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Today, 10-8-2014 was the day I began to write my story, what a great and unforgettable moment. A beautiful experience for my journey to the one, I love you.
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15 March 14 was a fascinating day where I reached my dream for freedom and the beginning of my thirst for fulfilling my consciousness and love. Crazy & Unforgettable days to come. Lots of Love and gratitude for the presence and love..
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This life is so fascinating on many levels, the 'why'..its time to bring my craziness back, why and why not is the question that i want to ask myself, its the time to discover more about myself and life. Love you EM.
My inner warrior.
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This image of who i am is getting very clear, Love & Love & Trust.
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Today I am a different young woman. I have passion for growing, dancing, traveling, listen to music, create and love. My soul flies to the skies whenever I experience happiness and bliss, having to come out of a challenging sometimes painful experiences which I am always grateful for. I am a warrior for truth and light.

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Enlightened Master
The Blue Flare
You both are my friends, brother & sister, my loves. The bridge of trust that was built is forever with me. Love you all always.

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Love Comments & Graphics
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The Manual Of The Warrior Of The Light & Eleven Minutes- Paulo Coelho
The internet is my source of information from online books to messages and articles.

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The Forbidden Kingdom
Percy Jackson & The Lightening Theif
August Rush
How to train your dragon
The Great Gatsby
...and much more.
Pop, Rock, Rn'B, meditation and many other genres
I love listening to music.
What I do want to work on achieving is growing my consciousness, how to perceive matters on a multi dimensional angles. Keep on creating my world, manifest. Unlock the door to the creator, the divine, Jesus and capture my co-creator self. Meet(know) my true friends from the animal wisdom kingdom.

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Yes I Agree To The Guidelines On: http://www.theworldoftruth(Advertising is not allowed in any form)

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At 12:30pm on April 16, 2016, Blue Solara .. Site Manager said…

Beloved Naya " Golden Heart " ,,

You are now in the procedure of a new re-birth in the new freedom age of earth , specially after 31st of March [Cross timelines]  which ends the most major negative old timelines .. so here we celebrate the beginning of the new circle .. 

So; align with your heart and this will align you with the One..


At 8:37pm on April 16, 2015, Kinnar Pandya said…

The Golden Heart, many happy returns! Happy birthday! <3

At 6:51pm on April 16, 2014, Shaylo -king of Wisdom Kingdom said…
Dear lovely daughter Naya: Happy Birthday our beautiful friend..
Namaste from / The King of Narnia Shaylo..

Namaste' from the Queen of wolves & Narnia Shaya..
Happy brithday my daughter Naya ... and much love and peace from me and my family to you ..
and always remember that you have a beautiful heart

At 6:35pm on April 16, 2014, Blue Solara .. Site Manager said…

Dear Precious daughter  Naya,  beautiful Pleiadian Young Lady,

 For us the real birth you had was in January 15, 2014  ..  the coronation Day for the birth of the new princess NAYA, at the Pleiadians world.. we wish you a  successfull journey through Dimensions and to achieve the consciousness , which prepares you to ascend to a higher-dimensional .. we will keep an eye on you through your lovely journey.. 


lots of love from our heart to you beloved Naya..

from / The Enlightened Master and the Blue Flare

At 3:52pm on April 20, 2013, Blue Solara .. Site Manager said…

beautiful and meaningfull pic.. they wish if the pyramids are spaceships but the reality is different,, the great pyramids is one of the biggest gatewaty on earth..

At 5:33pm on March 5, 2013, Blue Solara .. Site Manager said…

At 4:37pm on March 2, 2013, Blue Solara .. Site Manager said…

thank you so much my dear for your meaningful pictures ,, they are really true,, and no one on earth knows the reality of these creatures,, what they will surprised with the fact of who they are when they reach the 5th D..

they are part of us ,, not reflection ,, closer than sons to us .. they represent us the human ,,

love u darling


At 4:36pm on March 2, 2013, Blue Solara .. Site Manager said…




At 3:57pm on February 13, 2013, Blue Solara .. Site Manager said…

nice to hear from you... love u

At 7:22pm on February 6, 2013, Blue Solara .. Site Manager said…

thank u beloved White Dragon for the lovely images you sent ,, so beautiful ..


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