Spiritual Development


Spiritual Development

Areas & services that we offer at the level of spiritual awareness:

1-Consciousness lectures:

One 2 One Sessions:

  • Introduction to the Inner Bodies
  • Strengthening the physical body
  • Strengthening the ethereal body
  • Strengthening the astral body
  • Strengthening the wisdom body
  • Strengthening the will body
  • Strengthening the ethereal body
  • Strengthening the enlightened body
  • Aura and strengthening it
  • Chakras and how to strengthen them
  • Communication with the internal sounds

Developing awareness of the Three Levels [elementary, intermediate and advanced]

Develop an awareness of the primary level [9 lectures]

  • The path of enlightenment {Level 1} Inner Bodies [Normal]
  • Access to a strong and healthy aura...
  • Dharma Karma system; How it deals with us?!!
  • Ego; How to get rid of the ego?!
  • Contradiction (Conflict); its impact on the bodies, and how to get rid of it?!
  • Fear; How to get rid of it? And what is the fear damage on the inner bodies?
  • The impact of experience in human life and the development of awareness
  • What the Prophets wanted to tell us that we didn’t ask for?
  • Are all the spiritual capacities belong to the prophets only? OR we have the potential to reach many of them?!

Develop an awareness of the intermediate level [33 lectures]

  • Identify the fifth dimension and the nature of it...
  • Identify the Golden Age...
  • Year of 2012- 2015...
  • The zero point in the meditation...
  • Spiritual “ launching”
  • The path of Enlightenment [ Level 2 ] for the Abnormal “ Inner bodies “
  • Access to the radioactive white aura...
  • Method of “Following the Heart “to reach the essence of the soul...
  • Indigo children; who they are? And how to deal with them?
  • Where is “The Hell “? And what about its nature?
  • Where is “The Heaven”? And what about its nature?
  • Aliens; the facts of their existence, and the dimensions of their worlds!!
  • The way of the Darkness, Goodness and the Oneness!!
  • DNA; The DNA in the Other Worlds & dimensions, and how to activate it with awareness?
  • Who are the Angels and Angelicas?
  • Do e incarnations on earth reality? What is the science of it and its importance?
  • Fate Library and permission to reach it...
  • Imagination, thought and consciousness and their role in the creation of worlds and creatures...
  • The Return of Christ & the meaning of {The Christian Awareness of the Universe }
  • Communicate with the {Higher Self }
  • Get rid of hopes to reach the Enlightenment...
  • Access to “the meaning” of all acts from {the heart chakra} to increase the level of the inner bodies...
  • Who will be selected from the Fifth Dimension of people on earth to complete his role in the upcoming Golden Age {on earth}??...
  • Who are {The Galactic Federation of Light} & what is their role in 2012?
  • The Time; what is the form of it when the fifth dimension enters earth?
  • Our Capabilities in the fifth dimension!
  • Our Earth will become the new capital of the Solar System
  • The Reality of Satan; What beyond the creation of the darkness?
  • Harmony with the energies of the earth, work on cleaning and supporting it
  • Get over the barriers of the mind, go beyond the mind and depart to the awareness.
  • Why all the science progress , technology and civilization was in the last 100 years {the 20th century and beginning of 21st }
  • Are the Origin Souls visited earth & did they had a role in it?
  • What is the doomsday from the perspective of awareness?

Develop an awareness of the advanced level [13 lectures]

  • Identify the beginning of the soul’s creation!
  • Identify the Seven Universes & the nature of its creation {the earth bender}
  • Identify the real world & the nature of its creation {the water bender}
  • The path of Enlightenment {level 3}- the inner bodies in the 7th body “ the enlightened one”
  • Communicate with spirits on earth “The 3rd dimension”
  • Access to the Golden Aura...
  • Decode DNA to reach information within us and in its dimension...
  • Communicate through telepathy with everything around you.
  • From where we came to this earth? & and where we will go?
  • The Animals World {The kingdom of wisdom}; what are their origin and their dimensions in the four worlds?
  • A series of darkness and were it was initiated in the four worlds?
  • Communicate with the Aliens through the heart chakra!
  • Parallel universes and the origin of what they are!

Live as a Master to become a real Master, in order to be ready to cope with the Golden Age...

  • How to live through your heart “Heart Chakra”?
  • How to engage in dialogue and harmony with all the creatures around you?
  • How to develop your awareness?
  • How to live at the point of Zero without being affected by the drawbacks of the Law of Karma Dharma?
  • How to prepare your children for the Golden Age?
  • How to contact with the Angelicas from the seventh dimension?
  • How to move to the highest level in the fifth dimension through your consciousness?
  • How to avoid the seditions that will come with the preparing for the Golden Age?

Develop all kind of gifts in people & develop the awareness of [indigo children]

  • Moving out of your body “ spiritual journey”
  • Meditation
  • The ability to imagine
  • Transfer the energy for treatment
  • Telepathy
  • Personality Analysis
  • Six sense
  • Energy therapy “ Reiki”
  • Clean the energy of the place
  • Generating knowledge for dialogue { Science Timeless }
  • See the aura of the human body
  • Predictions
  • Evaluation of Visual & Auditory
  • Drawing
  • Authoring
  • To be novelist {Fiction}


Sessions of Spiritual Practices:

  • Assist in the personal experiences “ either one 2 one “ OR “ through internet”

Personal counseling either “ in personal “ OR “ internet”
2- Advanced and distinctive level:

  • Private lessons for the advanced and distinctive level
  • Seeing the light of God in everything..
  • Identify the world of Avatar & the nature of their creatures {the fire bender}...
  • Identify the World of theology and its nature { The Air Bender }
  • Communicate with souls in the fifth dimension..
  • To be with God in the land of darkness as in the land of light...
  • Vision of the future& the past is it real? How to achieve that?
  • Using the closed packages in consciousness , to maintain your awareness information

3- Diagnosis and healing:

Diagnosis of personalities through the aura (diagnosis on medical, psychological and spiritual level)

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases through Vital Energy

  • strengthening and cleaning the Aura
  • Balancing & charging the energy
  • Opening the chakras
  • Treating physical disease through the energy
  • Treatment of spiritual sickness and the dimension of the inner bodies

4- Spiritual Sessions, practical exercises & Conferences

Practice of practical exercises in the Nature...

  • Sessions to clean , charge and balance the energy & the aura
  • Sessions of meditation
  • Sessions to clean-up the Earth’s energy
  • Lectures “ in any of the above areas “
  • Open the chakras..

Sessions of Spiritual Practices:

  • Different kind of meditation
  • Raising and balancing the energies of the ethereal body and the aura
  • Open chakras
  • Strengthen the inner bodies “ starting from the ethereal to enlighten body “
  • Moving out of your body “ spiritual journey”

Organizing Conferences in {USA & UK} in each of the areas mentioned..

Conferences contain the following:

  • Lectures..
  • Personal Consulting..
  • Narrative of personal experiences of the participants in the conference.
  • Sessions in nature's for the following actions:
    • Different kinds of meditation
    • Opening chakras
    • Raise and balance the energies of the ethereal body and the Aura
    • Strengthen the inner bodies (from the ethereal to Enlighten)
    • Placing spiritual “journey out of the body"
    • Clean energies of the earth and where you sit by

Group travel “ sacred journey” to visit a Holy Places and doing {Spiritual Energies activities ..} with the Enlightened Master

  • Visit the Holy places
  • Different kinds of meditation
  • Opening chakras
  • Raise and balance the energies of the ethereal body and the aura
  • Strengthen the inner bodies (from the ethereal to enlighten)
  • Clean energies of the earth and where you sit by the..

5- Consulting on matters of spirituality:

  • Consulting in the mediation of the spiritual leader the Enlightened Master “ to communicate with the spirits that moved to the fourth dimension Or fifth dimension
  • Communicate with the residents of cosmic dimensions (our people in the galaxies) channeling
    To communicate with our people and family in the Cosmic Dimensions (the real and not those who accompanied us in our incarnation on earth) and those whom we feel their presence around us, and we want to know about them ... and why we separated from them to incarnate on this earth.. Also to know what is the mission and role of every person who came to this earth to achieve it.
  • Communicate with the Origin Spirits and councils in the higher –dimensional universe “ having personal consulting from them”


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