consciousness..


Love & Peace

Written by / the Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan

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Comment by Farah on August 27, 2013 at 9:38pm
It is always good to know where you stand so that you could better live in the moment and know where you're headed. Thank you very much dear master for explaining the journey that our souls are meant to make, for sooner or later all the roads lead to uniting with the Divine.
Comment by Diana L Bliss I Elfso on August 26, 2013 at 4:54pm

Thank You again I have reread the message What is happening to me it like it is there and I have to keep focusing on what is happening. I have a way that it has to be told to me over and over then it comes to awareness. this is how my thinking does this is how I would do like in school. It doesn't come about the first time. It take me time to take it in.  do you understand?  so I will work to get there Thank You again for everything We are so Blessed I Elfso  

Comment by Silver Moon on August 26, 2013 at 2:28am
Thank you Enlightened Master for this detailed description of consciousness categories. I have read it twice, the first time I couldn't read further than my level - as I was already dealing with dark spots inside me, which were enlightened by the energies coming through the gate - so tonight after a deep meditation, I read it again and I continued reading all levels and I felt joy when I noticed having certain features from higher levels. I believe that if I read this tomorrow or in the coming days I will find even more features in common, I am glad that I am going through a continuing process of awareness in which I can see clearer and clearer everyday. Literally ...
Much love and appreciation to you
Comment by The Golden Heart on August 25, 2013 at 6:11pm

Thank you EM for explaining the reason behind what i felt. I felt your energy behind every word..

Lots of Love

Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on August 25, 2013 at 5:18pm

Greetings White Dragon, 

Thank you for your kind words that reflected the inner essence of you..

It is natural that the levels of consciousness interfere with each other, because the inner bodies and the chakras interact with each other as a single unit, where they all represent our consciousness...

And it is natural for us to be in a certain level of consciousness and believe that there are some qualities of the higher levels with us, this indicates that a particular “inner body” of our inner bodies and its own chakra interact more than the rest of the inner bodies and their chakras, and when we reach the 4th and 5th levels of consciousness, here all our inner bodies interact and be in harmony with each other in the same power to get to the truth of Oneness..


Comment by Diana L Bliss I Elfso on August 25, 2013 at 5:07pm

I want to say that An Enlighten Master is going into A Ascend Master we have to become Enlighten first this was told by Jesus I was asking what the different s  was. and other thing ask Jesus to give you control of your emotional  gate because you are told you don't have control on a subconscious or on a conscious level  He said we all need this help great healing in your life everyone I Elfso

Comment by The Golden Heart on August 25, 2013 at 2:12pm

I thank you for sharing this precise message, i think that it is graceful of you to let us know each level and the features so that we can individually know. I saw many features that describe who i am. Even in the same level, some features i do have and others i do not. But what i do realize that i have seen some of the features of the higher levels in me, even if they are just one characteristic or even a small part if it, i see this as a gift and an opportunity that i can reach the ascended master and the enlightened master and beyond one day.. 

EM it lit my heart when i saw the features of the 5th level because i saw you, and i really respect and love that you have taken this path and you are here. Thank you this message, it gave me joy to be able to read through it all and see where i stand.

Love & Light

Comment by Diana L Bliss I Elfso on August 25, 2013 at 12:44am

Jesus just gave me control of the gate of my emotions. I have chose now how or when the gate is open or closed. know He makes no  judgments. so know anyone may find salvation If there heart is right He looks at the heart and he see's You said it go's in stages All man will have karma for the wrong this they do. but God is a patient God and He has great love for Us It is in the Book of Life We must do our best know He understands Us. our hurts being lost or anything. We are able to do this because Our Lord Jesus was the sacrificial Lamb to pay our way this is done. go forward fight the fight stay on the path and love to you all great ascension to you all!  I am Elfso 

Comment by Feather on August 24, 2013 at 11:34pm

Thank you EM Ibrahim for these very clear and interesting explanations.I think that as Bataleur indicated there are indeed over laps between the levels. I also believe that they are to be taken as indicators of where one is at a given point in time - however they can all be transcended if our love for our Creator is supreme.

Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on August 24, 2013 at 10:35pm

Dear Bateleur, Thanks you ..

for more clarification:

Enlightened:  comes from  illumination, which means the person who reach the illumination inside him ( higher-consciousness )

illuminati who doesn't own illumination but pretend ( the cabal -dark Entities , reptilians …..etc

so to avoid any confusion i will re-correct the name to Enlightened Master instead of Enlightened Being in this blog..


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