We all have the “one ”stamp by nan nan zhang 15,Apr.2016

We all have the “one ”stamp    by nan nan zhang 15,Apr.2016

We all have the “one ”stamp,

That made us anew traveling in the vast universe,

Nobody look down on us, we are no longer the little brother of light and dark,

We have strong enough to go beyond them ,

we experienced, learned , and patient, finally surrendered to the divine creation of “one” .

We all have the “one ”stamp,

That rejoin the universe family, meet our losing parents,

Nobody think us to be isolated virus again .

We all have the “one ”stamp,

That all universe look at us in a big surprise:

From the ancient ordeal rising a new star;

From the completely block come out a warriors,

Praised universe get the most powerful being !!

We all have the “one ”stamp,

Whether our brothers/sisters scattering to which cosmic corner,

We could recognize each other at once,

we ever all lived in mother Gaea embracing,

Its our pleasure and struggle , growth and maturity,

We all have the “one ”stamp,

the losing treasures be put on our neck by our parents from the real world

through these shining pearls ,they recognized each one of us is their beloved children ,

they once as a human dancing hand in hand, intimate conversation, and sprinkle tears with us……

Infinite gratitude


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