hello ,dear brother EM & sister BS :

 We will have another shanghai conference sharing in beijing ,after the sharing (1) some beijing team person request and eager knowing.

we have seen the oneness knowledges spread so quickly that as soon as they contact our energy ,

 after beijing and shanghai conference ,after EM master shared his miracle of life ,we know EM master   completed his inner  journey,with all the memories from the source--"one"  and now as  a human .all  of those experiences are the most wise treasure in the universe!!

the oneness teaching have disappear in the earth 13000years !!how many people and masters searching the oneness knowledges ,lost their life ,?

now we have the chance to know the truth of universe ,nobody could cheat us ,slave us ,kidnapping us in the earth prison again ,tears ,tears ,

how LUCKY I feel we could meet EM master in a person in the time line !! He give us a new born!!

He could  enhance the collective consciousness ,and teach us how to be a nature ascension member .lead us to go back our home .remember who we really are ?....are we in  a dream ?

we have change a lots ideas, behaviors, to confirm the oneness knowledges by seeing Master s actions,

because we have been infused too much doctrine of religions ,social ,propaganda,government, both from light and dark side ,all garbage,cheat us in the prison and be smoking our energy !!

 the most terrible thing are we working with those in a peaceful coexistence way every day ,and dont even waken knowing   them  wrong .

 I did many hypnosis therapy, not collect fees, i almost unexecuted : the paid in accordance to the labor income (now I know it from the light behavior)

oneness always searching the  balance ,no labor no pay , ......

 in our life the most important things are live the moment ,no past ,no future ,live with our "one " every moment , ....feel the fresh ,enjoy,excitment ,happy,every moment ,no any fear ,strong --belong to oneness people !!


now we should very sensitive ,carefully seeing our behaviors ,thoughts , actions ,open heart listen to "one" calling .


love you


nan nan

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Dear beloved sister Nannan,

You are really a seeker of truth, and you are really connected with your heart, I see the base knowledge of the inner enlightenment start working within your essence and charge your activation , usually you see the real masters from their activation , and you are a master..

As I promised you , I will work on all of you to purify your essence and support you to be who really you are , and to see from a higher perspective, and I see the result of that through your words and actions..

I see that every moment , I see your improvement , your motivation & your activation .. always connect your outer words with your inner world to be one from inside and outside ..and remember always the difference between the Master and the others  that the master has lots of experiences ..

I see much improvement... Keep going and keep connecting with your brothers around you ,, keep motivating them and support them to reach their inner peace .

Leave you now in peace and much appreciation with love to you and to all your team and to all brothers around you.. send them my love,,


to align with the one .. just live in the moment.. Namaste lovely Nannan

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