Ideas to promote this group, to reach the largest number of those who are thirsty to awakening...


* idea : “it is possible for TWOT members to do promotional materials “like T-shirts…..etc.”, Print our logo on it , and then sell it , and the financial payback goes to the Financial Fund“ through which we can establish our activities and help all members of TWOT , to attend all events “…: 


* idea : “ there are a lot of sites on the internet that prints promotional material for free, and put it in its own store , and give you a percentage of the purchase of any of these promotional materials , so you can use the: Logo OR pictures OR wisdom sentence of consciousness attached with our Logo “ that we will provide you with“   to promote over there :

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Social media is the best tool to promote - freely and quickly. I've shared it on Facebook. Will also do a write-up on my blog soon once I have given a brief idea to people regarding Event so they have better idea of what's in store for them.

If EM and BF bless and energize special logo T-shirts, and sell them, I would buy a lot, and give them away to family and friends. How about anyone else? Really like that idea, Wayne.

Cheryl-Jean I think there is something to that- we have to think

I forgot to mention that I agree, Kinnar--social media is the best way. Since that's not my thing, I was also thinking of alternatives for those of us with less of an online presence. :)

I think it would be great to have an event.  For example today, they are having in Joshua Tree in California an event called Contact In the Desert with David Wilcock, George Nori and many others to talk about what is happening in terms of consciousness, UFO and the alliance. This event is all sold out 1,500 tickets.  People are starving for this information and you have it.

We could make an event like this and bring in people who know what is happening like Enlightened Master, Blue Flare, Cobra and others.  We could have these events all around the world.  This way we make money for other projects and every one around the world wakes up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is contact in the desert in Joshua Tree.  The tickets cost 235 Just to get in and then you pay extra for all the classes that you want to take as well as all dinners.  The reason why having events like this is so good is that no one has to donate money all the people feel like they got something for their money.

They got to wake up more and received information that they can use that is vital for the times.  The event people made possibly 500.000 dollars or more just helping people wake up.  Every one wins.

This is an interview with David Wilcock just before the event in Joshua Tree.  He talks about the simular things that the Enlightened Master and Cobra speaks about .

Perhaps we could ask EM and BF if they would like to participate in an Event, and if so, whether they would like to do so in conjunction with others who who have similar information, or just by themselves? I personally would only go to see EM and BF, as what makes them special  is that they ARE enlightened already, and so carry frequencies that are very rare on the planet in physical incarnation (only 77! hopefully that number will be rising soon....)

EM and BF are the best but as far as waking many people up they may not know EM and BF and come to the event  because of someone else and realize that they want to learn more from EM and BF.  Good exposure for our group by inviting others of like minded thinking, remembering unity consciousness.

Yes, Cheryl we want more than 77 awakened souls!!!!

Yes, great point, Linda! :)

Ask Cobra for his help. 

Cobra's influence in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. is significant and there is already multiple light worker groups set up. Operations carried out by these groups were solid and further social influence by them were great. However, these groups are lacking real spiritual leaders who have reached enough consciousness level. Unite TWOT and Cobra's operation groups at least among the above places can benefit both parties. 

Dearest brothers & sisters,

Thank you so much for your interaction's answers, and the interest you have shown in this new group by introducing many effective ideas...

In this comment I will reply to the questions & ideas raised by Dr. Linda, Cheryl and Zen, because their ideas & questions convergent..  …And I will reply for the rest ideas all in its discussion forum...

It is time to reveal some information about us, especially after we have established the first step of the Oneness School 13th on the ground...

In my previous lives, I incarnated in many countries around the world, the major was in China.. Of course these incarnations were through decisions taken with the Council of Light of Planet Gaia, and this is for increasing the consciousness and awareness to activate the Ley-Line Network that helps in breaking the veil, and liberate the earth...

At that time, we were 8 Enlightened Beings;  7 of them were from this universe, and me from other universe, and due to the difficulty of this mission, the 7 who are from this universe were incarnated without their twin flame,  let their twin flame to support them from the inner realm & also due to the difficulty of the case in the low vibration.. And just only me who incarnated with my twin flame [BF], especially in this incarnation, and this is because it is the last incarnation before the ascension and liberating earth...

at that time , and during our discussion with the Council of light concerning this incarnation, where the incarnation will be OR in which country it will be?!, I decided to incarnate in the area where the Ley-Line is the weakest, and almost the weakest area was one of  the most powerful areas  before the falling of Atlantis, and the dark forces worked to weaken it to the extreme..

And this weakest areas is  the Middle East,  and we live in the country; which is called Jordan there “this country is famous for the ancient city of Petra & many ancient roman cities”, and it withstood against all the challenges and difficulties suffered by the Middle East recently; and it has dealt with an intellectual openness to the development of its civilization.. We are living in the Capital Amman “ Very modern & well organized city; which is gathering  a lot of different nationalities in it” ..

And during our  life; we’ve visited many areas and help in activating some Portals & Vortex , like: Stonehenge in UK / Pyramids in Egypt /  and some  areas in USA , turkey, Cyprus ….etc..

One of the big mission in this incarnation was : to raise the number of Enlightened Beings from 8 (whom incarnated on earth) to the largest number that we can achieve (from people of earth), and we have completed this mission in August 2013, where we were able to prepare 77 EM’s from the human beings on earth….

We called them the Council of 77,, whom are under the Council of 316, and whom under the Council of 8 basic Enlightened “whom incarnated on earth”..

And still we can raise this number (77) more and more [before, during and after the event]..

This was my answer concerning what is my relationship with the 77! “Cheryl & Linda”, and where I live in this incarnation?!

For the ideas that you addressed:

* to make an event “conference”,, just now we can do conference after we finished our mission in gathering the 77, and strengthen the Ley-Line, in order for the benefit of the energy of this conference to return to people of earth, without any interference from the forces of darkness, and use the manifestation law to let these energies to reach the largest possible number of people [Mass Awakening].. So I don’t mind to be in a conference “whether with those names mentioned OR by myself”...

** Concerning the healing centers, it is a very good idea; we can go ahead with...
Dr. Linda:   I am interested to know more about the humanitarian projects...

Zen, it is a good idea to gather those groups that you mentioned, and merge them under a spiritual guidance...

Dr. Linda & Zen:  Regarding the idea of the healing center, and the relationship of healing with the consciousness and frequencies...

Recently; during the last year; we’ve developed the healing process that we do for people, from using the vital energy, spiritual healing, Prana healing, frequencies, color and sound healing …etc.  to installing an ethereal devices with the help of some of Councils over there and some brothers of light beings  from other civilizations to help in healing  people..

These devices work like the Chambers of Light,, and in order for those devices to work , their  installation should be installed on the Aura of Physical Enlightened being on earth,, as for his unique frequencies that contained his higher vibration  to be as a charger for those devices..

We used those devices, and it has been fully successful in most cases on our presence,,,,, .

and was successful just on some cases like remote healing or online, and this is because of the belief system that plays a big role in the healing process , and lots of people are attached to the idea of Karma..  That’s why, we prefer the idea of being in presence whether conference “event “ Or healing , because in our presence we can influence their  belief system , and dealing well with their energetic system “ aura & chakra” ,, and to go further than that , like removing implants , activating the strand DNA , Light body process …etc..

Those devices work on balancing the energetic system for the ethereal plane with the physical body for people which will end with the healing of many  diseases, and sometime to go further more to rebuild again the whole energetic system “ aura & chakra” and repair the inner planes..

For the other member’s comment I will reply to them once I have enough time...

Love you all




Dear Brother Kinnar,

thank you for your sharing and informing people around you , and yes sharing through social media is very effective to reach a large amount of people..

We provided this group with some ideas to simulate  the deepest ideas of the repository of ideas for members,, and we will support these by our energy and link it with the manifestation law to be able to achieve on the ground..

and of course , this needs from all of us to be connected with all our thoughts , intentions and efforts to support this mission..

Don't miss that the law of manifestation is working with collective consciousness more than individual ,, and the real tool to achieve that is the teamwork..

Any simple movement of any one of you moves the support of the universes to us, especially now we are at the stage of transition and manifestation period ..


Kinnar Pandya said:

Social media is the best tool to promote - freely and quickly. I've shared it on Facebook. Will also do a write-up on my blog soon once I have given a brief idea to people regarding Event so they have better idea of what's in store for them.


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