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Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on January 22, 2016 at 3:41pm


Dear Jeffery Cheng,

thank you for your trust in us,, regarding your question about the Cintamani Stone and how to activate it, we have posted today a new blog explaining this issue.. please click here

The Cintamani stone: interact with the stone & take advantage o...



Comment by jeffrey cheng on January 21, 2016 at 8:49am

Thank you EM for so much updates.   You are far more willing to reveal so much more information than cobra is willingly to release yet still not endangering anyone or its operation.  

Its quite bold to reveal that there is a deadline of march 2016 to trigger the event when nobody in the light worker community would dared to forecast.  although its not an absolute guarantee as you have indicated still its a good indication that the liberation forces has now a deadline instead of just approximate but undefinable time period to complete the plan as soon and as safe as possible this time.

EM , please post sometihing in your blog about the cintimani stone you explained in the webinar.  I had heard everything you said but i did not quite understand on the mechanics of its activation you explained.   I have a piece of that stone, a carry it with me along with the moldavite stone, i listened to an activation for that stone by judy satori in you tube, i do mediatate and fully awakened and aware of the planets situation, i do release much of my 3d emotion and raising my consciousness yet i still did not sense anything.  so what missing here?  

thank you 

Comment by Varsha Pandya on January 14, 2016 at 11:18am

Today just before waking up, I saw a dream in which was a fairly medium sized printed figure of Abraham Lincoln on a box. Lincoln represents freedom from slavery and it is a sign for all of us and I am so happy and thrilled to share this with you all.

Well done all! Much love, light, hugs and blessings always!

Victory to us all! xxx

Comment by Shane H on January 14, 2016 at 2:23am

I am very excited for this webinar!  I was able to get the time off of work and will be able to attend live for the first time. 

I wanted to thank E.M. and B.F. for their work putting on these webinars.  I have learned so much from them.  They have really helped me connect the dots on many, many different bits of information.  It's been very encouraging!

I would also like give a shout out to Grace, whose wonderful blog is the reason I found my way over here in the first place.


Comment by Shannon on January 13, 2016 at 7:27pm
Good day, E.M. Ibrahim and Blue Solara,
I also would love to listen to the webinar as it is held, but the time during the week does not work for me. Thank you in advance for providing a recording, and hopefully another transcript, as before.

I wonder if any help for us who are watching the RV / GCR and are in private groups. They are telling us (even Sheldan Nidle) that the RV is imminent, yet Cobra tells us consistently that it will happen with the Event. I understand from you that this could be as late as sometime in March. Any clarity on this would be much appreciated.

Victory to the Light!
Comment by Caroline on January 12, 2016 at 5:17pm

It's funny coindicence (I know it is not) that webinar turn out to be in a sole free time I have between hairdresser and high school prom :DIt's amazing. I'll be with you.

And yes I agree with you EM that webinars should be right then when you feel the energy is right. Indeed this meeting is very neccesary due to HUGE changes that I and everyone else have been constantly experiencing since New Year and  a previous webinar!


Comment by Cheryl H. on January 12, 2016 at 4:50pm

Thank you so much for this webinar, dearest EM and BF! I have another activity at that time (which I am sure, for whatever reason, is no accident), but shall be with you all and TWOT family in Spirit, to imbibe from and add to the festivities and joy!! So much more energetic movement since December--must stay in the present--we're in the fast lane, dear family!

Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on January 12, 2016 at 3:38pm

Dear beloved ones,

thank you all for your presence , your unity and unconditional love .. we are in the dawn of  the galaxy  and together we will raise the horizon of the freedom age..

Comment by Paul Celt on January 12, 2016 at 3:30pm

Hi Kinnar & Varsha, -thanks for feedback.

I see from reading similar blogs- that a lot of L.W's are under attack currently. I take it as a 'compliment'- that I must be doing something right- with my 'planetary energy work' to get them to attack so fiercly!

Interesting that i have been suffering with ashma attacks-- due to dust with clearing/de-cluttering my house ready for sale/viewings. The initial feeling was that I could not breathe- that I was about to die.

Two years ago-- i was suffering from a bad dose of bronchial flu. I was breathing through my mough, lying on my back-- half asleep. At 3am(this time/attack was 4am...hmmmm)- I suddenly heard 'mutterings, and shuffelling of feet' near my bed(i have wood laminate floors). ok-- i am human--I thought W...T...F..?!!-- when i got over the fear/shock-- i tried to shout out-- but my throat was dry-with breathing thru my mouth. I managed to swallow, get some saliva-- then 'bellowed' at them "I CAN HEAR YOU!!. Get the hell out of here!!".....I also 'projected my Chi energy'- which is quite substantial!--- they went!!   I can imagine them saying afterwards.. "Wow he was actually awake!"

These attacks just make me more determined to keep on doing the 'planetary energy/healing/clearing- intent work'

Comment by Blue Solara .. Site Manager on January 12, 2016 at 3:24pm

Dear Grace Shvara,

don't worry my dear , we already sent you an invitation through email, please check , you are part of us " TWOT family" and its our honor to have you with us at the time of the webinar..


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