written by/ The Enlightened Master/ Ibrahim Hassan

Are there any messages transferred to us through dreams?

The messages transferred to us throughout dreams depend on stages and levels that the soul must go through, while it’s launching into dreams, and there is more than one level:


The Sub-conscious area: It’s the first area the soul must penetrate during takeoff, because the messages that could be received from the area of the sub-conscious contains the psychological conversations, aspirations, and thoughts that concern us especially the ones we think about before sleeping.


The Ethereal world: After the soul could overcome the thoughts and the sub-conscious area, it goes through the ethereal body, which is the second body after the physical body and thus it could be able to mingle with the ethereal worlds during its launch, here the messages that could get through to us during the dreams depend on the penetration and mingling of the soul with those worlds such as the world of genies, therefore it could be affected by the demonic acts from the genies, and it’s possible that the impact could convey to us through dreams while the soul launches, such as night-mares.


The Astral world: If the soul managed to penetrate the ethereal world during its launching journey, it will move on to the astral world, where it continues its journey to a more transparent world than the ethereal world... This world is considered the suitable place for souls to meet, for souls of persons who launched from the terrestrial world through the death gate, and it is possible for us to get messages from the netherworld while we are dreaming, as seeing beloved dead people and talking to them.


The World of Light: After the soul continues its journey and its penetration throughout the Astral World, it reaches the Worlds of Light, and this world is more transparent and even lighter that the astral world because of its nature of light.. And here the soul mingles with whoever is living in that world such as the guardians of the sky… and it’s possible to get messages from them if the soul could reach this world.


The Kingdom world, after the soul continues its launching and passes through the world of light, it reaches the gates of the kingdom world, where it mingles with the angels (of course all of this happens during the launch of the spirit while sleeping) that’s why sometimes we receive dreams where we see and talk to angels and maybe get messages, advices, and premonitions through them from God all Mighty.

== And when the soul get more pure and stronger throughout the life of a person on this earth, it is then possible to see true visions while sleeping, and also see prophets and talk to them.

== The important matter that we should draw attention to is that the ability of the soul to head out to these areas during the dream and reaching region by region depends on the strength and the serenity of the soul, and the goodness of the owner… and some may ask here is that some people are not righteous but they can see prophets and wiremen in their dreams, our answer here is that the messages and sayings got from the prophets and wise men to that person is because they reached out for him, it wasn’t his soul’s ability.. for its mercy from them to warm him from something maybe or advice him to stay away from something.

== I would like to point out here is that the word righteous is more esoteric than virtual (it means being good from inside and having the true meanings that a person contains on the inside).]..

== So how many people who play the role of righteousness on the outside by their deeds, but on the inside God knows what a dark place it is. So I mean here “the righteousness of the heart.”

Who represents the roles in dreams?

The truth is that the people or the creatures who live in those areas that we explained in the previous question is the one responsible for representing the roles in dreams, when we see psychological dreams it’s from the subconscious, and seeing nightmares, bad dreams and the characters in it, come out of demons from the elves  world (don’t forget that there are good elves as there are bad just like humans, and they are a different type of elves), and seeing visions comes from the world of light, but our visions of prophets come out from Semitic places in the kingdom world.




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Thank you for sharing this article with us, you told us the true meaning of dreams, and dreams are a blessing... 

so the higher the conciousness in you, the more transparent and the more deep your dream is.... 

I always knew that dreams had secrets and clues be hind them, even when i was small.

Dreams are magical ways we can connect with other worlds and other souls.... And go to places our normal awake human soul cannot usually go to!

WE also meet people who give us advice and knowledge.

I have once or twice seen what would happen the next day in my dreams, but very biefly/

might i ask...

Is seeing something or hearing something in your dreams, and maybe a week later, it actually happens called Deja vu ?



Thank you for this article :)


This explains a lot of things we see in our dreams and we do not know where they come from ,and as much as the person is pure he can see more good things and many meanings to help him in his life .thank you master and blue woman .Love you.
Thank you for these valuable information, I appreciate it.

Lovely, so dreams are the most natural and simplest visions that we all go through...its a beautiful experience once we understand it more and more. hopefullly 'll get there :)

Love You

Peace <3



   Thank you for the clarification I know I have visited the astral world many times and perhaps I have had mercy shown me in receiving warningss in the past. I shall forever stride to be more good inside.



How very insightful. I wonder how this ties into the connection with the Origin while in sleep. Thank you Master for the post.
People often wonder what their dreams meant, including me, but here i figured out that most of my dreams are from my Sub-conscious area so thank you blue woman for explaning each stage of dreams

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