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A famous phrase, which is always uttered by the enlightened master, is “You must learn where you come from, and to where you shall go? Only then would you know your purpose here on this earth.”

This man’s soul may not belong to this earth, as much as it belongs to the world from which it had originated; Ever since he was a child, he always sees issues from a different perspective, as if he sees with eyes or hears with ears that are different from ours...

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Join the world of truth to be one of its members

What is the world of truth?

{The World of Truth is a spiritual network that leads you to the path of true enlightenment}


Why should I join the world of truth?

  • The Golden Age will begin
  • Era of awareness and enlightenment
  • 2012 is the beginning
  • Earth will enter a big change
  • You must have noticed that
  • Quick to raise your consciousness level
  • To be ready for this change

 What benefits you derive from the world of truth?

To raise the level of awareness for you in order to know everything going on around you, also equip yourself to be able to support this earth, with all the positive energies, and to be able to avoid what will happen after 2012..

What does the world of truth contain of?

Videos, e-books, articles, discussions, answers,

What benefits will I get from the world of truth?

You can express yourself; share your professional skills with members through your own page, in the following way:

[ Download your own movies, music, writing articles, open discussions, chat, send comments and watch all the films & articles which related to the enlightened master..Also you can join all the special groups in spiritual knowledge that contain many secrets...]

Who are the members of the world of truth?

Anyone who wishes truly to raise the level of his consciousness and building up his inner bodies in order to reach the path of enlightenment…

Who guides the members and provides them with sciences?

The Enlightened Master works to support and provides the network with Spiritual Sciences...

Some of the secrets that will be put up in the world of the truth

  • Quick steps to increase awareness.
  • Your Spiritual experiences.
  • Human consciousness.
  • Year 2012.
  • Meditation.
  • Spirituality.
  • Ancient Civilizations.
  • Aliens & Other worlds.
  • Messages from the highest civilizations in the galaxies.
  • Building the level of spiritual bodies.
  • Messages from the origin souls.

How much does it cost me, the advantage of the site?

Free $ per year...

 what is the goal of the website?

  • Spread love and peace...
  • Raise awareness in order to reach the path of enlightenment…
  • Gathering people to face the big change which will happen after 2012…
  • Building up the inner bodies (conscious & spiritual bodies)…
  • Help Mother Earth by raising the level of positive energies…

To participate in the world or truth:

The link www.theworldoftruth.org




Welcome to..... The World Of Truth

Website Information

This is your doorway to worlds not known to many... We give you the keys to knowledge...
We are the doorway...
Are you interested? Are you curious to know the reality of the world around you?
Are you ready to be reborn with new knowledge and live a new life?
Are you ready to know the Truth?

Join the world of truth to become one of the seekers of spiritual knowledge ...

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Your guide to all things spiritual This is your doorway to worlds not known to many We give you the keys to knowledge... We are the doorway


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