TWOT-The World Of Truth on the ground


TWOT-The World Of Truth on the ground

This group has allocated with all its activities to raise awareness, and to help people to understand & prepare for the changes that occur around them as a result of our entry into the new Golden Age, in order to be an easy entry without any suffering, or cause any chaos; which could have negative effects on the people’s lives...

Please; comply therewith, because the mission of all those seekers of truth is to develop consciousness & to raise the level of civilization to keep pace with the new era...


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TWOT-The World Of Truth on the ground


Dearest brothers and sisters “the seekers of truth”,

Due to the entry of the transformation period & the approaching of the Event & Big Events; which will lead us to the Freedom age “the Golden Age” … and of our contribution in preparation for this period and the dissemination of the spiritual consciousness, and prepare people for the event, we decided to open this New Group... [The World Of Truth on the ground] through which we will address a lot of ideas and topics  that will contribute to the embodiment for the seekers of truth on the ground, to be beacons to guide their brothers in this critical & important period in the history of mankind..

We liked to share with you our individual experiences & expertise that we have collected over the years, during our journey in spreading awareness on the ground...

And even have the members of TWOT Site ,and all the truth seekers fully prepared to be beacons for their brothers , there must be open communicating with each other to the extreme, to strengthen their orientations and spiritual development on the real basis of conscious under the Flag of Oneness School “13th  , and gather them with the management of this site [EM &BF] on the ground,, to move to the new level of practical communicating and effective guidance,, after we lived the first level through their great interaction in this social network  “”..

Our purpose of the establishment of this Group is to gather all the seekers of truth, to be the luminous Sun that will send its rays to help all needy in the changing period...

So, to achieve this, it is necessary to collect our ideas & our inimitable plans which would remove all the obstacles that may face us during the access to our mission...

There will be a lot of activities for us on the ground when obtaining practical ideas from this group…. and some of these activities include:

  • Preparation for the Event through the work on conferences in many countries of the world...
  • Connect with the higher self and soul family..
  • Removing the chips” the implants”
  • Connect with the light beings & other worlds
  • Support [the light body process]
  • Prepare for the ascension, whether Natural ascension or through Chambers of Light..
  • Vital energy healing
  • Spiritual development
  • Spiritual retreat...
  • Meditation in the nature on the basis of sacred geometry...
  • Prepping to manifest the Cities of Light

This Group is allocated in its items to put ideas & plans to achieve the presence on the ground...

For those who are serious to join this group of the seekers of truth, please (join here)..

Please discuss every idea in its own discussion of ( 9 discussion forums )

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Translated TWOT materials into Russian

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Dear Master, thank you very much for your enlighted messages full of wisdom and love, which you prepared for humanity. Myself and two other russian friends of mine started to translate your articles…Continue

idea (2) to find financial solutions to achieve the Goal

Started by Enlightened Master-Site Creator. Last reply by Blue Solara .. Site Manager Jul 1, 2015. 49 Replies

  Ideas to find financial…Continue

Idea (9) Ideas for creating a Spiritual Center

Started by Enlightened Master-Site Creator. Last reply by Cheryl H. Jun 1, 2015. 9 Replies


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Comment by Owura Kwadwo Donkor on June 11, 2015 at 12:09am

Surely we have alredy noticed the journey you the Leaders wants to embark upon, and we the members of the The World Of Truth Group are monitoring your motives and directives closely. We empower you the leaders to establish firm foundation to base upon and Ensure possitive change for we the Emissaries of becoming full consciousness. You are our source of inspirations and looking forward to come out succesfully from your ongoing inner journey with more ideas on TWOT, The World Of Truth on the Ground. We believe and trust the establishments. Thank you soo much EM and Lady Solara.

Comment by Jan Stokkink on June 10, 2015 at 4:13pm

EM, Thanks for making time to meet us while you have choisen for an inner journey. Your inspiring words and energygives awakens my own onner truth and energy to support you all

Comment by The Golden Heart on June 10, 2015 at 4:04pm
EM, what greatness you are spreading, to see such efforts from you and blue flare makes me want to work even more and give such efforts because an inner journey with your energies and help is worth everything, thank you for sharing what have become of the beginning of your inner journey and I thank you for always sacrificing and giving, this is a great honor always and forever.
Love you so much.
Comment by Diana L Bliss I Elfso on June 10, 2015 at 3:58pm

Dearest ones the towers are falling the tops of these are coming down and then the middle parts and like the stumps they are to be dug up this I was told 4 and a half months the sun is in a different place for the axes moved the weight of the towers is going so earth is getting free up of this darkness I AM that I AM sent you energy for the presser was getting great so you are awakening hope you are better now and to see better but they are trying to come in again so ask bring the energy in the crown and feel the healing you will need to ask maybe a lot it all has to do with your body to hold this it as to do with the kind of health  you have good day to all I Lady Elfso

Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on June 10, 2015 at 1:58pm

Honorable members,

Dear Zen,

Now you realize my words….  The oneness school doesn’t impose itself on any one based on the Free Will Law, and it exists now in all dimensions [between 13th D to 4th Dimension] and it doesn’t exclude anyone of creation who has the desire to be under its Flag., because it handles the essence of consciousness that can deal with all levels of consciousness ..

Lately, an important stage of our mission has completed, and this is after the oneness school has established an assembly point for her in the 3rd Dimension to connect all the dimensions with each other...

Our mission does not require to spread ourselves internationally in the physical level,, but if the people of earth like to embody this consciousness internationally based on their free will, and to deliver it to the greatest number of people in order to get benefit from this consciousness which raise the level of civilizations,, here we can expand ourselves with this expansion to achieve the desire of people, so that we can be as spiritual mentors & consultants , and after the event; to be a link between the people of earth and the ascended masters from higher dimensions who will help those who did not achieve the oneness consciousness ..

The space from this group, and what it afford of ideas, and reaching a greatest number of people,, all of this is for you to be as you said  { a decision makers and action takers  }..And we work on supporting your trends as spiritual mentors...

We are now working on many levels on this matter to help you, and when those projects reach the stage of success, we will inform you..

Our inner journey is still ongoing...

EM & Blue Flare

With our love & peace to all...

Zen Chen said:

For oneness school on the ground and my observation about TWOT's influence over the years, I think EM was not trying to reach maximum influence over earth people. Because I think this task is no big deal when compared with other tasks accomplished by EM, such as healing cosmic anomaly, the 77 enlightened masters, etc.
For right now, I consider EM is more willing to take supporting role or consulting role, instead of as decision maker regarding to the "oneness school on ground" matter. We are the decision maker and the action taker. It is an opportunity offered by EM and personally I also consider it is very much respecting our free will. 

Comment by Owura Kwadwo Donkor on May 30, 2015 at 9:19pm

I Second the motives and virtues of TWOT at all course, Avenues and Arenas We are moving FORWARD. Forward Ever, Backwards Never, in the name of the ASCENSION and the higher POWERS there is Victory and we shall Accomplish it. More Fire (spiritual fire)

Comment by DR. LINDA CRISTALL on May 30, 2015 at 8:40pm

I support TWOT in all ways.

Comment by Cheryl H. on May 30, 2015 at 5:12pm

Yes, Thank you EM for your clarification. I to, will meditate, contemplate, and re-read your previous blogs and then decide on where to focus my energies for back on Monday! Love to all my brothers and sisters in Oneness!

Comment by The Golden Heart on May 30, 2015 at 3:37pm
EM, your further explanation about this group and its purposes really helped me understand... I still have to think about my role and what is it I want to do and go after the event, if I stay or leave depending on the level of conscousness.
Love you so much and it is such a great step having established te school of oneness. The biggest most amazing steps taken were done through you, and I really hope I can be a wonderful addition to your school and reach my goals.
Love & Light.
Comment by Enlightened Master-Site Creator on May 30, 2015 at 2:43pm

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

This comment is for those who still have misunderstanding for the goal of building this group:

This group did not arise to get a helping hand for us to establish conferences OR to obtain money to complete our mission...

Our mission existed & active long time ago and we have achieved “with those who are working on this mission from other dimensions” the big part that required of us accomplished from this mission before the Event, which concerns in the big issues in this universe, such as: removing the cosmic anomalies, Rebuilding the infrastructure of the cosmic fabric to its origin state and work on the Timelines schedules to be convergent & matched with the required result for planet earth of Liberation and ascending to its population; which you will witness its results after the event..

Despite all this, we have working on awakening and developing the consciousness to keep pace with our main plan to help the largest number of people, to reach the ascension after the event, and we didn’t receive any financial support from anyone, and we did not & will not ask for that, although a lot of offers presented to us..

And all our work on the path of awakening & spiritual development via internet was free & affordable for everyone...we carried all the necessary costs to complete it over the years personally...

And the idea of this group was in cooperation with the inner realms, to give an opportunity for people of earth to practice their rights in the work of important roles and heroic deeds, to help for the liberation of the earth and show their talent in doing that., and challenge all difficulties to achieve that; which in turn help them in their spiritual development, and register their names with the names of those who have worked on this matter for many years, to have them important roles after the event..

If you link the work on this Group, with what we have stated in a previous Blog about the Book  of honors, which a lot of you showed their desire to register their name in it, you will recognize what I’m saying..

Cheering slogans is a thing, and working on heroic deeds is another thing, and activating the sayings on the ground is difficult before the Liberation, and here comes the heroic deeds...

This Group is allocated to you, in order to be an opportunity to show your creativities and to achieve your desires in appearing in the first grades, and contribute to the liberation of earth..., and our role is to provide you with a necessary consciousness to complete it...

We will not do anything on behalf of you, but we will support you to complete your mission, as we have achieved our mission…

Namaste' to all


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