Interview with the enlightened master about the current situation by/the blue Flare on 22nd of March 2015

More clarification about the current situation:

Q/BF: People need to know more details about the current situation of the Cosmic Anomaly & the Chimera Group...Specially; after the last update of Cobra and your last update. as people understand from Cobra’s update that the cosmic anomaly is not healed yet, and you mentioned in your last update that the cosmic anomaly is completely healed…can you explain that?

A/ E.M: People should know that each of us is responsible for his update, and that none of us is responsible for the other updates

Q/BF: Could you please explain to us from your point of view about what Cobra mentioned in his last update regarding the anomalies?

A/E.M: Cobra mentioned an amazing information about  the history of the anomaly in general, of all its kinds, but not the current situation of the cosmic anomaly, he mentioned the current situation of the network of plasma implants ,, that’s why people were confused, because they didn’t pay attention to what he said..


Q/BF: you mentioned that there are kinds of anomalies; is it possible to tell us what types of anomalies are there?   

First : Cosmic anomaly: there are three cosmic anomalies:  the first one is not related to our universe; which is between the 7th and the 8th universes... very few of people who know about it.., the second one is between the mental realm and the wisdom realm; “which means between the self & the higher-self” , and the third one is between the physical plane & the ethereal plane..

Second:  Anomaly of Plasma plane …   
Third:  The Technology of anomaly & implants..

Q/BF: Can you explain to us about them and what is the relationship between the three of them?

A/E.M: The First one is " The Cosmic anomaly " happened from the beginning of the creation, and this anomaly means the problem that happened for the Cosmic Fabric of Time &Space during its creation...

The second one is “the anomaly of Plasma Plane” is an anomaly that was manufactured and not of the nature of the Cosmic Fabric...but it relies in its manufacturing on the Cosmic Anomaly ; which means that the Dark forces used the cosmic anomaly and had manipulated with it, and established through it the Plasma Plane.. So the plasma plane derives its strength from the cosmic anomaly, and if the cosmic anomaly is healed, so the plasma plane will become very weak...

The Third one is "the Technology of the anomaly, & implants ": this technology had manufactured to support the plan process of the plasma plane , like : the technology of the veil  & the technology of the implants in the energetic system of the human beings … all these kinds of technologies derive  its strength from the plasma plane..

Finally: I would like to say that there was a series of development on the anomaly issues…

Q/BF: So what is the current situation of each anomaly you mentioned?

A/E.M: Both Cosmic anomalies that related to this galaxy; which are between the Mental & the wisdom realms, and the one between the physical & the ethereal realm are now healed completely from the Inner Realm …. And from the Outer as Fabric of Time & Space, the one between the physical & the ethereal realm is still affected by the plasma plane..

Regarding the plasma plane: it became very weak... because of the healing of the cosmic anomalies, and the last remained point for them is the strengthen point (the center) but day after day this center start weaken, because the energy network is under completion on one side, and from another side, there is a process of cleansing that GFL is working on it now..

And finally the technology of the anomaly & implants: a large section of it was dismantled, and the last section of which, will end with the end of the plasma plane...

Q/BF: what about the current situation of the Chimera Group?

A/E.M: there is no Chimera Group without plasma plane…. when the plasma plane collapsed, the Chimera Group will fall…. and what remains for the chimera group from the plasma plane now is a big computer system in the Center of the Plasma Plane; which the GFL is trying to penetrate now., and the chimera group is in an attempt to defend itself only..

Q/BF: What about the period that you mentioned between “12th -20th of March 2015”?

A/E.M: it needs a lot of explanation that we will clarify in the coming update,  but we can say that the Date of 20th  of March 2015 represents the end of all old plans,,,  and things have reached the physical plane....We are now entering in the period of transition shift in the physical plane...

Q/BF: thank you E.M for your great efforts to explain to people what is happening right now, especially with the differences of the language, whereas your mother language is not English...

A/E.M: thank u...



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Comment by Silver Moon on March 27, 2015 at 5:05pm

Thank you master and blue flare for this detailed post, I am grateful that you both take the time & energy to enlighten us with details regarding what excatly is happening.

Much love and appreciation

Comment by Kinnar Pandya on March 24, 2015 at 3:37pm

Thank you Brother <3

Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on March 24, 2015 at 12:46am

Dear kinnar...

Yes from our INDIVIDUAL consciousness, it is healed, and because of that the test to pass the pulse through was successful, Therefore our hearts felt it ,but from outer it will completely cured after removing the affect of the plasma plane anomaly.


Comment by Paul Celt on March 23, 2015 at 9:47pm

Thank you both Ibrahim & Blue Flare for the updates, - and attempt at clarification. To be candid, it is still not totally clear to me what this really means.  But- I  do see that great progress is being made- behind the scenes- so to speak.

It serves as encouragement- for me at least-to continue with the daily 'spiritual planetary-energy cleansing work'

Comment by Farah on March 23, 2015 at 12:09am

Thanks for taking the time to clarify things.... it seems all the events are happening one after the other very quickly and it's wonderful having a trusted source who tells it as it is.

thank you so very muck EM and Blue Flare.


Comment by Cheryl H. on March 22, 2015 at 11:19pm

Thank you, Divine Complements, for your service to humanity! So helpful and clear....On a feeling/perception level, I can share with my family my own personal experience--big shifts and downloads have been occurring daily and nightly, with ever increasing frequency since the beginning of this year. I am sure that most of you are having similar experiences! My higher self keeps urging me to continue to "let go" of the old, because the new world is here. Synchronicities abound  and manifestation is getting a lot easier. In between times I have to (still!) release old emotions and belief systems. Relationships issues are highlighted--we are One! Hang in there, brothers and sisters--we are in for a great ride! EM and Blue Flare's updates are consistent with my inner knowing, and that's how I filter my information. It resonates with me, even if I knew none of the details prior. Mahalo all!

Comment by DR. LINDA CRISTALL on March 22, 2015 at 11:12pm

Wow E.M. you are so kind to share this information with us.

I am eternally grateful for all your efforts and all your love.


Comment by Charlotte M. Smith on March 22, 2015 at 10:33pm

Thank you for this most critical update.  This update not only helps those seeking enlightenment but it helps those clinging to the old ways of darkness by showing them the futile nature of holding on to a system whose technological apparatus was supported by a higher level system that has collapsed from top down with the final level unable to be sustained without the existence of the upper level which is already gone.  This update will do worlds of good in helping to speed up the surrender of those last holdouts.  Thank you for this most wonderful update.  Peace, love and long life to all.

Comment by The Golden Heart on March 22, 2015 at 9:06pm
Dear EM, it is very kind of you to clarify more about the anomalies present, your effort and moment that lead to this is truly remarkable and so unique, thank you for talking more about the anomalities, it is always an opportunity to learn more, and to reach the understanding that you wish for us to reach. We are at the peak of everything and i realize how everything is clearing up and cleaning if I may. Your updates have made it possible to understand what is happening behind the scenes as they say, I am forever grateful, thank you for opening our hearts and for giving yours to everything you do.
Lots of love and love you.
Comment by Kinnar Pandya on March 22, 2015 at 7:19pm

Thank you Brother Ibrahim and Blue Flare for your effort to explain things further. I agree that with the differences in language it becomes a bit challenging. My mother tongue is not English and I too face issues. Also, because we at ground level have LIMITED knowledge and view of things and so we may interpret things differently. So I'm very grateful for commitment that you both show towards enlightening us! I really am <3

Just one question (I'm full of questions!!):

When you say "Both Cosmic anomalies that related to this galaxy; which are between the Mental & the wisdom realms, and the one between the physical & the ethereal realm are now healed completely from the Inner Realm …. And from the Outer as Fabric of Time & Space, the one between the physical & the ethereal realm is still affected by the plasma plane.",

does it mean that the anomaly between physical and ethereal realms in our INDIVIDUAL consciousness is healed but that which exists in the Outer Space of Galaxy is still there? Many thanks!

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