Ideas to find financial solutions to achieve the Goal


* idea : we will open a financial account (cloud account through PayPal) special to this group, so that all donations & financial revenues of all ideas in this group will be transferred to this account, and we will hire one of the Members of TWOT as a “Financial Manager” to be responsible of this account under the management of the TWOT……

This account is used to establish our activities & to help all members of TWOT to attend the activities “..

Please note: the financial account that mentioned above is allocated to the TWOT  on the ground group ,,, and it has nothing to do with the bottom "Donation" of this website , which dedicated to support the path of awareness ..

The Donation bottom of the TWOT on the ground Group (financial account)will be placed here on this page , when it is ready under the responsibility of the [Financial Manager]..

This account will be activated when the idea of the project is completed and begins work on its foundation on the ground (whether center, or conferences..etc)..


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hello everyone ,

please continue your conversation about the meditation on the following blog :
 Meditation : [ Aligning with your I am presence ] , and we will answer your question there..



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