Write your own experience with ascension after 21st Dec.2012


Write your own experience with ascension after 21st Dec.2012

in this group we would like to talk about the experience of each and every one of you in the process of Ascension after Dec 21st 2012 and the nature of the changes experienced by each of you at this stage...

It is important at this stage to try hard to get rid of everything that is old in our ideas, beliefs, lifestyle, nature of food, change our habits and take advantage of the day all we can to change because everything we have is just a day of our lives..
tell us :

* if you start connecting with your Parenets Galactic family..

* if you feel the angelicans around you

* if you feel side effects of the energy on your body

* if you start a new system of a lifestyle to handle the intensive energy of the 5thD..

* if you recieve special messages through your dreams ..

* there are three stages all humans will go through during the next 8 years starting with :

1- Connecting with your higher - self

2- Remerging with your higher-self

3- Becoming a galactic human with the features of the 5th Dimension

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Comment by Sigbjørn Ørjansen on September 18, 2015 at 10:42pm
Thank you so much Deborah !
Yes indeed it is exciting times and many amazing signs seems to pop up if one take notice - it can also be small things like repeating numbers, sounds, smell of a certain kind or perhaps heartlike shapes appearing all around :)The challenge is of course to be in the present all the time, - then magic will happend, I believe. Can`t say I am an ekspert on this though, but try I am commmited to.
Love and Blessing
Comment by Deborah on September 18, 2015 at 3:24pm

Sigbjorn, This is such a wonderful sharing! Thank you for the insight into your journey. I love when synchronic events lead us to our destiny. The angel card reading was amazing! WOW!!! :)  We are indeed on a Spectacular Adventure! Blessings of love... Deborah

Comment by Sigbjørn Ørjansen on September 18, 2015 at 4:27am

Like to share a quite exciting event recently experienced ! Thank you Blue Flare for this wonderful opportunity. :)

Last Thursday I went outside for a refreshing walk as I often do before bedtime. After this short trip I find my favorite spot, a large stone on top of a hill nearby my house. Here I just sit down and take some deep breath or looking at the night sky. This particular night the stars were more visable than usual. I then laid down and gazed, - and hope to see somthing.... just anything to spark my imagination. You have probably done the same many times and to be honest usually I only see stars. lol

After looking at the sky in the south for some minutes I got a strong urge to turn my head to the north. In the same second I saw a rapid shooting star and immeditately, of course, throw in some " not so well thought wishes " lol .

Or was this a metorite, perhaps ?  My instinct told me otherwise. Up to now this is not that special story, I have to admit. Apart from if I had not turned at the exsact moment, I would have missed it.

The interesting part started when I came inside. Instead of going right to bed I checked my email for a angel message. In one of the g+ communities I frequently visit there is a person you can subscribe for free angel messages from, - and so I did a couple of weeks ago. This message, wich I can`t find for the moment, but I can recall most ot it.

" Hello dear one! Yes you did see a shooting star and it was not a metorite - it is a reminder that you are a cosmic being... " and then it talked about  wishes and that it was just to ask, and everything are given with great pleasure. 

Wow, wow and wow again. The message came from Archangel Michael, the one I personally feel the most connected to. It was a chill sensation of great magnitude , you probably can understand. Of course, I am not more special than anyone of you or any other person on this planet. I see it as a clear reminder to us all that we are infinite sourcelike beings with  spectacular adventure in front of us, -  and find it just so uplifting!! :)

Love and blessing to all !

I have read through all the others comment here. It is easy to relate to  your stories! ( there are much of myself in many of them ).

Ok thanks again , - and beautiful stars HERE WE COME !

Comment by Deborah on September 4, 2015 at 4:09pm

Blue Flare,

Thank you for that lovely insight. Namaste' 

Comment by Blue Solara .. Site Manager on September 4, 2015 at 3:41pm

Deborah, thank you for sharing your spiritual experience with us ..and yes we are in the age of raising the feminine energies on earth, specially with the flow of light  " magnetic " on earth..  as we know that the masculine energies  have been dominant on the ground, where the dark forces  were trying to Strengthen those energies and weaken the  feminine energies for so many ages to disconnect people of earth from their higher selves .. so continue to revive this beautiful energy!..


Comment by Deborah on September 4, 2015 at 2:25pm

Thank you for this space to share what we have experienced after the Shift of the 12/21/12. I will contribute here as to what has steadily been happening to me after this time.

I have always been very attuned but the level of interaction with my higher aspects of being has taken on a whole new level after this date. I have had many visitations, some of them being from higher aspects of myself.

When I first started to hear about multidimensional living, I couldn't wrap myself around that, until it started to happen to me. I would go into mediation and meet with a higher aspect of myself and that part of me would be showing me something, teaching me something or warning me to keep my frequencies up.

Then I began to have visitations from Masters in mediation and dream time. They would be talking to me about my chakras. The information was so vibrant and interactive that I have been stunned at all of the rich inner journey opportunities to reach the higher states. 

I would be shown how to clear my chakras through parables, visions of how the chakra got damaged and how I can clear them. Then, once the chakras were balanced and cleared things went to a higher level.

I would go into mediation and I would connect with a certain aspect of myself that is on a ship. I began to go on "Missions" to clear energies, very much like what EM and BF speak about. I am grateful to them for sharing their experiences because all of this has been knew for me and I just trust that I am doing what my soul needs to do without any training in this realm...though it seems when I connect to that realm, I know exactly what needs to be done.

Finally, just this last weekend, I experienced a Beautiful Moment.:)

I have been very aware that my Sacral chakra(Feminine/Sexual power) energy had been blocked for eons of time.  I decided that it was time to activate the Goddess within me. I have had that focus for about 2 months now, as NOW is the Time. 

So this last weekend I had been given a very lovely gift from my children, a spa day where someone would pamper me. I choose a facial and was in the middle of the procedure of having oils and masks being placed on my face and arms. I began to relax and go inward when I saw myself in a Grecian bath of long ago and the attendant was rubbing oils on my arm, there in that bath. 

I realized that she was preparing me for something, an initiation. Then suddenly, in the next beautiful moment, I see the Goddess and she opens her eyes. I realized that it was the Goddess within me awakening. Such joy!

I have been singing and emanating such light and love that I can feel it coming forth. All of this has been step by step, Beautiful moment to beautiful moment and I am sharing this with you all as bread crumbs for you to trust your own process because every experience and moment is part of a larger picture.

Thank you all for allowing me a space to put these experiences into words. I am so very grateful to have you all and send you all blessings of pure Goddess light and love! Deborah

Comment by Green Light on March 24, 2015 at 10:02pm

Thank you Blue Flare and Enlightened Master on this beautiful site
I apologize about the English language, it is not my native language.

I did not feel much change after the date of 21.12.2012. Because some of the disappointments I have lived after this date that I have made the frequency is too low. Then I checked everything about this date and everything
Seven months after this date was a completely dark room like a the chrysalis.

After these seven months, I had two choices:
The first. Stay inside the chrysalis and complete life as it is without consciousness.
The second. Born from the chrysalis and become a butterfly. I know that this step needs a lot of work.

I chose second choice
Yes I felt that feeling when we learn something new every day change the nature of the person.

I do not have any contact with the angels or the Galactic family or anyone behind the veil
"I learned something small from (EM) which is: We want to look to the sky to communicate with other civilizations and the angels and others in the universe, and we have forgotten something important. Which is that we live in the earth is not in the sky
We need to complete that came for him. "

Yes, some of the messages I receive recently in dreams.
As for the side effects of energy. Yes, sometimes I feel these symptoms from the end of 2012 but the symptoms become much in the past two months.


Comment by Sunrise-Freedom on August 23, 2013 at 12:37am

Thank you Blue Flare for creating this amazing group so we can write our experience since Dec. 2012

for me I'm not contacting any of the other being or my galactic family... but I do have a big change (jump) in my life since I left my home country and that 15 months ago,,,,

I got red of my old ideas,,,believes,,,lifestyle,,,and I'm now living a new lifestyle with new people around me, I'm now going through new journey inside myself trying to know who I'm and where I'm going, by the help of the universe around me here, and by the great help from you and the EM.

I do have a lot of changes in my physical body and I think this is the effect of the 5D energy and the transformation to a new form (the light body), I got massages sometimes in my dreams. 

I don't have great experience to talk about, but I plant the seed of searching inside me and I will keep searching for the truth.

my love to you and for EM.  

Comment by Santosh Kumar Osho on February 4, 2013 at 12:08pm

Dear Blue Flare,

 Its matter of great pleasure to be part of this group.Right now,I am new member in the world of truth.I will write my experiences after understanding ascension and other spiritual activities.

Comment by Blue Solara .. Site Manager on February 2, 2013 at 5:18pm

thank u my firends & brothers in start sharing what you are experiencing during this time since 21st of Dec.2012 as the huge energy of the 5th D is floading strongly in our atmosphere which will help us to get rid of the old of everything and start building the new us ..

The aim of this group is to share all of our experiences together, and I'm sure when you start list what happened with you, you will see many, many changes have taken place already on your life with this great energy that supports all taking action..  keep going on building your light bodies..


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