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Open the door of communication to work directly on the net Webinar through audio and video...

We have supported this site with this idea to enable communication with members and non-members for discussion and dialogue on sensitive topics to keep up with all new developments on the ground regarding the Event..

We will announce on Webinars and its addresses,, and we will notify members through their own email each date at the time... where attendees will be able to contact with the EM directly [audio & Video] through Q&A..

How to join our webinars easily..

Recorded webinars:

Webinar (4):14th of Jan.2016
 The recorded Webinar of " Questions and Answers - An Overview of 2016 " By EM and Blue Solara

Webinar (3):Dec. 20th ,2015
Webinar Record-The ascension Plan Ascension and Light Body process-20th of Dec. 2015

Webinar (2):Nov.15th 2015
Shed light on: The collective consciousness / The new timeline / The ascension / The Event

Webinar (1):22 of Sept.2015
The latest developments that lead to the event by EM & BF



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Comment by Richard Knight on November 12, 2015 at 5:33pm

Thanks Blue Flare Solara for sending out the additional link to register as I was under the impression that I had already done so as I got the ticket to attend. Have followed through now with the remaining steps and looking forward to receiving the link to attend the webinar on Sunday.



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Webinars By EM & BS

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