These terraced hot springs are in south-western Turkey. The site is named in Turkish as “Pamukkale,” meaning “cotton castle.” The remains of the ancient Hierapolis are situated on back of the thrilling white terraces. People have bathed in these hot pools for thousands of years. Many people believe these hot springs can cure disease and illness, so Pamukkale attracts tourists. The terraces suffered damage from tourists climbing all over them before Pamukkale was recognized as a World Heritage Site.

 Pink Bubble Gum Tree

Trees around a lake are gorgeous at anytime, but in springtime there is something magical in the air. This nature photograph is called Bubblegum Tree. It does look like pink bubblegum has overrun the trees.


Tufa Towers & Moonrise over Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake in California covers about 65 square miles. It is an ancient lake, over 1 million years old, and one of the oldest lakes in North America. These unusual rock formations were once submerged in Mono Lake. Tufa towers grow exclusively underwater. They can reach heights of over 30 feet. Tufa is visible around Mono Lake because the lake level dropped dramatically after water diversions which started in 1941. They make the view seem almost like a alien landscape. The lake itself offers something not found anywhere else on earth, an estimated 4-6 trillion brine shrimp inhabit the lake during warm summer months. Migratory shorebirds feast on these shrimp and alkali flies. Whether during the quieter winter months or for a summer moonrise, everyone should see the tufa towers and Mono Lake in person at least once in their life.


 Winter Infrared

This photo is called Infrared World. The landscape garden is in Sheffield Park in East Sussex, England. It was originally created in the 18th century, passing through different owners and different tweaks to the land. It now has both exotic and native trees..

Moraine Lake, Canada


There are as many ways to capture the shot as there are photographers practicing their craft. Both of these pictures are of Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada. This lake in Banff National Park is glacially-fed. Moraine Lake is located within the Valley of Ten Peaks with an elevation of about 6,183 feet. Depending on the time of year, the lake appears different colors due to refraction of light off the rocks. In the summer when the lake is full, it appears very blue. The bottom image was taken before the glacier lake had peaked, but two days later that rock was underwater.


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Thanks Blue Flare for theses amazing pics.

I should make sure to visit all these places or at least the ones in Canada and the states... 

I Love this, each one of them is stunning..the Pamukkale is my favorite really !! 

Love you

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