Ascension part 6 - How to prepare the inner bodies to achieve the light body – First - the Physical body/ written by the Enlightened Master

How to prepare the inner bodies to achieve the light body 

 First - the Physical body 

The preparation and maturity of the inner bodies is considered one of the important factors to complete the process of ascension. To achieve that, you must rid yourself of the lower frequencies that reside within, and are dealt with, the inner bodes (first to fourth) and you must encourage your inner bodies to deal with and contain only higher frequencies.

This is to enable the inner bodies to harmonize with the higher self and merger with it, as well as adapt to the worlds and dimensions of the higher frequencies.


We shall work here on explaining the methods of doing this one inner body at a time.

The physical body ( Earth Element )

Despite the physical body not considered as one of the inner bodies, improving it is an important matter, because it contains those physical bodies and is considered a temple or a home for that self which resides within it. Therefore, this home must be maintained to remain in its best condition.

To increase the efficiency of this body;  you must take care of the following aspects:

Food and drink:


What is meant here is the process of balancing the Yin and Yang forces within the body. This comes through the foods we eat and the liquids we drink (please search this on the internet). These are some pieces of advice for those who cannot do that (I mean balance Yin and Yang).

  • Body weight to be balanced according to height.
  • Getting rid of extra fats.
  • To be a vegetarian and not eat red meats, and eat only a little white meats, try to have a fresh food.
  • Not over eat salty or sugary foods, cheeses, yogurt, and sweets (only eat a little if you crave them).
  • To seek medical attention to illnesses immediately, and not allow them to get worse.


In all its forms:

1- Normal exercise in gyms









2- Spiritual exercise, such as yoga, breathing
     exercises and meditation” one of the best
     meditation in this stage is the following, "
      starting with 7 minutes meditation" :

      {Sit relax , inhale the golden energy, just
       feel that you are absorbing the
      golden energy from the atmosphere and
      heal your inner body with it (in 
a circulation of changing  the inner energy to a golden energy ) and take a moment silent , then exhale the golden energy from inside to  clean the atmosphere of mother earth. This is a very important meditation in this stage for you and mother earth... And try to expand its  time more and more to make it at least twice a day and sit as long as  you can}...

3- Therapeutic body massage







Periods of sleep:

The normal period of sleep is between 7 and 8 hours every day, except this differs when the person is undergoing ascension and starts having lapses in sleeping (sleeping period in the new age is 1 - 2 hours only every day). Here I tell you to watch your body for it is your guide. Sleep only when you are feeling sleepy, and when you open your eyes in the early morning get out of bed immediately and don’t linger on it.


Taking care of the skin: 

The earth has the sand element and it is an important element in your body; and must be activated in the process of ascension. What is equivalent and is comparable to this sand element of our mother earth is your body. This is because the earth needs its sand to be plowed, aerated and irrigated, it needs the toxic materials and weeds to be removed from it and it also needs to be provided with fertilizer in order for the sand element to be effective.

This is the same in your body
. You need to “plow” it by exfoliating the skin at least once a week (by rubbing it with a loaf). It also needs to be “irrigated” with water by showering every other day. It needs its toxins to be removed by sweating during exercise. It also needs to be “fertilized” by rubbing it with oils and creams. By doing these, your sand element becomes clean and strong.



Now, to activate this element and combine its energy with our mother earth:

You must walk barefoot and without restrictions in order for your sand element (your skin) to feel the sand element of our mother earth. This is done by walking barefoot on beaches or natural places. When you feel the grains of sand caress and tickle your feet, it is the time to combine this sand element that you have with the sand element of our mother Gaia by projecting the love and light generated within you through the caressing of sand with your feet into the layers of earth to Gaia.

Strengthening the body’s connection to the aura:

This is done by dynamic motion meditation. Try to close your eyes and do any physical activity that you prefer, but do it very slowly and feel the energy that moves around your body. The more you connect with this energy and synchronize with it, the more you charge your personal aura and your organs with prana energy.



Important Note :  The physical body ( Earth element ),

 { There is always earth line to release the inflation of negative energy … and your body is the earth line for the karma to release your debt, and even the physical body  shows the side effect of the ascension “through  Symptoms of the diseases “ , So as much as there is more Karma debt as much as more side effect will appear. }


With these simple and light methods your physical body becomes ready for the process of ascension.


In the second part, we shall discuss activating your ethereal body.


written by / Enlightened Master. Ibrahim Hassan

love & peace 

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Comment by Spirit Student on October 21, 2012 at 12:55pm

Thank you very much for this post. Extremely valuable.

Lots of love <3

Spirit Student

Comment by Silver Moon on October 21, 2012 at 12:24am
Thank you for posting these valuable instructions, It makes sense to guard our body as it is our vehicle through this journey, I believe this is the time to take care of our bodies like we never did before, I know I am taking extra care of my body physically through clean food, relaxation, and movement. As for sleep, recently it is becoming less like you mentioned above, listening to my body is a priority to me, in order to spend this phase peacefully.
Much love from me to you
Comment by Sunrise-Freedom on October 20, 2012 at 11:43pm

Thank you my master for your nice article..

Comment by Butterfly on October 20, 2012 at 11:01pm

Thank you dear Master for the presious advises for us which i will take care to do it daily i hope .  Love , Peace , and respect to you and the lovely Blue Woman

Comment by The Golden Heart on October 20, 2012 at 5:54pm

This is a very well guided message and what i have done is that i read every point in the message and compared it to my every day life. My eating habits have changed drastically this year for the better but i would like to be more careful with the goodies. I don't go to a gym but i do walk a lot throughout my day. Sleep..I didn't know that in the new age sleep would be that little, it's great to know. As for Meditation and the dynamic motion, that is something that i am not committed to so i want to focus on this area for my benefit. As for skin, i do take care of it quite well. If I lived near the sea, i would never leave. Thank you EM for yet again sharing your knowledge, i can't wait for the next part. 

Lots of love 

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