With the love of “one “ move ahead ---by nan nan zhang

Dear ,  please don’t be sad

You are all my beloved naughty children,

No matter you forget me completely,

I  keep calling you again and again,

No matter you realize or not,

my endless love always company you move ahead ,

We shine through you ,

we abundance all through you,

we create infinite experiences through you !!!

If you born, in order to make you experience,

If you die, in order to make you rebirth ,

You go through all loves,

its for you remember the love of uranian,

You go through all difficulties,

its for making you strong ,

In ordet To enrich the flowers of your consciousness;

If you down, because you would rise even higher,

If you up , because you have enough sumptious,


If you temporary be ignored,

because of your brothers/sisters need more attention at this time,

Soon They will move ahead with you side by side ,

Everything is our feeling we created together,

Everything is a playing of “consciousness ” with you,

Everything is a fun in my infinite sea!!

Dear, please don’t be afraid to “change”

It carrying you “ascension”

It’s the bridge of returning me !

Whether “good” or “bad”, “white” or “black” ,

they are your limited definition, the toy in your hands!!

As a “one” children, you carrying all of me,

Pass through the universe of known/unknown

From an unknown child , experience the baptism of light,

Grow into a wise man full of “consciousness”,

return to my quiet unknown sea !!

Dear, my love for you is not a limited “purpose”,

The greatest significance of life is enjoy the infinite sights of your creating in your journey !!

life will be apoptosis, consciousness will be rot mildew without the experiences and creating !!

In the infinite creation, experience the existence of infinite !

Your “unity” is the best gift for me,

It’s the shortest distance of connection ;     

My endless love company you move ahead forever!!



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