How to join the webinar easily


How to join the webinar easily

Dear beloved ones:

For those who have registered in the coming webinars ..

How to join the webinar easily:

* Plug in your headset and mic if you want to participate in Q$A and make sure that the mic is working well..

* Try to use internet explorer “Browser“...

* Check your flash player to have the last version:

* When you’ve registered in the webinar, you’ve received an email with a webinar details, so click the link which will take you directly to the webinar..

* You will see a page where you should add:
      Your Name:
     Then press Enter...

* Wait until the webinar open “one minute “
   [If the webinar does not open for any reason, just repeat the above steps...]

* After you become there, you will see the platform of the webinar, and join to listen and watch for the first 2 hours..

* please note, that there will be a full presentation during the webinar...

In the last 30 minutes, we will open the feature (Q&A)

1- To ask your question, just press the blue button: “ask a question “

2- You can choose to ask your question through audio OR video & audio

3- Or you can use the chat area to write your question:

When you ask your question, you will receive a request to give you the voice, [Press yes...]



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