Ideas to find financial solutions to achieve the Goal


* idea : we will open a financial account (cloud account through PayPal) special to this group, so that all donations & financial revenues of all ideas in this group will be transferred to this account, and we will hire one of the Members of TWOT as a “Financial Manager” to be responsible of this account under the management of the TWOT……

This account is used to establish our activities & to help all members of TWOT to attend the activities “..

Please note: the financial account that mentioned above is allocated to the TWOT  on the ground group ,,, and it has nothing to do with the bottom "Donation" of this website , which dedicated to support the path of awareness ..

The Donation bottom of the TWOT on the ground Group (financial account)will be placed here on this page , when it is ready under the responsibility of the [Financial Manager]..

This account will be activated when the idea of the project is completed and begins work on its foundation on the ground (whether center, or conferences..etc)..


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Dearest EM and BF, and TWOT on the ground family--I am assuming that how to fundraise will only be a big focus until the financial reset and allocation of monies?

In my perspective, this is one of the most pressing issues for lightworkers. I have been blessed to be able to work as a psychologist (and thus do energy work along side with more traditional methods), but  I have trouble maintaining my employment, and find it very difficult to work full-time. Ascension symptoms can be intense for many years, and I have had much transmuting to do through my body.

Right now, I am not even employed, in preparation for this move to Arizona, and to focus on my spiritual remembrance. When I do start employment (starting in July) I am committing to give a certain percentage of my income to this group to assist my brothers and sisters in this Great Work. This group will be the focus of my tithing.

I have recently embraced "minimalism" as a lifestyle, and find it very satisfying, so that my material needs are less. It also frees up a lot of energy!

I encourage others who are willing to tithe a regular percentage commit to do so, so that we can pool our resources as one family to help. Together we can do this!

I cannot volunteer to be the financial manager, however, as my past performance with "money" has been disastrous! Maybe too many lifetimes as a high priestess or monk! Also, no such thing as "money" from the higher perspectives!

Thank you Enlightened Master and Blue Flare.  This is just a thought.  We can put together a proposal for humanitarian projects.  This could be an outreach program that would come under healing center's. This way we could have centers all over the world, I can go into a lot more detail.  All the Humanitarian project people that I know are very interested in funding healing Centers that has to do with frequency, light, sound and spirituality.

I can get into more detail if you find this interesting.



Linda--I love this idea. Please go into more detail....

I  wrote an idea on how to make money and get the most people please look to question 6 about having events all around the world.

Hi Cheryl,

I am in contact with four groups that want to give humanitarian money and they all are interested in healing with frequency, light, sound, we could have in these healing centers and part of the healing center would incorporate the education portion where we help people to wake up to this new frequencies so they can learn how to work with them.  Just like Enlightened Master talks about in his videos. It would be easy to make a business plan that would incorporate the world of truth because what is happening to us  is on an energetic and freqency level and it is part of our healing and crucial to learn how to utilize these new energy's coming in.

Linda--I love the idea, and am willing to help in whatever ways are must be a great businesswoman....for myself, I have never written a business plan, but have written up my dissertation for publication and small grant requests many, many years ago. I would love to quit working in mainstream medicine and work exclusively in a healing center using frequency!!! I do this now, only under the radar....Count me in!

Linda--Are you currently involved in the creation of healing centers? How do you know all these people? It's so exciting to be able to pool all the talents of the members of this "ground group"!! What do you currently do for a living? (if that's ok to ask....)

I know there are many in our ground group that are healers, as well. And others who can contribute in many other ways....What do you all think??

I have an idea. Since our group members are from worldwide, we can do some import & export business if our mutual trust is secure. 

Hi Cheryl, I welcome you to join with me on any projects.

Sounds great to me Zen sounds like fun and a good idea.

For the healing thing, one thing I am not sure is about karma, especially for energy healing. I want to know more about "energy healing" from a higher consciousness level. The question is whether the healing is good in the long run for both parties involved. 


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