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Where in the physical world are there particular energies for truth and freedom? The reason I ask, is because I lived most of my life in Hawaii, where the energies are particularly about LOVE. Here in the western part of the mainland US, they feel much more about FREEDOM. Just throwing out ideas....

I've been thinking about developing a place where people can go to meditate, which will include yoga meditation, as well as, other meditations. I think a place that have different rooms for a particular focus of meditation because meditating in big numbers on the same idea is very powerful. An example would be ( love, chakra or healing meditations) also a room for those who just want to focus on whatever they feel.

Cheryl I lived a lot of my life in Hawaii as well. Aloha!!!

Dawn--great idea! It could also include EM's "Chamber of Light", but I have no idea what that would entail....Linda--Aloha!!! Richard--did you mention wanting to head to AZ eventually?

Hello Sisters,

  I have had a heart felt drive to create a healing center for many years using sound like the singing bowls, light work through the use of crystals, Reiki in several different modalities, and music which induces meditative states of being. It would all be done on a donation basis. I presently have no job per se and I am not anchored anywhere but I am leaning towards relocating to Arizona or New Orleans. The Chamber of Light would be fantastic and yes I am sure we would need further instruction and guidance in reference to how to go about creating or adopting it and using the same.



What do you all think of the idea of starting the first healing center within the larger Spiritual Center? It may start out to be just a healing center, then the other components can be added. I am still committed to following through (with Linda) with starting the process of the proposal to fund a healing center using the current most effective healing methods on the planet. Who's in?

Hi Cheryl,

I am in!!!!!!!!

:) Excited! Shall we wait a few days for anyone else to actively volunteer, and them maybe PM each other to start? Do you have some ideas on how you would like to proceed?


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