Some Clarification for our members of the world of truth about [ Removing the Implants ] on April 8th 2015


Dear precious members, 

For your questions about the possibility of removing the implants by me as EM:

Yes; we can remove the implants, we used to do that for some people of earth, , and some beings in the inner realms, and for a lot of members of the Dark [ Because some of the dark races dominated  by the leaders of the dark] ,  so they can be able to enter the Light Or enter  the Oneness School.. 

But for the people of earth, removing the implants needs ‘the presence of certain conditions:

First of all: how prepared is the person for this procedure, and this procedure can be determined by us through doing scan to his chakras, his aura and his inner planes to see how the actual readiness for him rather than verbal...

Restoring of the Free will is essential in order to remove the Contract with the Dark, because if you lose your Free will after removing the implants, they will re-plant the implants, and then renew the contracts...

Move away from the controlling system [the Dark], otherwise they will re-new the contracts...

You should keep yourself in a higher state of high vibrations after the removal of the implants, because we are still under occupation, and the Event didn’t happened yet, and if your energy became low vibration, you will be exposed to transplant it again...

This procedure needed a Personal Presence of me in the places of residence of the person  { who wants his implants to be removed } , in order to separate the transplant network completely, because it extends to his family , his home energy, his region , his country that he lives in and The Portal which the person belongs to.. So your residence in a particular area is not coincidental, but a scheme of the Matrix...

Therefore; we prefer to go through a spiritual journey to reach beyond the mental plane for those who are interested in removing their implants, this is because if they didn’t reach this stage [beyond the Mental Plane], they have to comply with all that we mentioned above..

Anyway, within a few days we will re-open the communication through Online on this site, for consulting & healing sessions… also we dedicated an option for anyone who wants to remove his implants [ Of Course NOT Online ]

Avery important point:

Few days ago, before uploading the blog of “the Truth”.. which was on the day of the Blood Moon 4.4.2015 ... we have sent a huge energy to protect all those who are not ready to know the truth  [not awaken yet] during the reading of the Blog..

The formulation of the blog was based on a Certain Sacred Geometry, and was attached with a certain energies; which working on the real preparation of the awakening “for those who did not reach it", and to support the awakening ones..

A message has been sent through energy “for the members of this site who follow with interest “, to report the launching of this blog spiritually, and that was to examine their Spiritual Communication Channels  ...

A scan has been made [ only for the members of this site, who follow with interest ] on their inner spiritual planes, to see the effect of the energy of the Sacred Geometry; which the Blog contained… and its effect on their awakening…, and the willingness of some of them to the process of removing their implants…

Some individuals were selected “those whom we see that they are prepared to the process of removing the implants”, this procedure was based on the results of the examination that allocated to them, so we can do the process of removing implants for them from distance “ spiritually”... Not in presence..., because their Spiritual Communication Channels are opened, so we can communicate with them spiritually...

Preparing those individuals to the process of Removing Implants was started by us; and it will be in phases:

They have been visited in dreams by me through my astral body, and a simulation was done to them to make sure of their readiness...

-    The first stage of the process had done; which is the removal of all negative spiritual 
      attachments and some of negative entities attached to them..

-    The second stage of the process was to prevent any contact through the fake 
      Light beings with them, unless they “the individuals” asked for that based on their 
      Free will...

-   We are now in the third stage; which is cleaning up their chakras & auras...

The next stages; which will be periodically, and will not be mentioned, so as to protect those individuals, because the event has not happened yet, and they didn’t reach the level beyond their mental planes yet...

Specific energy will be sent to protect these individuals during the removal process and after the removal, so as not to re-implant them again...

Those individuals , we will not mention them, not mention their names or give details about the stages that they will pass , nor determine the period of the date on which they would be freed entirely from the implants...

Those individuals will know within themselves who they are through what is happening with them...

Please don’t embarrass me by asking questions in the comments or on my own email regarding those individuals, or if you are one of them or not, or if you know that you are one of them due to what is happening with you, and wanted to know about the sequel of the process,, please do not send any questions, because I will not answer, so as to protect you, and to achieve what you want, which is a complete removal of the implants..[But you can express your feelings & experience with other members through comments]

All that happened was a help from us to those individuals whom we mentioned above, because they have a kind of spiritual preparation for this process {removing implants }..

Regarding those who didn’t feel anything, they can if they want to remove their implants to follow the option that we will create for removing implants in the new section that we will open; which will be available in the next few days...

Thank u all for your trust...

Enlightened Master



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Comment by Owura Kwadwo Donkor on April 16, 2015 at 3:31pm

Thank you soo much our dearest Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan and Lady Blue Flare Solara for every answers to our call in questions that we ask, it builds us a great deal because the freedom of our souls awakens new Celestial pathways of love for our experiences due to the removal of our Implants which is in progress, Kudos, you Enlightened Master Ibrahim Hassan and Lady Blue Flare Solara, you couple deserves our Maximum Respect and Thankx. Have it all.

Comment by Kinnar Pandya on April 16, 2015 at 2:37pm

Beautiful experience, Wayne!

Thanks for the next bit of information, Brother!

Can I ask which comes first please: Ascension or Enlightenment? Many thanks!

Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on April 16, 2015 at 1:51pm

Dear Dr.Linda,

Regarding your both questions about the implants  & the other question about the Chintamani Stone , here are the answers in brief:

Q1:  The answer of your question about (removing implants) in brief is :

In the case of the completion removal of the implants, the person remains in the physical state, but his vibrations started to increase {the process of ascension} …so when he reaches a certain point of consciousness and be able to achieve the ascension, he will choose either [to ascend as a nonphysical being] OR continue in the physical state; which contains the credit of consciousness that he achieved [physical ascension]..

Q2.Regarding your question about the Chintamani Stone, what I can NOW disclose about this stone is the following:

The stone is a symbol; which represents a mission that agreed upon by both Sirian & Pleiades… it represents the Union of the feminine & masculine [the Sun & The Moon]   and this matter was between the highest conscious beings (two great beings):  the first is the Keeper of the Galaxies’ {the mother Goddess of Star seeds} which represents the Goddess energy & the second one is the Great Leader “Warrior “who represents the Gods Energy..

Both stones were merged and formed the Holy Grail [the history of the Holy Grail returns to long time before the date of the birth of the Christ ]...

The Grail is Crystal (Vertical energy) , and pieces of the stone that represents the mother stone are placed on the sides of the Grail (Horizontal energy)   and this Grail was charged with huge energy by both two great beings

The Origin of this task is the energies of those two great beigns, and Not the Stone although the Stone energy has big effects...

At a certain stage of the mission, in Venus,[ which called the Shambala Mission], and after gathering the 144,000 Masters for this mission, This Holy Grail has been linked to those Masters to help them in their mission..

This Grail works on awakening the Masters now, especially after the merging of the Stone with the Grail, and the Masters will continue the task of liberation and after the Liberation..
They (the Masters) are collaborators with the Star seeds in this task..

Those Masters are connected with both two great beings, and the Holy Grail is the symbol of this merging, and they will use it in the right time

We will disclose more at the right time...



Comment by DR. LINDA CRISTALL on April 15, 2015 at 10:54pm

Dearest Enlightened Master,

It would be amazing to have help with the removal of all negative spiritual attachments and detachment from fake light beings and to have Auras and Chakras cleared and cleansed. Just this in itself would be an incredible blessing for light workers so we would have the clarity to help other's.

This sounds so amazing the only question I have is once our implants are out what would give us the grounding to be able to stay in the physical for a while so we could help the others and finish our mission. 

Comment by Kinnar Pandya on April 13, 2015 at 7:04pm

Interesting! I wouldn't know. The link does say "if the Chintamani Stone is indeed Eschenbach’s Stone of Heaven could it also be the original Philosophers Stone, which legends assert could turn a base metal into gold and a human into an immortal deity?"

So you may be right.

Comment by Kinnar Pandya on April 13, 2015 at 6:03pm

Dear Wayne, you might be interested in reading this up about Chintamani stone:

Quite interesting! I reckon what the link refers to as 'The King of the World' could possibly well be The Avatara which Brother and Blue Flare talks about. And perhaps He is in possession of Chintamani and we will be given that when the time's right?!? Or maybe we won't be given that per se but it will brought up on the surface of the planet which will bring about massive transformation? Just my assumption.

Comment by Kinnar Pandya on April 12, 2015 at 6:54pm
Great question Wayne. I was wondering the same on reading cobras germany conf notes yesterday.

BTW I had a weird dream last night. I was looking at a head (I think it was mine!) And saw that there was gap probably an inch or two between the hair (hair line?) and the actual skull!! So the hair were kind of not attached to the scalp if you can imagine (if it is at all possible to imagine such weird stuff)
Comment by stell on April 12, 2015 at 11:20am

Thank you for all the good things you do !


Comment by Richard Knight on April 10, 2015 at 4:47pm

My eternal thanks and love and light to EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Flare Solara and all the other members of this group for all your sharing and insights regarding so very much material and energies it is and continues to be a blessing in my life and for this I shall always be thankful with great gratitude to each and everyone of you.

Blessings of Love and Light Always,


Comment by Dawn Parr-Bowen on April 10, 2015 at 2:36pm

I feel blessed to have finally found this great community "The Truth". I AM forever grateful to you EM and Blue Flare for your precious gifts! When I read the truth blog, I was completely connected with no questions, no discernment, only TRUTH. Sending Love and Compassion to ALL. Thank You!  Dawn  

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