If you go walking by the shore or in the woods, keep your eyes open for some cool rocks and stones that you can take home to paint.  River rocks work really well because they tend to be smooth and flat.  You will need acrylic paint and a few paintbrushes. 

    You can paint anything you want – scenes, names, faces, animals – you can make a pet rock!  This video shows a professional artist that makes very fancy patterns.  These rocks look pretty amazing!  If you can’t do patterns like this, just use some of the ideas – maybe make a border around the stone, or a stripe going through the middle, or bigger polka dots.  Get extra stones so you can experiment to see what looks best.
















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This is incredible so creative...the little things can make such beautiful art..if i would paint a rock it would be with so many colors, a rainbow rock, the best i can do. Lovely article. Thank you for sharing 

Lots of Love

I absolutely love it!! So beautifully created. This artist is reflecting his essence on rocks, that is why his creation is touching our hearts.
Much love from me to

Thank you lovely Blue Flare for the sharing of these beautiful paintings on stones , different ideas and things . I loved all 

Wonderful share thanks again Blue Flare,




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